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  1. Bill Bailey

    Grandpa's Mustang

    I'm looking forward to getting it back from the body shop. I love doing the reassembling process.
  2. Bill Bailey

    Grandpa's Mustang

    The Mustang has some primer!
  3. Bill Bailey

    Factory a/c without tinted glass?

    I just got off the phone with marti auto works. Tinted glass was an option even on the a/c cars.
  4. Bill Bailey

    Factory a/c without tinted glass?

    I found another a/c 69 Mustang Marti report online, and it shows tinted glass as an option.
  5. Hi All, I have a factory a/c car that, other than the rear window being tinted, has clear glass. My grandfather bought this car new, so I'm positive it always had clear glass. So was tinted glass an option even on the a/c cars? Marti report attached. Thanks in advance.
  6. Bill Bailey

    Grandpa's Mustang

    Latest progress pics. I had to buy two aftermarket valances to make one good one. Still hoping to have it finished and back on the road by June next year.
  7. Bill Bailey

    Does anyone repop the A/C Diffusers

    They look great. I think I'll do the same. Thank you!
  8. Bill Bailey

    Grandpa's Mustang

    My 69 Mustang seatbelts are back after sending them to Texas months ago to be restored. And today I picked up the original transmission after it was rebuilt. The original 351 Windsor is also completely rebuilt and ready to go. So I'll have all winter to assemble the car once I get the finished body back from the body shop.
  9. Does anyone know anyone that repops the two chrome in dash A/C diffusers for a 69 Mustang?
  10. Bill Bailey

    Grandpa's Mustang

    Does anyone sell these stripe kits?
  11. Bill Bailey

    Grandpa's Mustang

    I mailed my original set of seatbelts to snake-oyl for them to restore.
  12. Well, as luck would have it, my body man found remnants of the factory pin stripes when he re-skinned the passenger door.
  13. Bill Bailey

    Grandpa's Mustang

    When my body man was re-skinning the passenger side door he found remnants of the factory pin stripes located at the body line.
  14. Bill Bailey

    Grandpa's Mustang

    Body shop is finally working on my Mustang!
  15. I already ordered a lower quarter panel skin from CJ. It didn't coat that much. And I can cut the piece I need from it.