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  1. Hey all, For the next couple of weeks I'm giving free shipping within the continental U.S. on these jigs so if you've been thinking about relocating your upper control arms now is the time. Thanks
  2. Cool, Thanks for your business. Stay tuned, I hope to have many more mustang specific gadgets and parts.
  3. Hi Roger. Yeah I'm only 45 minutes south of Wright Patterson, East side of Cincinnati. We'll have to meet up at a cruise in or something.
  4. Sorry I missed these posts and questions guys, Spent the week-end dealing with a family member in the hospital. Yeah, Ridge Runner is right, the purpose for this type of (thicker)template was so you wouldn't have to pre-drill a pilot hole. The shock tower is thin enough that it drills pretty easily and quickly with the full sized bit. However it wouldn't be that difficult for someone to make a bushing with a smaller hole to insert into this template to guide a smaller bit for stepping it out if they wanted. Hi Roger. Yeah I'm only 45 minutes south of Wright Patterson, East side of Cincinnati.
  5. Yeah i have a nice K&N filter that i would like to use as a model and add some more design ideas to it. I also have an idea for a billet cowl vent cover that can be permanently mounted but will be able to be opened to let air flow in. That will be tricky to model.
  6. Hi all. Im new to this site (not new to mustangs). My name is Terry and have been a long time member of other Mustang and Ford forums. I am a retired Air Force Jet Engine Tech and am currently in the machining buisness. I am getting ready to retire from this current job and start my own machining buisness. I will be making aftermarket parts and have started with reuseable drilling jigs/templates to perform the popular Shelby modification to relocate the upper control arms for better handling If you are anal like me and like things to be "dead on" and not "close enough" then consider this. No paper template and pilot drilling just bolt on and drill. CNC machined to exact specs. Also available for 65/66. $25 plus shipping
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