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  1. Thank you. I would like to buy one. Please let me know how you want to go about getting payment to you, shipping address, etc.
  2. Congrats! Looks wonderful!
  3. Oh, I am sure yours wouldn’t cost anywhere near that! I wish I had know about your parking brake switch-I balked at the prices for one. I finally found one from another year and modifying it. Just curious, how much do you charge for the parking brake switch? I may have to swap out my sad modification one!
  4. West Coast Cougar is usually a good source for Cougar and Mustangs. I have great luck with them. I saw your this on their website. They also have some great information on their website. I like the idea of the 3D printer. Nice idea. I found this on their website for the rollers for a 1969 mustang https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/store/p/15086-Roller-Quarter-Window-Used-1969-1970-Mercury-Cougar-/-1969-1970-Ford-Mustang.html?sessionthemeid=26
  5. I purchased a console from CustomConsole this year. I like mine but don’t think that is what you are looking for. However, there might be something on their website that you might like or they could work with you on a specific design. It might be worth asking them. https://classicconsoles.com/?s=&ymm_search=1&post_type=product&_make=Ford&_model=Mustang&_year=1969
  6. My 1969 came with the “Visibility Group” option. That optiongave you a parking brake warning light, interior lights, trunk light, glove box lock, ash tray light, lighted ignition switch, and a remote driver side mirror)-see an attached excerpt. My parking brake warning light had a broken switch. I was able to source one from a different year and bend it to work. It’s a simple switch that attaches to a light socket with a red bezel (these are hard to find). I am attaching a photo of the actually switch but not of the light and harness (can’t find it right now). The light is helpful because I keep leaving the parking brake on.
  7. That’s just wrong. I am sorry this happened to you.
  8. I meant to write this last winter. Previously, I had installed Led bulbs for the front turn signals in order to make them more visible, but still felt that other vehicles couldn’t see them well enough. I purchased and installed the VintageLed Daytime Running Lights on my 1969. I had some difficulty with one of the lights that had to do with my car’s socket. The connector would not stay seated in the socket. Gary responded immediately and talked me through the solution. Since installing them, the brightness is amazing as well as how well the lights work. I can’t say enough about how pleased I am with the customer service, the design, and workmanship.
  9. Thank you. It is the correct one-double checked with John at Open Tracker. He had a good suggestion.
  10. I was having an OpenTracker roller idler arm installed on my 1969 Mustang (conv. 302 manual transmission manual steering). The mechanic called and told me that he cannot get it to work. Something about the bracket not being able to be bolted (mostly the lower bolt). He said that the rest of the idler arm gets in the way so that the bolt cannot fit. They were going to try and take apart the idler arm to install the bracket first and then reattach the rest of the idler arm. I haven’t see it yet and don’t have photo. Has anyone had any issue with installing the roller idler arm. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions. Also- if only Installing two rear tires, why would you need an alignment if there were no issues? My thought would be no needed. Btw-I posted this on the Vintage-Mustang Forum to hopefully get some help. I apologize for the duplication if you are on both forums.
  11. Thank you very much for the information and the tips for installing it. Looking forward to seeing your future progress on your car.
  12. I’ve enjoyed following your progress. I have a 69 convertible ( Wimbledon white). I love the green, though . Someone has a green one beautifully restored in the houston area. I had a question about firewall insulation. What did you use? Mine doesn’t have any and it I feel it In The summer months. (Photo of green mustang is not mine. Mine is the white one and not as beautifully fully restored as yours.)
  13. I tested the Iphone5 with the cheaper network (FreedomPop) in the trunk. It did not work like my Iphone 7 with Tmobile in the trunk. It could be the Iphone5 or the network or the trunk location. The car is now in a very deep garage under the house and is not getting a good signal. This summer, it worked outside much better. Sadly, the car won't be out of the garage until March/April to do a better test. BTW, the FreedomPop version I use is the $5-6 a month one.
  14. I just checked on the trunk method a few minutes ago. I put my iphone in the trunk and closed it. I used another device to utilize the FindMyIphone app. It worked. Keep in mind that i used an iphone 7 with a Tmobile network. My older one (Iphone 5) that I use in the mustang was dead (battery dead) because the car battery is disconnected for the winter. I am going to charge up the older iphone with the cheaper network and try it again later. I don't think it makes a difference but I will let you know. Originally, I had the older iphone mounted under the dash. I wired a cigarette charger type socket into the harness and plugged the phone in for constant charge. It works very well, but I might try the trunk method for a more secure location. I don't know about the headlights under a fender location--my concern would be moisture getting to the phone.
  15. An Iphone would work. Take an old Iphone with FindMyIphone app installed on it. Pay for a very cheap cell phone service (FreedomPop) is one. Wire it to 12volts and place it in a spot that is not easily discovered. You can track the Iphone using your other Iphone, Ipad or other apple product. It works nicely. I don't know if you could use another type of phone with a similar app.
  16. 1969 original horn ring.C9AA013A800-A. For Ford Mustang Cougar Falcon 1968 1969. Free other than shipping cost.
  17. I am offering this steering wheel and pad for free. I am asking for the recipient to pay the shipping costs. This steering wheel came out of a 1969 Mustang, however, I don't think it was original to the car. Ford two spoke steering wheel with Horn pad-black. This is an original steering wheel for a Ford Mustang, Fairlane, Torino, or Galaxie. The back of the steering wheel does have some cracks. The horn pad works although there is wear on one side. The center emblem has some wear. It is in good condition, overall. Shipping is from 02563.
  18. I went through this in 2006. It is very scary. The hardest part can be waiting to hear the biopsy results and what treatment is the best. Take your time to get more information before committing to a course of treatment. Try to be patient with each other and take care of yourselves--yes, even you as the spouse need to make sure you are ok. You will get through this together. I will be praying for you and your family.
  19. Too funny. I started snickering before even playing the video! Thank you for the laugh!
  20. That is awful. I hope that you get some compensation from insurance. Its’s odd that they put a cheap lock on after breaking into your storage unit. If you haven’t already, you might speak to the police to see if they have any information about this happening to other people. I am really sorry this happened on you.
  21. I am so sorry. I can only imagine what you are going through right now. What a truly crappy thing to happen. This truly stinks, but I am glad that you didn’t lose your car. There are some real ass***** out there. I hope that things get better.
  22. I am sorry to hear about your friend. They (dogs, cats, etc.) are such a big part of our lives--like a friend, family, companion, etc. Unfortunately, gone too quickly. It is always so hard to say goodbye but worth having them in your lives even for a short time.
  23. Congratulations! Enjoy your project.
  24. I installed the Tank Armor in 2015 and really like it. I like that I can place tools, parts, Beach chairs, etc. in my trunk and not worry so much about the fuel tank being damaged. I have a tendency to throw things in without thinking.Unfortunately, I neglected to paint the tank armor before installing it. This would not have been an issue, but I developed a very small pin hole in the trunk (not visible due to mat placed in the trunk area) which widened over time and allowed water to get into the trunk area. The tank armor is a little bit rusted now. I am getting the trunk holds repaired this spring and having the tank armor cleaned up and painted. The damage to the tank armor is completely my error and not due to the manufacturer of Tank Armor.
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