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  1. I just picked up basically a shell of a 69 fastback, I also decided to do a Coyote engine. So I picked up a wrecked 2011 5.0, just wondering if its possible to use the 2011 interior, or is that just crazy??
  2. Although the 7.3 is an excellent engine, I don't think that is what I was going for...
  3. Ok, that sounds good, I guess I was under the impression that the newer lighting trucks(01 & Up) were the large modular engines and the 93' version was a 351 Windsor block. Thanks for the info.
  4. On a 5.4 lightning engine, would that require a engine bay mod? I am considering a windsor or a older 302. I do like the idea of a modern engine.
  5. I just picked up and 1969 Fastback , it pretty much needs everything, I would love to do a Coyote, however i would like good ideas that I don't have to mod the engine bay. I want to build a nice driver extreme power is not needed, just a fun driver with mild power. Thanks!
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