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  1. Is there a trick to installing the side moldings on a '69 Mach 1? These are the trim pieces that are mounted vertically at each side of the grille opening. I can get to the back of the lower stud to mount the nut, However, I can't figure how to get to the back side of the top 2 studs to get the nuts started. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Thanks midlife. Sorry, but I don't know what PM means. Can you email me at jwheeler1947@yahoo.com? Thanks.
  3. I raced in SCCA for 24 years, where electrical cutoff switches were required. See picture. I used one like this because it has a removable 'key' so it not only disables the entire electrical system (prevents draining the battery if the car sits for a long time), but you can take the key with you to prevent theft.
  4. For a 69 Mach1, I am looking for a couple of wiring accessories. Would anyone have some good used parts you would be willing to sell, or know of any place I might try to find these? The suppliers I have tried so far do not carry them: 1) Courtesy lights under dash, complete with wiring to the main harness - Need 2 of these. 2) Wiring harness that goes from the main harness to the light in the sail panel on the passenger's side. Thanks for your help. Jack Wheeler 910-687-0211 jwheeler1947@yahoo.com
  5. I am restoring a 1969 Mach1 and am trying to figure out the correct interior lighting. The car came to me with a gutted interior, so I don't have much of a sample to go on. I have a new under dash wiring harness and a good wiring diagram, and both have been helpful, but I still have some questions. The wiring harness has a bulb and receptacle in it for the ignition light, and I found on this site a source for the correct mounting bracket behind the ignition switch. Other than that, the only obvious leads for interior wiring are for the under dash courtesy lights on either side of the dash. Did all Mach1's have these lights? The doors have courtesy lights in them. Do the leads for the under dash courtesy lights and the in-door courtesy lights come off the same lead in the main wiring harness? The wiring for the light in the driver's side sail panel comes out of the wiring harness for all of the rear lights, the fuel gauge sending unit, etc. Where does the wiring for the passenger side sail panel light come from? Does it come from the same lead as the passenger side and door courtesy lights, or does it come across the trunk from the same wire that feeds the driver's side? Are the plugs on the ends of these wires available? If so, where? (i.e. the 2 wire male/female connectors, the single wire connectors, the 'Y' connector splitting one lead into 2 outgoing wires, etc.) Any other tips on interior lighting? Thanks. Jack Wheeler
  6. Thanks, Brian. I am missing the piece you mentioned. I have the dimmer switch and the wires and plug, but not the piece that sits underneath it. Would you happen to have one you would be willing to sell, or know where I might be able to find one? Does it just use 2 sheet metal type screws to attach it to the floor, or is there some type of welded or captured nut underneath the floor, which the screws go into? Then the black plastic piece you mentioned is held in place by the same screws which hold the switch? I assume the black tubular piece right behind the dimmer switch (in your picture) is for the emergency brake, correct? The picture is a big help. Thanks.
  7. I am about to install a new main wiring harness behind the dash of a 1969 Mach1 and have a couple of questions. 1. There is a triangular shaped bracket which attaches the lower dash (2 bolts) to the firewall (1 bolt). It is located right above the steering column and appears to help support the steering column. My question is, on which side of this bracket does the main wiring harness go, toward the driver, or toward the firewall? 2. This car had a roll cage installed for drag racing and one of the bars came down right where the dimmer switch was located. Therefore, the mounting location for the dimmer switch is gone. When the roll cage was cut out, they welded a plate to the floor to cover the area impacted by the roll cage. Therefore, all I have is a flat floor. What I need to know is the exact location of the dimmer switch? Could someone measure for me the distance from the body where the kick panel attaches on the side to the center of the dimmer switch (should be a couple of inches)? Also, I need to know the distance from the raised section of the floor (on which the seats fit) to the center of the dimmer switch (this will be about 2 feet). See picture of the location where the switch will go. And finally, what is the orientation of the mounting surface of the dimmer switch, i.e. is it parallel with the body of the car, perpendicular to it, or something in between? Thanks so much for your help. Jack Wheeler
  8. As near as I can tell, the item shown in the attached pictures is called a windlace cap. It is part of the interior, which fits in the lower rear corner of the quarter window, on the inside of the car. It is purely a cosmetic addition which appears to cover up the end of the windlace around the side windows. The car I am working on is a 69 Mach1, and my question is, did all Mach1's have this piece? The one in the pictures came with the car in a box of assorted pieces, so I assume it was on the car at one point. However, I have seen a 69 Fastback (not a Mach1) which did not have this piece installed. It could have just been an oversight on the part of the person who restored it. Thanks for any guidance you can give me. Jack Wheeler
  9. Scott. I just happened to think, if you find a good glove box door catch, could you also send me the 2 screws that attach it to the dash? Let me know what I owe you. Thanks again. Jack
  10. SunnDogg - Did you see my follow-up message? Following your lead, I am using the 69 switch and purchased the bracket you recommended. However, when I shift into reverse, the shifter does not quite touch the switch button. It is about 1/2" short of where it would need to be to activate the back-up light switch (see picture). Did you run into this problem? Thanks. Jack
  11. My mistake. When I said "neutral" in my original post, I really meant to say "reverse". When I took the picture, the shifter was in reverse. Sorry for the confusion. Jack
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