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  1. would you have a link to this add? Thanks
  2. Thanks Kyle , you got a great deal !
  3. Hey Kyle , can you put up a link to this offer ? I cant seem to find , Thanks
  4. they come on a new harness , NPD
  5. can u post some pictures of the missing boxes? would like to see this
  6. looking for oem light teak clock panel , just the woodgrain panel , in very good condition - no dents or scratches - already have 2 in that condition Thanks Will
  7. I would go with the recore, keep it original and you know it will fit , if they can give some sort of warranty. Modine used to be a quality brand , dont really know any more
  8. Thanks Bob, I am just seeing whats out there. Dan is closed for the season and wont be back till spring ,but hope to send him 2 boxes for rebuild then
  9. Hi , im in search of a OEM cover plate for a gearbox, nice condition not rust pitted with the FoMoCo stamp on it. I bought a box but has an aftermarket cover on it I would like to replace. Thanks Will
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