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  1. 69ShelbyGT350H

    1969 Shelby GT350H Build

    After weeks of playing with A/C and P/S brackets, install and remove the A/C compressor many times, I think I finally have it on for good. Due to the change to the Holley HP 750 carb I had to make a new fuel line that goes to the passenger side instead of ending on the driver side. Mimicked the factory line out of the pump as it needs to clear the P/S pump hoses before it goes up and under where the lower factory A/C bracket attaches. Instead of popping up on the driver's side of the intake it crosses over the timing chain cover and up on the passenger side. I lost count of haw many times I've had the brackets, compressor, belts, etc off before I finally got to this point. Also had the radiator in, and took it back out as well. Issues with the fan hitting the lower side of the shroud, as it was hitting the trans cooler lines and lower radiator hose. View my build photo album by clicking on the image
  2. I painted my 1969 GT's 10 spoke body color (Gulfstream Aqua), looked nice with the GT center cap and chrome outer trim.
  3. The Nitto555's will be going to a buddy of mine. Not sure where the drag lite's will go. I ran them (Drag Lites) on my 69 Mach 1 with some old Hoosiers back in the day, but had the factory 10 slots for every day driving. Times have changed, and so have tires and rims. 1969_Mach1, I agree about not liking rims that look too big and sidewalls that are too small on a classic car, but this looks like SO MUCH FUN!!! Remember that my car is NOT a daily driver and will spend time in the show circuit and be doing some DEMO runs on the track circuit. Jump up to about 1:10 to see the classic Mustangs, maybe we will see them on the track in part 2.
  4. Ok, so they DO fit, but I guess that would only be until the suspension travels too far. Maybe its because the car is not finished but there is like 6" between the tire and fender. Guess I should get something that goes inside the fender? Guess t The Nitto NT01 sounds like a nice tire. 245/45ZR17 95W, 6.3 tread depth, 25.55 diameter, 9.72 actual tread width on an 8" wide rim. Enjoy some photos of the Nitto NT555's I have on there now which are P275/50R15 101V, 6.3 tread depth, 25.71 diameter, 11.10 actual tread width.
  5. Legendary GT9's are now available in 17x7 and 17x8 versions as well as the older 15x7 versions. CJ Pony is offering them individually, as a set of 4, or the 17" as a staggered set. https://www.cjponyparts.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=GT9+Alloy+Wheel I'll be keeping my factory aluminum/steel 15" rims with the Goodyear Poly Glass tires for "Show" purposes, but am interested in getting a set of performance tires for spirited driving (drag racing, road racing, etc). As mentioned, I am looking at the Legendary Wheel Co GT9 rim. Rear gear change is an option as I currently have the 3.0 LS. A high 3.xx with Truetrac sounds like a lot of fun! The 69 Shelby has an enlarged front wheel fender opening and the larger 1970 KK spindles that Ford installed for the larger 15" rims. The rear is still the stock 69 Mustang (Mach 1) setup with one smaller lower leaf spring AO Smith added that (does not affect tire fitment). So my choice is either the 15" or 17" Legendary GT9 Shelby style rims. The question is, what tires to run on the front and rear that will keep the classic look while putting as much rubber on the road. I currently have a set of Center Line Drag Lite 15" rims that I will not keep for this car. On the rear I have a set of Nitto 555 P275/50R15 101V, 25.71 diameter, 11.10 wide for 7.5-(8.5)-9.5" rims. They are short and fat, but they fit, and I have no problem not using them for a more appropriate size (pending a change in gear). So, just to get an idea, who has tires that keeps the classic tall (vs low profile) sidewall that fills the rear without rubbing or making modifications. 15" and 17" versions welcome. Backspacing: 4.25” on the 15x7", 4.5" on the 17x8". Note: I have no interest in rolling the rear fender lip. The CJ Pony 17" Combo tire options is as shown, tires are BF Goodrich G-FORCE Sport COMP-2:
  6. 69ShelbyGT350H

    1969 Shelby GT350H Build

    Took a grungy old alternator, cleaned it up and gave it a little paint job. Now I just hope after all that work that it still works, or a re-build will be in order. View my build photo album by clicking on the image
  7. 69ShelbyGT350H

    1969 Shelby GT350H Build

    Ok, ok, I now have to admit that the import guy was wrong. The PS bracket does go on first, then the A/C bracket. Turns out my aluminum water pump has a little step just under the bolt holes that caused the A/C bracket to tilt back. I had to carefully remove some material from the aluminum water pump so the bracket would stand up straight. I will put a notice on my previous message so in the future it will not come up as correct.
  8. 69ShelbyGT350H

    Help selecting radiator for 427W

    Not knowing much about the car (sorry, I have not been following you), but that you seem to have a lot of modifications to the motor, get the biggest Aluminum one you can get that will fit. Anything you can do to keep the temps down is going to help. I got a 24" 3 row View my build photo album by clicking on the image
  9. 69ShelbyGT350H

    1969 Shelby GT350H Build

    Edit Note: The following is an incorrect statement as it causes the A/C bracket to twist instead of just leaning back. The solutions as stated in my next message was a ridge on the aluminum water pump just under the bolt holes for the A/C bracket. I just want to report that I have resolved the issue with the A/C bracket not fitting correctly. It took an IMPORT guy to stop by and tell me that the A/C bracket goes on the water pump first then the Power Steering pump bracket. What do you know, looks like he is right. Photos to come.
  10. 69ShelbyGT350H

    Printed circuit board

    Good to hear about the NPD ckt board. I have mine, just have not finished cleaning up the gauge cluster enough to re-assemble it.
  11. 69ShelbyGT350H

    Radiator Bracket Dimensions

    Not sure what you are referring to when you say it looks like I "cut off the inside ends of the bracket". No metal has been cut on the replacement bracket, though I thought I was going to cut it to make it fit. I put the original away for safe keeping. Only the rubber insert was trimmed. Unfortunately, I did not see your response until 10 hours after you posted, so I'll pull the NPD bracket off the car and take more photos with measurements of it and the radiator for you tomorrow.
  12. 69ShelbyGT350H

    1969 Shelby GT350H Build

    Interesting, I think I kept most everything I took off the car and I have nothing like that. per the description, it does seem to the be correct part for that location. I'll add it to my next order.
  13. 69ShelbyGT350H

    1969 Shelby GT350H Build

    For comparison purposes, I deleted your other photos and added the one of mine that has mostly the same view as yours. I see your cable comes out and runs behind the transmission floor support and is attached via a clip to the smaller of the two holes on the driver's side support. I do have more cable than shown, just have not run it up and through the firewall yet. Its pretty stiff and I am trying not to make too sharp of a bend in it. The clip holding the cable on the left side of the picture is the original clip, never removed from the floor during my restoration. To help with the bend further back by the trans cross member support I might turn it 180 degrees, improper but it would move the cable further from the H pipe and allow for a larger radius to enter the trans behind the mount. I will also have to look into the clip as in your photo on the trans cross member support. Thank you for taking the time to take and post the photos. It's really interesting that no other 69/70 FMX build has this detail. David View my build photo album by clicking on the image
  14. 69ShelbyGT350H

    Idler arm silly question

    If you were closer I'd tell you to bring it over. Noting like a little "competition" to help with the motivation.