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  1. Reaper69

    69 mach mach1

    About ready to set back in.. now just waiting on my paint man.
  2. Reaper69

    Retrofitting manual rack and pinion

    I used www.sterroids.com. I went power but they have manual racks as well.
  3. Reaper69

    Door Alignment Issues

    Way oldn but the best could be to align the back by the latch. Then if the front is off at the bottom adjust the fender in or out. 2 bolts at the bottom.
  4. Reaper69

    69 mach mach1

    If so, they are really bad pickers of upholstery:) looks like a picnic table cloth.
  5. Reaper69

    69 mach mach1

    sorry found the mass upload button from computer:) but it didn't load them in order so i might have to delete and re-organize.
  6. Reaper69

    69 mach mach1

    RPM, I haven't run a Marti report on it. just going off VIN, title, and what the guy i bought it from said. It had the AC dash, but no A/C. I made a duct system to push air thru it. i figured i might as well as it was there. You think the seats are from a Mach1? They don't look like any Mach1 seats i've seen. i'll get a few more pics. I have alot more info and pics to load. as far as the original drivers door, no i doubt it. I'm not sure anything that bolts on is original:) I'll have to go back to my notes on the gear ratio. very well may have been 2.75
  7. Reaper69

    69 mach mach1

    Pumpkin was missing, glad I happened to have a 9 bolt that was ready for bearing and seals. Ratio will likely have to be changed as I believe it was 2.83. Lol
  8. Reaper69

    69 mach mach1

    Interiors a mess too. Look 2 wood grain panels must be a mach1:) Any guess what these seats came from? They were sitting in car, but they don't fit the pattern to bolt them in.
  9. Reaper69

    69 mach mach1

    Replaced torque boxes. (Yes this is my first build, so learning as I go.)
  10. Reaper69

    69 mach mach1

    Looked good but was kind of a hack job by the last guy. Had floor pans over rusted out floor pans. Quarters pop riveted on. Then bondo'd over. Galvanized floor panels over rust was a nice surprise too:)
  11. Reaper69

    69 mach mach1

    HI guys. Finally getting around to starting my build thread. By the time I'm done some of you likely won't be alive anymore (lol). I bought this car in 2003 right after I graduated college (odd timing). I had been married for a year then. The car pretty much went into storage for then next 10 years. First pic is when I bought it.
  12. Reaper69

    Front sump oil pan & dipstick

    Nice! Will do. I'm sure I'll have more questions as I get into it