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  1. Hi Brian and thank you, Its 69, i thought  12 = month 3 = march and 9 - 1969 the last number/letter is either a 7 or a B It does seem to fit the general seq. that most oem #s have?

  2. Does anyone have away to decode this number 12397 stamped in the center of cowl Thanks
  3. Thanks Brian 4 your post, I will ck. the CJ reg. Some of the info was taken from Kevin Marti. Again Thanks
  4. About 3 weeks ago I started on a journey to find out if my 69 428SCJ was in fact real. So I joined this forum, and got some good advice ( buck tag # placement for a Dearborn ) Son of a gun, it was right on the right hand side of the radiator support bracket, were a forum member told me it would be. Great, all BUCK tag info. checked out fine ( see my buck tag info. post )The following is the unfolding of a continued uncertainty. After a little research, I started with the BLOCK cast code # c7me-a ( 428 4v / police int. /cj 1967 thru 1970 and ?? 330 cid ) and DATE code behind the oil filter. Talk about difficult, the stamping method Ford used was as archaic as the model T. I tried wiping it down, I shinned the light in many different angles, trying to capture a letter or number but couldn't read the imprint. Finally, I resorted to making some pizza dough and casting a Moulage ( plaster cast ) and was able to extrapolate the bloc date ( Sherlock Holmes ) # 8H22. ( 8 = 1968 H = Aug. 22 = day ) Then Moved on to the STEERING box tag # My car is NON power steering so maybe that's why there was no top line # ?? bottom line on steer box tag # is 8k21b - 8 = 1968 k = Oct. 21 = day and b = 2nd shift. Next was COIL tag # NO - CARB. tag # NO. - REAR END tag # NO. It has some aftermarket parts, Offenhauser Duel Quad, with 2 Carter 750/730 carbs, and a Mallory Unilite. Then I started looking at FE exhaust manifolds and the 390 ( which a member told me my car probably was a 390, from the BLOCK.cast # ) has a 14 bolt pattern and the cj has a 16 bolt pattern, then I checked for OEM 428 cj manifolds, ( c8oe - 9430 -a right side and c8oe - 9431-a left side ) my car has both, and they are completely different than the high pro. 390 gt. You can bet I was relieved that my 69scj, is starting to look like the REAL thing . I'll get back to you when we drop the oil pan and check the CRANK numbers ( 428 has 4 different crank variations possible ) and find out if it's a scj or cj ??? One VERY IMPORTANT thing to remember is the MANUFACTURE YEAR is July to July NOT Jan. 1 to Jan. 1 This understanding will help you determine if these parts fit. My 1969 was built March 11 1969, nine months into the model year, and the DATE code # of Aug. 22, 1968 IS A 1969 MODEL ENGINE. Check out utube " 428cj cougar by the numbers ' westcoastclassiccougar it shows that STOCK part DATE codes are sometimes DATED AFTER build. Check out utube " Ford casting numbers explained " myvintageiron7512 this guy knows fe heads. Information from both of these sourses listed here THANKS hope u found it useful
  5. Was wondering if anybody went to it, and if it was worth the time ?? I was too sick to go THANKS
  6. will see about that, this car is 100% org, so far. even the grill is org, and cracked. The hood, louvers exh. and duel quad and fresh paint in the eighties, is the only change. This was 1 of 3300, marti .  But if proven wrong I will send you a line. I'm not that good with computers, hell i had to look up lol, I was brought out to transport high value aero space equip. so even though I;ve been here a while I don't know any social shit. I do however know machines, I got ten titles or so to prove it. Its my life, If you want send me a # and ill send some pics taken tonight, and you be the judge

