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  1. Howdy! It's been a few months since I picked up the car and the progress has been steady. got it up off flats, and got the engine turning over. rebuilt the 2100 and got it fired up and it stayed on. Engine sounds ok. pulled the interior and found a few fossilized rodents, their nests and some speed holes in the floor pan. basically the whole pan has to be replaced, along with the torque boxes, toe boards, rockers, front apron/battery area and some pieces of the rear wheelhouses. otherwise it's great. got the harness pulled and the drivetrain is next. sending the motor to the machine shop for a rebuild and the 3 speed and the 8" rear end to the axle/gear shop for a rebuild while I burn up some sawzall blades and a roll of welding wire. hopefully this goes half as well as I have envisioned. will post pics either way. pictures here ! https://photos.app.goo.gl/RND17BH7P127Kko36 cheers!
  2. TX inspection tag says 1989, not 1999 like i initially thought. Car looks to be mostly complete and minimal rust underneath. The interior was redone in a questionable red velour but nothing thta cant be fixed. No hydraulic steering, power brakes or ac. Doesn't look too modified except for the traction bars. Will be borescoping the engine soon and if the cylinder walls look good I'll put new fuel pump on and a carb kit to see if it fires up. Does anyone have experience with restoration shops in or around Houston? I'd like to get some ballpark quotes on getting this car back to stock with new black vinyl interior and fresh paint. Also, i need a set of wheels and tires because these barely held on while i moved it. Will newer mustang take-offs clear the drum brakes and hub bore? Thanks!
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