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  1. Bummer! But thanks, pretty much what I was afraid of dag nabit. Any chance you could upload a photo? Like I said, mine has absolutely nothing now so any reference I can get is good intel.
  2. Sorry bud, that super sucks! Hopefully Karma has noted that she owe's you one... a big one. This is probably obvious too but be sure to file a report, even if it seems hopeless. If shithead happens to get busted on something unrelated, they may be able to link goods/him back to your case even years later. Might be worth heading over to reddit.com legal advice and at least ask about any options https://www.reddit.com/r/legaladvice/ Good luck and chin up sir! Don't let him get you down twice! F**k that guy Also keep your eye on craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, ect. Check daily and document everything suspicious!
  3. Got a better look inside my fuel tank yesterday and there is tiny spotted rust on the very top but none on the bottom. It was very minimal but I just can't get past it. Stainless steel is a bit pricey so, unless you Gents roast me about it, I'll be getting a mid-range-priced tank with a rust preventative coating. My shopping list is growing as expected; Fuel tank kit and 15psi fuel pressure gauge (mine is broken) from CJ. Filters, fluids and tires I'll get locally. Weather got to her over the years and it may be worth replacing a few body panels but because I'm not starting there, I'll save it for last so I'm picking up a new all season car cover today. It has no seat belts nor any hardware and I'm uncertain of the seat belts in the center console style (I do not have a center console). Even if that was original to mine I'm not a fan and would prefer something more modern/safe like a 3 point belt (at least for the front seats). Has anyone done a write up on it? CJ has lots of options but reading the reviews it seems most need a little customization to fit properly. 2ed link is the one I'm leaning towards. https://www.cjponyparts.com/catalogsearch/result/index/?q=seat+belt+kit&product_list_limit=60 https://www.cjponyparts.com/scott-drake-seat-belt-black-3-point-retractable-with-vintage-push-button-front-pair-coupe-fastback-1968-1973/p/SBR9B/
  4. My apologies! I was in the wrong, not you sirs! I took it the wrong way and have been cringing about it ever since! Thank you again!
  5. Thank you! That grey body photo is from the internet, not my mustang but I see what you mean.
  6. Very cool build, even cooler helping hands!
  7. Awesome build! Sorry if I missed it, did you mention what product you are using after sanding all the rough spots? The black coated areas, I mean.
  8. I did some tidying up in there this weekend, only found 3 wires that weren't connected after wrapping all the bundles (I know I may end up having to undo lots of the wrapping but I like a clean working space and this helped organize everything). Awesome how much better things look just with a clean up, pics were taken halfway through. I got an inspection camera and peeked inside the fuel tank; it wasn't as bad as I thought but still not clean enough to satisfy. I also tested my sending unit with my miltimeter and its no good so I'll be getting an entire new tank kit from CJponyparts with brass sending unit and all gaskets (you see that one I pulled out?! way to seat the gasket previous owner!!). Fuel, oil and coolant have all been drained. Is there a drain plug for power steering and brake fluid or do I need to pump those out? Thoughts on these jacking locations? How about just on the axle for the rear jacking points?
  9. Answering any of my dozen questions would be a much more appreciated reply; Preferred power steering fluid? Any opposition to Zerex G05 coolant? Is there an average original fuel tank lifespan? Anyone have a link to an online 351 Cleveland specific manual?
  10. 5-6 quarts capacity for the oil? WIX website lists two options for the 351 but don't specify if either are Windsor/Cleveland specific, help me out? https://www.wixfilters.com/Lookup/Applications.aspx?Section=1 Anything against Zerex G05 coolant? It's a Hybrid Organic Acid Technology (HOAT) spec coolant that both my Jeeps require, idk exactly why they do but I have some on the shelf already. It'd also be nice to keep all vehicles on the same juice. Planning to do a cooling system flush before filling as well. https://www.valvoline.com/our-products/antifreeze-products/g-05-antifreeze-coolant And I hate to agree with you but, yep, ol' Wallyworld has killer prices on auto fluids, sometimes huge difference vs auto stores. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks! Any word on popular fluids throughout? I want to drain and replace all of them.
  12. And whats the thing on the far right wall, between the strut tower and coolant reservoir?
  13. Yep, guy who "built" it (lol) put in a type of "kill-switch" (3 switches near the radio if they aren't in the right order she will not start) to prevent theft but the radio is not functional and there's no alarm. It's kinda at the point that since it works, I'm a afraid to pull it out but I'm pretty sure that will be an inevitable step, eh? Is it power steering on the right in red? Water pump in the middle? Alternator on the left? Whats the red thing just to the right of my distributor? Is that my power center on the far left wall?
  14. Hello all! 1969 Mustang Mach 1 with 351 Cleveland (351c) engine finally getting the TLC she deserves. She sat all winter then didn't want to fire up (had plenty of crank). Fuel gauge was never very accurate but was at E, I tapped on the underside of the fuel tank and it sounded hollow. Also found evidence of a leak around my sending unit area so I disco'd it (and out dumped the 5 gallons of fuel I put in last summer, doh! glad I had my catch pan nearby!). She's since been put on jacks for a light overhaul before summer which brings up a few questions for this Mustang newbie; 1. What fluids do these engines like best (in Colorado at 5000+ ft with hot-summers and cold-winters)? Oil, coolant, power steering and fuel specifically (is leaded fuel a thing for these?). I don't want to drain any fluids at the end of summer every year. My Haynes manual has some fluids listed but idk what it means. *edit just looked it up; "ese m2c101-c" is their recommended oil for the 351c.* 2. My fuel tank looks old (dents, surface rust on the bottom, frayed/stiff hose section, ect.) and I need a new sending unit, is it worth getting a new tank with all gaskets and sending unit included ($110-400ish online)? The fuel that I collected from the tank looked ok to me but I honestly don't know what contaminated fuel looks like nor do I have an inspection camera to see the inside. 3. My Haynes manual leaves a lot to be desired as it covers all v8 engine options pretty generically without pictures or diagrams. Does anyone have a better resource for such things? I'm not even sure what all the things are connected to my engine belts. I'll upload a photo if someone could please tell me whats what. It's a mess of wires under there, any idea what should be going where? Is that my power distribution center at the far left, behind the battery? Thank You!
  15. http://mustangattitude.com/cgi-bin/statsexplorer.cgi?year=1969&f1=style+promotion+popbody+clrpaint+dtengine+vinmatrix+dataplate+price+options If you scroll down to the engine photos, to me, mine looks closest to either the 250 V8 or 290 V8. Thoughts?
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