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  1. Ok, so found out my axle shifted somehow. Probably when using the line lock. That’s fixed and I also raised the rear a bit for more clearance. Thanks everyone!
  2. I used ford power train LT ceramic headers. Amazing look, sound, and fitment.
  3. Thanks all. I think I might have done it when messing around with the line lock.
  4. Hi, today I noticed on my 69 Mach that the left rear wheel is closer to the front of the well than the right side. There’s about an inch difference between the two sides. Is this normal?
  5. Ok, that makes sense. I didn’t know the difference of current vs voltage triggered. How would a voltage triggered tach be hooked up?
  6. So the MSD tech said the 8910 is in systems with a ballast resistor, which I assume the resistor wire qualifies as. Ive searched all over the net and can’t find a conclusive answer to this.
  7. Padrino

    Hi all

    Thank you everyone! :)
  8. Padrino

    Hi all

    So far 4 for 4 in car show wins :)
  9. Padrino

    Hi all

    Hi all, Some restoration pics. what I had done: Magnaflow x pipe 2.5” exhaust FPT LT headers Pertronix distributor Edelbrock RPM air gap manifold Edelbrock 650 AVS2 carb Aluminum radiator Wilwood master cylinder Ridetech swaybar and composite leaf springs Holley fuel pump CVF billet pulleys and electric water pump Jegs 100amp alt.
  10. Hi all, 69 Mach 351W. Im sure this has been asked before but I did a search and couldn’t find the info I needed. Closest thread was about resistance wires. After some restoration work, I switched to a Pertronix igniter distributor. I think that caused the factory tach to quit working. Just installed the MSD 6al . I knew I’d need a tach adapter so I did some research and concluded I needed the 8910. Hooked up the 8910 and went back to a no-start situation. Unhooked it, and it started. Called MSD and the guy told me to remove the ballast resistor/resistance wire to the tach. Before I do that, I want to check with you guys to make sure it’s safe. I don’t want to remove that wire and cause a fire or fry something. If I should bypass the factory resistance wire, please explain the reason why it won’t be unsafe to do so. My guess is the 8910 compensates for that, but not positive so want to make sure.
  11. So that’s 2 no’s . You’re confirming my suspicions. I appreciate the feedback.
  12. Wow, wow, wow! Absolutely stunning! There’s got to be an extremely incredible feeling of satisfaction with this level of work. Much respect!
  13. Wow! Amazing project and originality. The yellow and black is my favorite color on this body. You mentioned you changed it to gray. Any pics?
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