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  1. Been running a Pertronix in my M-code 351C now for 10 years with ZERO problems. The only issue is for folks who stick with a stock coil. The Pertronix is a much hotter spark and will eventually burnout a stock type coil. :smile:
  2. I saw this great looking 1970 Mustang Fastback body sitting on top of a stretched 1997 Mustang Cobra chassis. Fantastic job the owner did.:thumbup1: More pic's here:
  3. I actually bought something from a JC Whitney catalog back in the late 70's I thought was an intermittent setup but it was more of an "interrupter Gear" setup like on WWI fighter planes. It would intermittently stop the wipers at the top of the travel or mid-window at times. (LOL) :001_rolleyes:
  4. I don't remember it being an option on 1969's. Not saying it wasn't just don't remember it. I had it on a 1970 Convertible I had years ago and somewhere I've got most of the parts I took off a wrecked 1970 Cougar about 5 years ago that had the option.
  5. Is that for the intermittent wipers?
  6. Or at least a 24 hour wait period until membership can be approved. :crying:
  7. Don't worry about it. I still wonder around the house looking for my reading glasses and have my wife tell me there on top of my head. But my worst was looking for my car keys the other day and after 5 minutes realizing they were in my other hand. :sad:
  8. Just a suggestion, but can't you just remove the door lock and take it to a locksmith? Won't that be the same as the ignition switch?
  9. Pak, the spam clowns are back with a vengeance. What can we the members do to help you eradicate this "rust" off the website? Report the posts or the user? Let us know, even a couple of "Cop/delete" only admins might help. :death:
  10. Yeah, pretty stupid stuff but I'm sure our admins are trying. I guess deleting and blocking isn't good enough to get rid of them. :(
  11. I feel your pain and know how you feel. Been there, done that. :redface:
  12. I drove my 2014 Shelby GT-500 and got 25.5 mpg on one tank. Even going through the mountains and maintaining 70+ mph still got 23+. I compute my mpg manually. The "MPG" gauge in both my last two GT-500's always showed me using about 10% slightly more fuel than the pump. Here's a link to a Carlisle Album of pictures I took while up there. Got there a day early and went with a group to the Carlisle Military Museum and went shooting with some other friends who live in the area on the last day. Had a blast, again as usual, and tried to get pictures of most of the 1969-70 Mustangs in attendance.
  13. Well one man's trash can be another man's treasure (and vice versa). Interesting concept with the chiseled home made front-end look. Probably wouldn't take a lot to return the front-end to a stock look. Personally I'd go with a 1969 Shelby GT-350/500 front-end and look. It does look home made to me so I'd give the guy a little credit for trying. :rolleyes:
  14. Good luck, I chased a NOS switch for several years and saw prices climb over $200 on e-Bay and the likes. Finally went to CJ Pony Parts for a repo part for $50. https://www.google.com/#q=1970+Mach+1+Sport+Light+Switch&tbm=shop&spd=4742335572711528877
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