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    70Mach03 got a reaction from TexasEd in What do you guys do to the underside of your mustangs?   
    (LOL) When we've reached the end of time and dinosaurs once more roam the earth as mankind has finally died off.....your Mustang will still sit there as a tribute to what once was .....(LOL)
    That's what I like about this website, I feel it's members enjoy driving their classic Mustangs more that just looking at them. Most difenitely, enjoy your ride. :clap:
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    70Mach03 got a reaction from garywg11 in The Bitch is Back!   
    (LOL) You need to watch your language. Sounds like the red Mustang is the only "non-bitch" in your life.:tongue:
    Seriously, hopefully if you can put 1/10 the money into this gal as you've probably put in to the last two you'll have the greatest Retro-Mustang ever built. :biggrin:
    Look forward to seeing more of it as it gets closer to roadworthness. Good Luck with "her".
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    70Mach03 got a reaction from ncdruroSor in Brand new 2010 1969 Mach 1....>   
    The August 2010 issue of Mustang Monthly contains the small photo and blurb that I've attached below about Retrobuilt's modern rendition of a 1969 Mach 1 using a 2005 to 2010 newer Mustang body. They also do a 1969 Shelby GT-500 version. Not sure what to think about but hopefully they'll be more out about it in the future.
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