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  1. I saw this post on some facebook mustang group. the picture shows the mix of colors you need https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2624293667630847&set=oa.10157791087976694&type=3&theater
  2. Ok so I called CJP for the third time and they offered to either give me a refund or get a third replacement so I chose the third replacement. It arrived today and I connected it, started the engine and surprise, no alternator light. Everything is working as it should. I then decided to connect the first two they sent me and verified that alternator light comes on with no charging to battery. I put back the working autolite regulator and everything is working fine. @Mach514 - what are the chances that they it took three regulators same as your issue? I guess these autolites repos are poor quality.
  3. I decided to replace my voltage regulator for no other reason than putting on concours correct autolite one on my 69 mach 1. When I do, the alternator light stays on when i start the car. if i put the old one back in, alternator light goes off after start. wiring connector has orange wire on the right contact in the diagram which only fits one way. need some advise on why i'm having issue with autolite VR - thanks rob
  4. thats the correct light. Parking light on bottom. You probably dont have the seat belt one.
  5. I have both the parking brake light and seat belt light. The lower one is the park and the one above it is belt.
  6. installed new package tray and trim. thanks everyone for the advise.
  7. @ralt962 - that is the picture i was looking for. Hard to believe that I couldn't find a close up on the internet that would show what goes across the back seat. Do you know if I can buy that bar anywhere? I searched ebay, NPD, cjpony and found everything else but that. BTW - is that a different style package tray than stock?
  8. Is there suppose to be a trim piece that runs along the front side of the tray behind the seat? I could not find that trim anywhere
  9. Does anyone have a pic of the package tray installed? Middle part of my package tray is loose. Is there suppose to be a clamp or something that holds the middle part down? I have just the two end trim pieces. Thanks
  10. My 69 Mach 1 was build from factory with fixed rear seats. I'd like to keep it stock so i don't lose any value being that i have original engine. trans and seats. Question is can i convert to fold down rear seats with original ford parts and still retain the value?
  11. I have a 69 mach 1 351 Windsor m code with deluxe cluster. My tach has 3 idiot lights as part of tach (right below it). Lights are alternator, oil pressure and brake. Oil pressure light goes on as ignition is turned but then goes off immediately. I noticed the light flicker a few times when idle is really low around 5 psi. I decided to install a pod on my center console similar to shelby one with a pair of gauges, voltage and oil pressure, because I didn't trust indoor lights. I also have a separate red round light on lower part of dash (by ignition switch) for seat belt reminder light ( comes on at start and goes off a minute later) and parking brake light indicator.
  12. Same as me and also seat belt light/bezel above that
  13. Thanks very much. I bought what looks like 4 coat hooks off 69 mach1. Are the rear coat hooks the same as the front?
  14. I recently installed original 69 mach 1 seat belts but just need to install the ceiling coat hooks so i can hang the shoulder belt. Can anyone share a pic of the location? my liner may be covering the screw hole.
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