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  1. Not sure if anyone needs these but I just replaced my front drum brakes with disc. The drum brake hardware is all hardly used. Less then 500 miles between the rebuild of the drums to replacing them with disc. I can dismantle the backing plate to provide all the shoes through the cylinders. Just pay shipping.
  2. I did send them to a good home. He took some door hinge reinforcements also. Sorry next time.
  3. I would make mine slightly shorter. 1/4" Still takes load from the shock. A little easier to get in. But add the tab as shown. The original Ford drawing doesn't have that.
  4. I added the lower tab like Brian did. otherwise it crushes the Fuel line that runs along that edge. I think the dimensions are a little long. I'm going to shorten mine a bit. They are a pain to put in and take out. Great feed back. second question, when you put your car on jackstands, do you use the lower are pivot point or back under the body? I typically put the jack stands under the inner pivot point for the lower control arm. Most of the front end weight is right there. ' thanks,
  5. I ended up with the Legendary Magnum. They look great. run true. Balanced with no issue. I also ran the Cobra tires. 2 years on them. So far so good.
  6. Just curious, does anybody actually used the steel braces recommended when jacking up the front end of the car? If not have you seen any damage to the ball joints or sway bar attachments? I made a set and have used them but they tend to be a pain to position correctly as you jack the car. thanks
  7. Great idea. I think I'll switch but carry the back up. Easy enough to pop in the points.
  8. I've been thinking about the Petronix. But occasionally I read where the system has died after a year or so of limited use. I tore down the carb. Made sure all of it was cleaned out. Checked the power valve, idle jets, seats, main jets. Not sure if I blew something out. Changed the condenser, checked all the electrical connections to the coil and starter. It fired right up. I'm not sure what I fixed. Buts now running great. Did a short road trip since it was a great day here. Thanks for all the suggestions. Somewhere in there I must have changed something in the carb or it was the condenser. But I'm back on the road.
  9. I had that same issue early on during my build. I was using a Carter pump. Mechanical. It was putting out about 15 psi, when its supposed to be 6-7psi. I had fuel coming out the vent tube. I switched to an Edlebrock and did check. You are right it was acting very similar. I'm going to tear down the carb and also check on the fuel pressure. But the float level seemed right on. when checked. Thanks for the idea. certainly will check that out.
  10. Thanks. Looks like I'll go through the whole carb. Does sound like something in the idle circuit is plugged or stuck. I didnt go deep enough when I pulled the bowl off to check the jets. Appreciate the ideas. I'll like you know how this goes.
  11. I have an odd one. Looking for suggestions 351 Windsor Ran great when I put it away last fall. Stabil in the fuel, ran it through Pulled plugs to spin the engine for oil pressure. Gaped and reinstalled plugs Try to start it now, same fuel, when first trying it would miss and stumble but had to keep it high RPM and it was starting catch, ran rough but had to keep my foot in it. All of a sudden it smoothed out ran/idled (didnt take it on road) sounded good. Like something all of a sudden changed. After idling about 10 minutes, it started running really rough again, died Checked the carb (600 Holley - new a year ago) float level good, jets clean Cranked again will try to start but sounds flooded. kicks over if I dribble gas in the carb. backfires through the exhaust and dies. Plugs wet. Thought maybe the mechanical advance weights were stuck. They seem fine I have a 15L and 10L G3 and G2 weights Fuel getting to the carb ok. Not sure what next?? Crud in the carb? Power valve? Nothing else changed. Would love any suggestions. I know there are a lot of good engine guys out there. thanks,
  12. With this GM style system that front line points up. Unless its very low in the car, it will be hard to not have the upper bend. I'm about to do a conversion to disc front. The original proportioning valve also had an upper loop. Likely will be hard to bleed it with just pedal pressure. But not much choice in these.
  13. A fire? That does not sound good. Is it from an overload of the circuit thats not fused properly? A relay sounds like a good idea. Looks like a 64 Part number. Found this part number in NPD C4AZ-13853-A I unplugged one horn. The other works. I'll leave it that way until I can install this relay. thanks for the help!!
  14. I had a flattened #1 intake lob. I did get a bit of backfire but not much. It idled rough but it ran pretty well. As Barnett says, check the lift of the push rod with no rocker. Mine went from roughly 1/2" movement to less than an 1/8"
  15. Thanks I'll give that a try. I did check that each horn works individually but not together.
  16. I read through the other threads on horn issues. This might be related. I have an aftermarket 3 spoke deluxe interior wheel on my 69. I can plug in either one horn or the other and they work. But if I plug in both I get the hollow clunk. My guess is too high or resistance somewhere in the system. Likely culprit is the resistance in the wheel rings? When I dig in should I get pretty much zero resistance? I saw threads on relays. Better option?
  17. Plus Doug lost his original name for his headers in a divorce. Good lawyers.
  18. 1969 FORD MUSTANG Doug's Headers D669Y I was just short cutting . From Summit Racing they call them Tri Y. After a couple of years of use they still look great. Since they dont come out parallel to the group you'll need to fabricate a hookup. But it wasnt that much of an issue.
  19. I put in the Dougs 3/4 length. They fit great. It works with the standard PS bracket. Not sure about the full length.
  20. I added pics of the belts. They are OEM. Belts are dirty but complete. Some rust on the buckles but not in bad shape. sent me a message with your contact info if still interested.
  21. If anyone else has as set of fronts I too need a set. I have the rears.
  22. I have one door set of OEM hinge backing plates. I still have the dog point bolts that go with them. Let me know if anyone needs this set FREE. I'll likely toss them later this summer.
  23. I have a set of 2 point OEM seat belts. They were tucked away under the seat when I bought the car. I'd be happy to ship them out to anyone. Otherwise I will likely just toss them later this summer. Just shoot me a note.
  24. 351W. FMX trans with PS and PB. The PB is a large diameter booster. PS worked with the stock bracket. I didnt have to lower the cylinder.
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