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  1. I’ll check all grounds again, thank you! And thanks for the “cheese grater” reference.. with this BT-100 I knew exactly what you were talking about! 6, last week, and I want my lawyer
  2. Huge thanks! I keep going back to the battery, but cranking amps (to me) was always the signal of a good or bad battery. Good to know I need to dig a little deeper in the future. Any idea how I can test for this? Thanks! I didn’t think I was crazy.
  3. I’ve been having a drain in my battery for the last month, and can’t figure out where it’s coming from. Car was perfectly fine for 6 months, then spent 6 months in the paint shop. I’ve checked the grounds for all lights, can’t find an issue. The car is a 1969 Mustang, American Autowire Harness installed throughout, 100amp alternator, battery is installed in the trunk with 2ga wire running to a fender mounted start solenoid. When I test for a parasitic draw, I get 6.4 on the 200mA setting. Does this mean 6.4mA? If so, then that seems low enough to be a non-issue. https://imgur.com/a/EwH8TcN What I’ve done: - Tested the battery at home on my Schumacher BT-100 and took it to the local auto parts store, all good - Ensured the alternator is charging at 14.1v, removed the negative cable while running and the car stays on, all good - installed a master disconnect switch that cuts the battery voltage from the entire car, still get voltage drop overnight - ensured the primary ground is clean and secured - removed the negative cable overnight, voltage still drops Can this still be a battery issue even though the cranking amps read normal? thanks!
  4. Still waiting for a chance to get out there and take some glamour shots, but I am enjoying the color! https://photos.app.goo.gl/fCJcSjwap4gT6hD88 I've since added the lime green stripe on the hood (decal).. Im still undecided
  5. Got a bit for sale, I’d rather these items go to a fellow 69 owner instead of CL hoarder. All prices are without shipping. Help me finance my MTF headliner purchase ;-). (Headliner bows might be spoken for) https://imgur.com/a/oxbeQ0v Message me for a price
  6. How convenient. I have the set from my 69 Fastback that I was about to post. Not sure what the going rate is for the set, what’s your offer? And where would they be shipped to? I don’t have the boomerang shaped things.. someone grabbed those locally https://imgur.com/a/oxbeQ0v
  7. This is exactly what I needed, thank you. I appreciate the explanation. I'm glad Machspeed posted the video above, I couldn't find a comparison anywhere and there was nothing on your site about the competitions quality. I wish the youtuber above would have posted a testimonial on your site. Solid question. Can i still use them if I dont have the fold down seat?
  8. Thanks all! MTF, if you'd like i can send a message on your website.. but what sets the MTF brand apart from the TMI?
  9. Cheers! Thanks Hux. I do not have the fold down seat in mine, so it looks like i wasted $240+
  10. Looking for some help on the interior pieces... I have THESE, but no idea where they go I need THESE, but no idea who makes the best "re-pop"? Reviews on CJPP make all of them look like garbage, leaning towards THESE from Stang-Aholics Also want the one piece headliner (only because glass is already in), but not sure which to go with. TMI - I do not like the UNISUEDE and I'm not sure how the VINYL will look.. has anyone installed either? Do you have pictures, or can you comment on the fitment? MTF - I do like the MTF version, but I can't justify spending $200 more Are the one piece headliners insulated? will insulation fit? Thanks!
  11. As the title says, looking for the rear quarter trim panels for my '69. These are the interior pieces that you'd rest your arm on if you were sitting in the back seat. The re-pops are garbage, if anyone has a set of the originals let me know what you'd charge to ship to 93940. Thanks!
  12. ha! lies! I've seen your work. Congrats on a very successful business btw
  13. Thanks MTF! This worked. I was able to grab 2 threads with the tool and pull it up just enough to grab a couple more threads.. all sandwiched together now
  14. I cant get a tap in there without the thing spinning, but i might be able to get enough of the threads to re-seat it. Thanks! for some reason never thought about the re-seat
  15. Got it, thank you. I do have the leftover paint from them spraying it, I'll apply a bit with a small brush
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