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  1. Car has 1" lowering springs front and rear. No rub up front. Koni shocks, poly bushings front. Rubs in rear on hard bounces, fenders not rolled. 4.5 setback all around. Tire size same on front and rear. Cant answer ur questions, just can talk about what I have. I like the way it handles. It's fun on curves! I like the Nittos. This is my daily driver almost.
  2. Now anxiously awaiting new part to see if it has that 5th wire. I do not believe it does, from the picture of it. So will have to adapt, I quess.
  3. Ok, scooby mystery solved. The 5th wire in my loom was for the shifter light to be on when the lights are on. Someone along the line wired mine into the Nss/BU switch, guessing the connector went bad. So mine was piggy backed on the switch. What I did discover and this may be of some help to somebody else. Is that along side the 4 wire prong is the 5th wire(shifter bulb wire)and under the hood it has a connector that is big enough to look like an inline fuse but is simply a connector. Under the hood it appears to be a green wire connected to a black wire going to the shifter. Wiring diagrams are hard to find and follow (or they where for me) so I made my own so it made since to me. Maybe it will help someone else. so this shows when the wires are hot. It's a napkin diagram so pls just take it for what it is
  4. Being hot by an inline fuse is what I have a problem with also. I do not know of any except for the radio aux equipment I have. I believe the lights should be powered only by the switch, and the switch gets power from the top fuse as in the image. Simple as I can say it.
  5. Back up lights not working. No power to the bulb. Assuming backup light/neutral switch located in the automatic shifter housing is bad. Got one coming. Question is if I have power to all of the other lights and car starts do I have power to the B/U lights also? Researching this I have run into a couple of things saying there is a inline fuse that supplies power to those lights only. The diagram shows it. Any ideas where it is? I have power to the switch top wire I can see is powered. Second wire down doesnt get powered when in reverse. Is this the wire that feeds the lights power? Fuse is good. I jumped power to the second wire and nothing. Any ideas? When the part gets here I'll tear everything apart and see what is happening but was gathering as much information as possible since tearing the shifter console back seat custom trunk enclosure etc etc etc is a pain. And if there is a fuse that would save a lot of time.
  6. I set mine on the sheetmetal that is above the radio seemed to be a great spot for it to me. Then I ran the adjustment controls over to the glove box because you have to be able to access them to calibrate the speedo. I had my wife take a car with cruise and then I was able to follow her on the highway and could set it that way. It was fairly easy. Setting the gas gauge was a pia. You have to be able to put 5 gals of gas in set that on 1/4, put 10 gals of gas in set that on 1/2 ,and then if I remeber right fill it up with 10 more and set that at full. So having 4 5 gal gas cans helped. But you do have to have the tank empty to start calibrating it.Now if you have A/C thats where the vents are so that spot wouldnt work. I dont so it was perfect.
  7. All I can add to this is dont use hooker long tube headers. Unless you want to work your azz off bending them away from the frame on the drivers side. And cussing the bolts on the first and second ports cause you cant get a wrench or socket or allen wrench on them to get them tight enough to keep them from leaking. Coming from someone who knows. If I had it to do again shorty's just isnt worth the headaches to do long tubes. IMAO.
  8. Yep german shepards are the greatest. She was our 4th one over the years. We chose a short haired dog this time, because we are going to start traveling in our R.V. more than once or twice a year. And couldnt take the shedding that a shepard did.
  9. Also lost my shop dog SADIE in July a german shepard. God only knows the hours she spent laying on the floor of the shop while I worked on my cars. 8 yrs young. Gone to soon R.I.P. We just got a new knucklehead. Rescue dog (puppy) Names Harley. God i forgot how much work a new puppy is!!!!!!!
  10. Ok so I hope I not committing a crime here, I know this is over a year old but DAMN, looks bad azz. Danno this is what I emailed you about. 92 is what u stated but 82 is what I find when i go to ebay. One is 200.00 but it freaking looks good shape. I hope to put black leather on it and use red stitching. That will match my tmi interior.
  11. I'll look into it this weekend if time allows. But the correct way is when you pull the switch out, the headlights should come on. Regardless of the key being on and certainly not dependant on the engine running. Tks to the gurus here on your time to reply to the issues.
  12. Ok, It doesnt bother me that it does that, cause I have to remind myself if I drive early morning to turn them off after the sun comes up enough that I dont remember they are on. This way they go off when I turn the key off. But didnt seem to be the way it should be to my memory of that year cars. Wonder if it would be a wire size problem that could bite me if they are on for a while. I dont drive hardly any at night but dont want it to be a hazard either. ( fire is what i pondering)
  13. So I have 2 69's and was adjusting the hedlights on them both. Both have original wiring system. One the headlights come on when I pull the switch out. The other one they dont come on until the car is started. What gives here. Anybody know what the difference is with them.
  14. This is the one that hisses for me. I cant find anywhere in the description of it that says its vented. My other one with the pop open is vented as it is stamped on it like pic above. www.cjponyparts.com/scott-drake-gas-cap-plain-billet-black-1965-1973/p/GC16/ So anyone know of a way to vent this one? Or is this something to concern one's self with?
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