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  1. Hi Brian and thank you, Its 69, i thought  12 = month 3 = march and 9 - 1969 the last number/letter is either a 7 or a B It does seem to fit the general seq. that most oem #s have?

  2. will see about that, this car is 100% org, so far. even the grill is org, and cracked. The hood, louvers exh. and duel quad and fresh paint in the eighties, is the only change. This was 1 of 3300, marti .  But if proven wrong I will send you a line. I'm not that good with computers, hell i had to look up lol, I was brought out to transport high value aero space equip. so even though I;ve been here a while I don't know any social shit. I do however know machines, I got ten titles or so to prove it. Its my life, If you want send me a # and ill send some pics taken tonight, and you be the judge

  3. Hey again RPM Here's an idea,  If your going and bringing your car maybe we can meet and stage them both together ??  Although I think that if the red fastback in the pic is the one U R going 2 bring, U might not want to park next 2 me ??  I'm in Ladera Ranch so its a quick hop 4 me.

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