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  1. i fitted green LEDs to my dash Looks great...tested with headlights on and off...all good.. then went for drive, lost 2 and the rest went all dull? Pulled dash pad and dash again...couple of the LEDs are melted? I bought a new circuit board sheet, but wondering if i should replace the dash voltage regulator thingy? Any tips :)
  2. yes, thats good , but what does 6 mean? Mines 3DA which ive read is: red Mach1 interior -3D, with Black Mach 1 stripes - A
  3. new ones on my candy apple and my original ones on CJ in 1999 :)
  4. Hi guys, just a small thing i must be missing? I fitted correct lanyards on my Mach1 recently, but they dont sit right.. Is there a trick? My last mach1 they just sort of fell into place. Mine lay down , and if i twist the other way they stand up too much :( cheers Bernie :)
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