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  1. I was planning on having the original valve and pump rebuilt, and replace the ram, but I'll look into the Borgeson. No slop in existing box that I can tell. On steering I went ahead and got the rimblow redone for the hell of it by the guys in AZ. Pretty, pretty good.
  2. Please do. I'm stockpiling parts for the build right now,
  3. Thanks very much, just added that. I haven't pulled the dash off yet so maybe I'm jumping the gun. The car runs but nothing else electrical is working. I'm expecting the worst, since I see crappy splices all over the place. Since my electrical experience is solely in minor house repair I like the thought of redoing the whole harness for peace of mind. Thanks for the recommendation, I'm sure I'll be reaching out to Midlife in a month or so when we start disassembly.
  4. Thanks for all the info. It's a 351c. Yeah I want to keep it stock. I'm in LA. I just unpacked a new beefed up Scott Drake sway bar - wish I would have waited on that. PM me your contact info and I'll send you some business moving forward. Couple of questions on your points above: - On after market discs I like the idea - for ease of installation - of a full kit including a power boost like Kentucky Mustang. I understand Willwood is top notch but for a weekend driver is that necessary? - Since I've never wired a car before I'll need to use a full kit of some kind. Any recs are appreciated. - I was planning on having my stock radiator refurbed locally to stick with the originality theme. But after some research (and planning to add a/c) your four barrel radiator with high flow water pump will be the way to go. - I've decided to upgrade the alternator and have the original starter rebuilt. I think I'll upgrade original Autolite distributor to electric. Not sure about the coil. And yes I'll be lowering it 1 inch and going with 15 inch wheels. That's way down the road though... Thanks again
  5. Hello All, New to the site, looking for advice from you pros. I'm starting a father/son resto on a 70 Mach 1. We bought it here in CA but it had a North Carolina title and was reportedly a barn find with 68k on the clock. When it was delivered I was able to start it and drive it into my garage without issue. Marti says Metuchen, 2 door sport, 351c, 3.0 conventional diff, FMX tranny, power steering, Lime metal with Ivy interior. From my inspection almost everything is original, and there is surpsingly few rust issues (that I can see). Primary goal is a comfortable and reliable weekend driver for me and my son (and keep it in the family for awhile). But it's so damn original I'd like to keep it that way wherever possible. Those two goals don't always align so I'd like some advice on a few things before we get started. (Money not an issue.) I'm unsure about: Starter is original - replace or keep? Alternator - same Autolite Distributor and coil - same Water pump - same Carter fuel pump - same (or rebuild?) Diff - keep as is or upgrade gears and add Lock? Here's what I've decided to do: Add a/c ... replace front drums with discs and add power ... replace suspension with Moog, Billsteins, Eaton springs, Open tracker perches ... send leaky steering control valve and pump out for rebuild ... rebuild engine in house with my son ... send tranny to shop for rebuild ... FPA headers with stock exhaust kit ... new wiring from either American or Painless ... keep original seats but reupholster ... replace rest of interior to black ... dustless blast the car, fix any rust (probably replace the whole floor pan) and paint Calypso Coral. Thanks in advance for any or your opinions! I'll move over to the "Build" thread once we get started.
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