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  1. Joined out of Oroville, Ca.. not a pleasant place at all! And strange coincidence! There's a custom exhaust shop here called RPM (Richards Performance Muffler).. the guy that did my exhaust at the time had a '70 Mach1
  2. Thanks! If you're RPM from Oceanside. In right around the corner from you and actually used your shop for the entire exhaust on the above 67. Y'all do amazing work and I'll definitely be bringing the 69 by when its tine You are correct! Great fit on those and the jack pad (I think i got that from y'all too).. hoping to get your headliner in the future!
  3. Thanks! If you're interested in her progress, check out the below ;-) https://flic.kr/s/aHsjtiytig
  4. Hello Everyone! Accidentally stumbled onto this forum yesterday and have been completely enveloped in it since, figured I may as well join and share! I picked up my 1969 Sportsroof in 2013, shortly after selling my '67 Coupe (sold the coupe to buy the '69). The 69 SR had always been my dream car, and when I found it on Craigslist (claiming to be a Mach 1) I quickly jumped at the opportunity to claim her as mine! This is how I found her... almost forgotten and definitely neglected (full album at the link) In the Beginning Towed her the 60+ miles home, not realizing that 5.0 was literally resting in the bay (no hardware anywhere!) Quick assessment and a lot of pictures to kind of lay out the way ahead.. previous owner should have taken a MIG 101 class :-/ Assessing the Damage Fast Forward about 6 months, we have the 5.0 removed, all old suspension and steering linkage.. bay has been cleaned up and we are read for the Full Tilt setup! Full Tilt MII Setup Chop Chop Burn New Core Support, jack pad, fender apron, and paint At this point, the Marine Corps decided to send me off to Quantico for an undetermined amount of time.. better pause on the body work and see if Maaco will throw a $500 paint job on her! Not too shabby! Hastily re-assembled and sent cross country for what ended up being 3 years :-( Back in Cali, ready to tackle the project again and decided the 429 is not the way I want to go! Drivetrain stuff yeah, that stock rear end wont work either.. Custom 8.8 with 31-spline detroit locker, 3.73 While I'm waiting for the engine to be built (went with a Blueprint this time around), time to clean, repair and POR the undercarriage, trunk and interior Rust Control Aww, c'mon... they weren't even trying! And thats about where she is.. I'll be adding to the albums and this thread as progress continues. Tomorrow's plan is to shorten the seat pans and continue cleaning the road grime from the metal in prep for the POR 15. Majority of parts are in (interior cosmetics excluded), just waiting on the engine which has a scheduled ship date of 20 Jun! I'll unbox and take pictures as they go on ;-) In the mean time, please enjoy my previous Coupe, Grace! Started out as a Craigslist find, straight 6 and 4 lug.. ended up getting a 351W/T5Z 1967 Mustang Coupe - Grace
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