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  1. Just guessing, a heat shield ???
  2. Steele rubber products made in USA , 100% satisfaction guaranteed . I have not tried but leaning this route https://www.steelerubber.com/window-felt-weatherstrip-80-0276-57
  3. SEM is good products , Please post your results , hope all goes well
  4. I plan to use this myself , Lord fusor - seems to duplicate oem for sound deadening
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/404254028830?hash=item5e1f6af41e:g:5hsAAOSwM4hkQWWk&amdata=enc%3AAQAIAAAA0G3IuHlHiV98KqTrtNnVAfHMPGicrYaHHtfMkz3gwdWK36m71fgGqiNA7Pw4yDofxvET7sGT0YfMLz7Hdvm0OaoWh5dg%2FU5ZPGSOUOn5boHH3DKkUJb1OgTlU14qAyCvYaDu8VXdAReIIXUa%2FkRZLVTpaP%2Fqi6wlm%2FNhZGE3XwKh0qiyiuX9HUX3GmqnPc1Oaldi2%2BIJ5m%2FaDa3ZIWKAfLAaZdwryZrzr4RFTcLMojNvj3WNs1JSPb1W6RZCNoGHBo5F0AwOR8GcFuQmFWaaNzY%3D|tkp%3ABk9SR5Tou9WAYw
  6. Those clips show up on ebay occasionally , installed with semi solid rivit , requiring a squeezer die /press to install / form the rolled heads on the rivits a part number would be a big help
  7. some of that is looking kind of rough , not even really sure what i am seeing , might be better to pull carpet back to see the inside ? what is your thoughts on this ? Too far gone ?
  8. I think I could patch the hole on driver side , Im thinking like right behind the seat risers foward to where it laps the toe board is what Im intrested in , maybe some better pics of just this area ? drivers side hole and forward? What kind of price for this ? Thanks Will
  9. I would still be intrested , sent you a message
  10. how are the floor pans ? Im in St Louis- not to far
  11. looking for drivers side wire harness with the orange and black wires , even a damaged harness - needing the plug end that goes to main harness Thanks
  12. There are 2 special little clips that you will need to attach the diffuser
  13. What I have is overkill, but I work in a machine shop so I have access to all kinds of steel. If you’re car is stripped down, it really doesn’t weigh that much . I guess I just did it this way because I thought it was easier, but could probably get by with a 1 plate attachment , your call
  14. Hey Dave ,I really kinda dig the spoiler in first picture , never seen before but liked
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