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  1. i fixed my clock by buying a repair kit. its the original mechanical guts . mine was 104-12T https://www.clocksandgauges.com/electric-clock-repair-kit.html
  2. saw this as well. give him a try if its still available https://www.vintage-mustang.com/threads/sold-69-70-fastback-rear-seat-back-trim.1197420/
  3. i found mine here https://www.perogie.com/index_012.htm call them and see if they have another. i think it was 100
  4. I have a 69 Mach 1 original tach in cluster and like to keep things original but I have made some modifications which I will list: * converted existing tach with rocketman www.RCCInnovations.com. Luckily I was able to buy one cheap on ebay and converted that. what he does is replace the guts but face is the same. * got the console pod and installed voltmeter and oil pressure it in the ashtray which is where the shelby's had them. * for voltmeter i just tapped existing wiring that was nearby the console * mustangs have the oil pressure sensor made for dummy lights. so i had to replace with oil pressure sensor made for gauge. * clock stopped working but i found a place where you can buy remanufactured original guts if your willing to take that apart. Let me know if you have questions? rob
  5. yes pics would be perfect. i have 235/60/15s which are fairly new and I don't want to buy the tires right now. Just 15x8 rear and 15x7 rims.
  6. I'd like to buy magnum 500 rims for my 69 mach 1 which has original rims on now. the bfgoodrich tires are kind of new and size is 235/60-15. I'd like to buy 15x7, 15x8 rims to make th back a bit wider but want to use the 235s until i need new tires and can replace with 255s. anyone running 15x8 rims with 235s? if so can you send some pics? even 255s on 15x8. thx rob
  7. nice sound. are you using 2.5 inch pipe and how did you get the stock dual tip chrome tails on them?
  8. @mustangstofear so True! This to me is reality: * Democrats had a good ground game plan. Exploit Covid and make it easy to cheat with mail-in ballots. They already knew they controlled the ballot counters. Stalin said it’s not important who votes it’s important who counts the vote * Republicans were sleeping behind the wheel. They are playing the political games of the old while Democrats are trying to take over the Government. I'm amazed how quiet Republicans were. There should of been an army of conservatives in the mix of counting the ballots and bringing lawsuits before election day. Only Trump was fighting for us. * Fox News has new marching orders to go liberal. Only a few holdouts left like Tucker, Laura, Sean * We may even lose the Georgia Senate if Republicans don't try hard enough * Republicans need a better strategy of recruiting more diversity. Trump made great progress but they need to continue on that.
  9. Hope everyone voted Trump already or is on Tuesday? Even better if you convinced someone to vote Trump! I also have to say that Republican Senators are a bunch of psys. Where is Marc Rubio or other Republicans in going on the air waves and helping Trump? Haven't seen them on Fox News or the other Liberal Networks. Biden win means: * Supreme Court packing 7-6 liberals * President Kamala in a year or two once Biden is totally incohesive * doing away with electoral college so NY/CA decide Presidency from now on * WDC and PR become States to gain 4 more liberal Senators * Severe limitation of 2nd Amendment * Open borders and more entitlements for illegal immigrants * Hate white guys and make them pay become the unofficial law
  10. The Democrats Playbook in this order: 1) Win Presidency which will surely give them the Senate and keep control of the House 2) Pack Supreme Court 7-6 Liberal Justices 3) Get rid of Electoral College so Blue States with large cities like NY and CA are the only thing that count. Republicans will never see a Presidency again. 4) Open borders to recruit new Democrats 5) Get rid of 2nd Amendment. This is key for #s 6 and 7 6) More Socialism 7) More reverse racism to reduce the rights of white men.
  11. Mission Accomplished! thanks for the advice. My pics posted for the next guy. Yeah had to open the slots with some screw drivers
  12. i'm not sure i should take needle noes plyers and lift the cable. I'd hate to break it. see photo
  13. I have a driver side sport mirror for 69 mach 1 but the cable is cut. I bought a new cable & remote that is already attached to the mirror. How do i install it on the sports mirror housing?
  14. would be good to know why? inside trunk is finished so trying to avoid a paint job
  15. reviving this topic to get some advise before i start this topic. I want to avoid drilling out spot welds from trunk section and just cut the frame rail but leave the lip of it welded. then my new section would just weld to that lip area. has anyone tried this before?
  16. Something like the picture below. I took a small rectangle plate and made a slit so it would fit under gear (with sprint pushed back). Then added a sheet rock screw to tip so point was small enough to press against gear post. It came out by twisting the gear puller by hand. To put it back on, you simply put a small socket over it and tap it with small hammer. see mustang360 article http://www.mustangandfords.com/how-to/interior-electrical/75658/photo-24.html
  17. hi bigmal, you have to pull the little gear off the clock wet pin (see photo). I used a ball joint puller and rigged it so it would fit the small gear. some people say to use long nose pliers but i was skeptical that I would break it.
  18. yes but instructions are on paper. The site has a video that helped with all but the set knob removal.
  19. hopefully this pic will help the next guy
  20. I finally got my clock ticking again. After removing my clock to check out why it wasn't ticking, i notice the contact broke off but that was 1 of 2 issues. I ended up soldering it on after 1000 attempts only to find out that the solenoid was burnt out. I found a company that makes the original electromechanical kit and replaced the guts with NOS. I am a stickler for originality and didn't want to convert to quartz. I'll point out a few things that I'm sure will help the next guy. The clock set knob does not come off. I had to take off the sprocket (cog gear) by using a gear puller. Made a small plate with a slit to fit behind the small sprocket and attached a screw to the point of the gear puller so it would fit the tiny post on the gear. Then after a few steps i pulled the guts and replaced them.Kit cost $85 which was well worth it consider broken clocks are going for >$150. anyone needing advise can reply. thanks 104-12t electromechanical kit https://www.clocksandgauges.com/electric-clock-repair-kit.html
  21. Rindelmach1


    Glad to see all the comments especially because I'm around the NY/NJ area and surrounded by liberals. With all the riots in NYC and Law Enforcement hand cuffed, the Mayor decided to cut the Police budget by 1B.
  22. I probably should really fix my fuse box. there is a whire clipped to the front of the 14a (courtesy light, etc) fuse. And a jumper from that contact to the 20a (horn, etc) fuse. Midlife do you know which wire is the main 12v feeding the fuse?
  23. Since my radio, heater, ash tray and clock lights didnt work i suspected the fuse box. turned out to be that. I just stuck a probe on the fuse clips and got 12v and everything started working. Pretty strange but i guess bad connection. thanks for all the help.
  24. thanks for advise. Will tshoot tomorrow. I am using LED but I made sure to test for +- and put them on correct position on the circuit board. I also hit the circuit board with 12v once the lights were in position. Now that I know the path from light switch, I can test at the fuse for 12v. BTW the ash tray, heater, radio, two clock lights are all out as well. So now that kind of rules out the plug right?
  25. BTW - this is more of a sanity check. I think they should be 12v with light switch dimmer all the way on but i only get 6.5v. If i dim the light switch it will go down to 0.
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