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  1. 70Mach351

    Best manufacturer for NEW AOD?

    I purchased my AOD from Lentech Automatics over 15 years ago and it has performed as promised. You have several different setups to chose from depending on your preferences. Check them out. http://lentechautomatics.com/products/
  2. 70Mach351

    70' Mach 1 351c

    Thanks RPM Bob.
  3. 70Mach351

    70' Mach 1 351c

    P.S. The # on the schematic was 19D not 190. It is hard to read on some of these different reprinted wiring diagrams we can purchase. I have the Jim Osborn orange assembly manuals, red Ford shop manuals, Haynes repair manual and a wiring diagram by Jim Osborn. Be aware there are some misprints and differences to each of the reproductions. All in all the manuals are good but it helps to cross reference more than one to verify that they match.
  4. 70Mach351

    70' Mach 1 351c

    Yeah! I found the red tri bullet connector hidden behind the lower dash while I was installing a new lighter. What a stroke of luck. I kept my eye open for that elusive red connector when I found a hidden blue-red wire and followed it backwards and there it was tucked against the lower dash. No way I could see it. I plugged in the clock illumination lead from my new harness and bingo, I have power when I switch on the lights. Only thing is I found a couple more unplugged various connections hidden there too. Probable the source of some of my electrical gremlins. Well one step forward and more things to solve. Thanks for the help Super Stanger.
  5. 70Mach351

    70' Mach 1 351c

    The source is not the problem. All other lights work fine. I'm having trouble locating the red bullet connector to plug into as the manual states. I'm not sure there is one in my car so looking for alternative source after the fuse box on the (19) lead to the (190) fused link. I can't tell which wire exits the (19) fuse. It would help if (190) was color coded in the wiring diagram in the manual but I can'y find it. Below is the wiring harness for the clock. I have attached the green dual bullet connector for clock and heater power. The long single bullet connector is the one I need power to. It should come on when the light switch is on park or headlight. I was attempting to find the (190) wire.
  6. 70Mach351

    70' Mach 1 351c

    Today I received a deluxe clock wiring harness that corrected what was there and added two bulb clock illumination which I didn't have. I installed it but am have one problem. I have power for the clock and heater but the power for the bulbs comes from the light switch. The blue wire with red stripe (19) is the correct wire to the fuse box. My schematic says the wire coming from the fuse box to the bulbs is (190) but shows no color code. Does anyone know what the proper color is of the wire to power the bulbs. I have all the Jim Osborn manuals but can't find the codes. I also received the two LED back-up light bulbs and installed those also. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. 70Mach351

    70' Mach 1 351c

    Hi! My name is Rob and I'm new here and just found the "in progress" forum. I am in the middle of a restoration and is site supplied important information just for the 69-70 year models which is perfect. Ok I will post a link from around 2000 when I completed my 1st upgrades.Ppaint was good but the car needed freshing up because I was intending to use it as a driver on good days here in Texas. No air so it stayed at home on hot and humid days. Here is a link to that 1st modification. http://www.ultraphoto.com/RobsMustang/ Here are some of the 1st pics I took after taking doors, hood, trunk, grill and interior apart. I will get this up to date as I can. Thank you for the help and any insight you may have to add.
  8. 70Mach351

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Removed the heater core today. I purchased one some 10 years ago and can't find it. I've sleep since then. Oh well! I'll keep looking while I wait for the hoses to come in. I have been dreading this job for a long time. Seems like it will still bite me if I don't find the new core.
  9. 70Mach351

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Thanks Mike65 and JD08. I'm back from a 4 day weekend. Yes the top photo is from around 2000 after my 1st make over. Before that I was showing. Placed 2nd in the 1998 MCA Grand Nationals in Houston in the daily driver division and participated in a few local shows. After that I drove it on a regular basis to work and pleasure on good days until 2008 when I put it away. I was working a lot and didn't have enough time with the constant upkeep it needed. I found myself with a lot of time on my hands after working in the oil & gas field until last year so I decided to do a full restore. Today I finished cleaning out the interior preparing to put it back together. I organized the speaker and amplifier wires between the trunk and a back seat separator I made. Working my way forward.
  10. 70Mach351

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    I'm new here and I found this forum while doing research for 70 heater core replacement video. I did find it here. I ordered a bushing kit for my sloppy gear shift for my automatic transmission. Yesterday I reassembled my instrument cluster with a new circuit board, lenses and led bulbs. I also worked on the engine bay wiring and installed a refurbished Dixco hood tach from The Tachman. I had to remove my MSD 6AL tach adapter and rewire directly from the 6AL box for the new upgrade. Anyone need a working 8920 tach adaptor? I'm in the middle of a restoration and I've disassembled and painted and putting it back together now. Rob