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  1. I didn't see rears on cvf site.
  2. Anyone make bullet trunk hinges for a 69?
  3. Where did you get those polished exhaust hangers? I bought the over the axle exhaust from you just have not installed it yet. Was quite the job polishing it. Lol
  4. Tomorrow. They are installed in the car. Haven't started it up yet.
  5. They really didn't say why they would leak whrn I asked just that they will.
  6. Yes I believe they are 5/16" and the ports seem to match up fine
  7. I have 347 with Dart heads and a set of Hooker Comp ceramic headers. Was talking to Dart and they said no matter what gaskets I use these headers will eventually leak. So I called Hooker, they said they never heard of this issue. Anyone have this setup and any issues?
  8. The 2" offsets are the only way to get the height where I want it. Rigged up some spacers 3" long and tried it. Worked so now the real ones are on order. Thank you all for your input.
  9. Went from 300lb. 11" in the rear to 220lb 9". Now I can get the back where I want it to be. Front. Went from 9" 500lb to 7" 450lb and it only dropped about an inch but also lost almost all travel in the shock. Very little left.
  10. Picking up shorter and lighter springs today
  11. Yes it should be fine with the Shelby drop I did. Without the drop I would think the springs would push the body up even higher off the tires.
  12. Only about .4 inches different in height from yours to mine
  13. Only about .4 inches different in height from yours to mine
  14. http://www.mustangandfords.com/how-to/wheels-tires/mump-0507-ford-mustang-large-wheels-fit/ I have this exact tire and wheel sizes.
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