  7. Thanks for the heads up on your address, and engine size and year. Yes on parts, I'm looking 4 a mach 1 69 ram air hood NOS OEM, and a duel quad ram air scoop period correct ( Mr Gasket ) or maybe something new, and finally I have a NOS OEM boss 302/ 429oil filter adapt with all the trimmings to sell or trade. But not just yet. I'm facing a serious health right now, and barley have a cup to piss in . but keep me posted. Oh what moter is in your sm. blk. ??/
  8. Hi barnett468 , let me explain - I've lived in oc 18 years, never anything but work, now I find myself with tons of time, and knowing nobody, my question was, is it a car club event ( could I attend ) or a mustang thing open to public ( yes, and free ) I was hoping too meet a few like minded folks from this site ?? Well checked out the event, and its been sold out for a while ( $45 ) to enter a car, which I wanted to do, and maybe meet a few of you guys at event. That's all, So thanks much for the heads and the info.
  9. oh that sounds pretty good, do club people bring there cars, and ifso are U.
  10. Hey again RPM Here's an idea,  If your going and bringing your car maybe we can meet and stage them both together ??  Although I think that if the red fastback in the pic is the one U R going 2 bring, U might not want to park next 2 me ??  I'm in Ladera Ranch so its a quick hop 4 me.

  11. I have no clue about anything, just joined
  12. Hi RavenConv - It sure sounds like kissing cousins 4sure. yah. They don't call it resale red 4 nothing. It would have been a toss up either red or black, would have made me happy !!!! What small block 351c 351w maybe, did they still use 289 that late ?? R U in So Cal, if so car is in the OC. I've been a ford guy all my life ( its what Dad had ) and taken shit from all back home in New England. This is like I died and went to Ford heaven YAH. Once I change the pan , and get a good look at the lower end, I'll know for sure. I started this org. part chase 2 weeks ago, and the only part so far NOT OEM is the hood, even all lights ,bezels fixtures are Ford, although the last owner removed ram air and added 2 x 750 old school Carter 4.5 pro comp carbs ( Shelby Style) Thanks for the shout out
  13. Thanks 69ravenConv. It sounds like both cars ( my/yours) look similar , my 69 is a jade black by code with a raven blk instead. when i figure out how 2 add some pics ill send you a note. So far all info is showing good things, although I would love to hear anything about block cast times from sand to install, I would love to believe that this engine is org. So far every part from fenders, valences, radiator are all showing Fomoco or ID. below the buck tag was raw metal, which makes me think its been there since day 1 ?
  14. OH well I was hoping it was orig. I guess that's better than a casting date after march of 69. wonder what the time span is between sand cast to install ??? maybe the jury's still out.. anyway thanks again for the welcome. I'll pull the pan soon and hopefully it will have 427 lower end, and ill be happy.
  15. Thank you both very much for the welcome, and for the information ? After seeing your post and finding the tag, I found a site that answered all but one question. There are as follows 63c = mach 1 interior = also on Marti report - - 63a standard - - - 63b deluxe C = jade Blk. 178 = line rotation # F = Dearborn VG = visibility group RM = rocker molding - under the Dearborn list ----- it can also mean duel remote racing mirrors --- this car has both RAC = race mirrors 3AA Blk inter. and the one that was the hardest to find was SI , which turned out to be very basic ? SI = special instructions. it was NOT Found on the " mustang grabber reg. " which is were all other specs were taken from. Finding the tag, supports all documents from Marti, and car inspections. The car is a ram air, 4spd, scj front oil cooler, oil lines adapter, horn placement, stag shocks, ram air, all lined up correct. Again, many many THANKS PS If possible I have another question ? After checking the block casting # c7me -A , which i know is just a FE 352 family, I also checked the oil filter block stamp which states the block was cast in 1967 aug 22, is it possible for the car built in march 11 1969 to have a casting # block a year and 1/2 form start to install ???THANKS AGAIN RDM Still a 500 bat, and yes ill add some pics
  16. Love your post, your memory is SPOT ON !!!!! I have a 69 super cobra built in Dearborn, and son of a gun the tag is just at the spot you noted, right of radiator ??? You rock... I've owned the car for many years and was under the impression that Dearborn did NOT use one. Anyway, its a very simple one with vin, and a few other codes that show up on Marti report, and door panel decode. line 1) F02R1xxxxx -63c - c-178 ---- line 2) 3a -pb --- line 3) si -vg -rm ---- line 4) RAC -- I'm hoping you bat 500, and can answer lines 4 and 5 ( s1 - vg - rm and rac Thanks again - if you like i can add a pic, this tag looks like none of the other buck tags I've seen ( simple covered in rust, paint ) This car is very special, triple black, 428 with no power steering and a 4:30 Detroit locker factory, if that helps. Many thanks again for the tag placement
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