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  1. Yes, bolt and big washer go on from the inside of the trunk. Mine did not have a rubber washer. I did have to use my shims as when I changed the angle of the bracket it brought the bumper in too close. https://redshost.com/gt350/images/20161030_143136.jpg https://redshost.com/gt350/images/20161030_153953.jpg https://redshost.com/gt350/images/20161030_214001.jpg
  2. Another option is to go over to http://www.concoursmustang.com/forum/index.php and do some searching before asking questions. Make sure you get the right assembly plant as they did not always place them in the same locations. Also, for here, try breaking it down, which decal, where to place it. And do not put the "Caution" sticker on your fan shroud just because they gave you one. :-)
  3. That's why I like these tools. Pistons slide right in.
  4. Exactly, and why just saying "M" code does not fully describe the engine in the car. I no longer have a standard Mach 1. My Shelby does not have the Oil light as they installed a gauge in the center console. Ok, I'm sure the indicator is still there, but it's not used.
  5. Follow up here as well. https://forums.vintage-mustang.com/vintage-mustang-forum/1157538-oil-warrning-light.html And yes, the non tach cluster seems to have a BELT lamp on the right of the Fuel/Temp gauge.
  6. Edit/Correction, Deluxe only indicates wood grain dash, the standard is the mat black dash. Both have the option of having the Tach or not. Belts lamp is not in the instrument cluster, but on the dash by the ignition switch.
  7. Per my wiring diagrams: Deluxe has a Speedo, Tach, Temp gauge, Fuel gauge. For the lights, it has Oil Pressure Warning lamp, Alt Warning lamp, and Dual Brake Warning lamp. Std dash has Speedo, Ammeter, Fuel gauge, Oil Pressure gauge, Temp gauge. Dual Brake Warning lamp only. Optional dash mounted were Belts lamp, Park lamp. As far as I know, all Mach 1's had Deluxe dashes? Neither a deluxe or std cluster has both an Oil Pressure gauge and Oil Pressure Warning lamp.
  8. Oops, saw the 351M and just went on like it was a 70 when you said 69. Yes, 69 is the 351w, Ford rated at 290 hp. Now I'm losing it, who knows what the 3 lights are under the Tach? One is a brake system warning. Did the deluxe cluster come with an oil pressure gauge and a warning light? I'd think that would take 2 senders. Researching now and will respond with results unless someone else can clarify.
  9. 70's came with the 351C (Cleveland) unless it was changed out with a 351M (Modified, long stroke). Yes, your oil light should come on once the key is turned on and will stay on until the engine is running and the oil sender registers oil pressure. I am not sure of the exact lower limit that turns the light on/off. Obviously, the engine should produce oil pressure fairly quickly and 1-2 sec should be normal before the light goes off. You should also note that the light does come on every time the engine is started as a test of the oil pressure warning system.
  10. R12 Freon systems use Mineral Oil or Alkyl Benzene Oil. The oil is not usually red in color, but it is possible that Freon or Oil with a red dye was used to help find leaks easier.
  11. Actually, that is a myth. Though they do not recommend a gear drive with a supercharger.
  12. You all are going to need more than an ultimate kill switch for me. 12k winch and a little soap... 5 min and its out of sight.
  13. Taint no big deal, just go back to work. https://redshost.com/andrew/Andrew2/ Oops, what happened to work?
  14. I just Noticed I did not post anything about my PITS / Sevierville Tn trip. I had a great time and the car performed well. Did the poker run, a little drag racing and then 2 days of car show. I was outside both days, it was cool even with the sun out. Its mostly newer cars with only a handfull of 1st gens scattered about. Seems I did not have 2nd gear the entire trip (I trailerd up from Miami) so did not try a Dyno run. But, as I was driving it all over Sevierville/Pigeon Forge, I was noticed by the NPD rep (Holy crap, there is a 69 Shelby driving on the Poker Run!) who decided I deserved the 1st gen NPD Sponsor award. 100 awards were given out and mine was in the top 20. So here I am at the drag strip. It had been a misty rain all morning so the track was a little wet. Nobody, even the big tire guys were hooking up on this 1/8 mile track. My trans was auto-shifting from 1st directly to 3rd, but then wanting to downshift to the non existant 2nd gear. So in my last run, you see me get ahead, but then fall back as I am peddling to try to keep it in 3rd. https://redshost.com/media/2019PITS/Video/English_Mountian_Raceway.html Here is my photo gallery followed by just a few other writeups of the event. https://redshost.com/show/2019PITS/index.html http://www.mustangandfords.com/news/1903-npd-ponies-in-smokies-brought-mustangs-to-mountains/ https://www.fordmuscle.com/event-coverage/ponies-in-the-smokies-2019/ http://www.mustangandfords.com/news/1904-ssp-mustangs-wow-the-crowd-at-ponies-in-the-smokies-2019/ http://www.mustangandfords.com/news/1904-ponies-smokies-2019-awesome-engine-gallery/ https://www.fordmuscle.com/event-coverage/top-ten-fox-bodies-ponies-in-the-smokies-2019/ https://performance.ford.com/enthusiasts/newsroom/2019/04/ponies-in-the-smokies.html
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