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  1. The windshield pillars on my 69 coupe we're missing from what I've read the Scott Drake repose fit terribly any idea where to come up with usable 69 coupe windshield pillar covers?
  2. Any idea where I can find headliner retaining wires for a 69 coupe?
  3. Anyone have a favorite rear gear manufacturer need limited slip, ring and pinion. Putting aod in 69 have 279 open now.
  4. Anyone have a favorite rear gear manufacturer need limited slip, ring and pinion. Putting aod in 69 have 279 open now.
  5. A little more cam would be nice!
  6. What do you think of the 2027 kit from Edelbrock? reading through the contents pretty much everything I was thinking about getting anyway they upgraded the valve springs from 1.25 to 1.46 diameter with damper spring and also improved the keepers and studs. I'm still finding some old kits out there with the 125 valve diameter but the one at Summit looks like the best kit it includes head bolts cam, lifters, pushrods gaskets e heads 2121 intake timing chain. If nothing else the E heads are better now different suppliers for the Springs keepers and studs for them.
  7. Oops 3.43 Again thank you for your expertise you are a great asset for this site!
  8. So....e heads and 2.43 gears didn't you tell me that already? Sometimes I'm not really good at thinking and listening at the same time!
  9. Again thank you for your expertise 355 it is!
  10. With the AOD and 26 inch tires 373’s at 75 miles an hour is 2531 for r.p.m. 355 gears is 2409. At 65 miles an hour with 355 it’s 2087 373 is 2193 either of those seem well within the power band and they’re not more than 110 rpm difference . So with the 355s be lugging too much at 65 miles an hour. I do think I’ll buy the GT 40s rebuilt by Windy City engine for 550 they are the 93 cobra heads
  11. , the 351s would need Springs, exhaust seats ,valves,valves seals, valve job, and one head has a broken guide so the rebuilt GT40 heads are a better deal for me.
  12. Recent divorce. I built the house 15 years ago it's financed at 6 1/2 % I can buy my portion of my fourplex from the x, can do that and money to build the car and still keep the mortgage $50 a month cheaper than what I'm paying now. At 67 , I will never pay off the house in the time I have left and toward the end it won't matter so extending the payments is not a factor. My fourplex, a 2 bedroom house and 2 three acre building lots are all paid for ( except for the yearly rent to the government ). Retired except for maintenance on the rentals, going to build myself a fun toy. Found some rebuilt GT40 heads I think I'll mildly port those and from what I'm reading I'll keep intake at performer level. rpm calculator is telling me the 373 would keep me at 75 at about 2200 RPM, (26 inch tires and the aod) High Enough so as not to keep shifting up and down on small inclines. We have some of those in the Black Hills. It may not sound like it but with your help and some reading I'm narrowing this down!
  13. To be completely honest I'm doing a refi on my house I've got some stuff I needed to take care of so in the meantime I tacked on enough to do the Mustang so now all I have until that comes through is time to think. I'm at a point well there's not much left for me to take off of the Mustang I got to start buying stuff and putting it back together! Just wanted to use this time to talk to The Experts make sure I'm going to do it right so thank you again.
  14. Sorry, that should’ve read mild port on the heads, and do I go with the stage one - like a performer or step up to the RPM level with the GT 40 heads , because when I read the description and questions on the intake you suggested one of the questions was with GT 40 heads and it said because of the flowrate it would be better to step up to the stage two. Again am I right back to killing the flow velocity and low-end torque? Idle to 5500 is probably my goal, I just keep getting sidetracked from the mild bill that I want, to the go fast which would be fun!
  15. Sorry still evolving, found a pair of 93 Cobra GT40 heads thinking mild port the intake you suggested from Summit. But, it says with GT40 heads to go up to step 2.h Should i stay at level 1 or move to level 2 based on everything I've already rambled about?
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