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  1. Which Fan Shroud do I need?

    Mine is a Shelby. Started at Ford as a Mach 1.
  2. Which Fan Shroud do I need?

    My 69 Mach1/Shelby 351w FMX PB PS A/C came factory with a flex fan, no clutch. It has a C9 part # along with other Ford markings.
  3. Which Fan Shroud do I need?

    Give that a try. I've had to do it. Again, be careful not to hit the radiator with the fan, bolts, wrenches or your hand. It helps to have the belt(s) off the water pump so you can rotate it to get to the fan bolts, but a pain if the pully misaligns with the water pump shaft.
  4. Which Fan Shroud do I need?

    Here is the recommended setup for a fan and shroud. The fan should fit with 50% of the fan in the shroud. I have scraped up my knuckles more than once installing the fan to the water pump with the shroud in place. You have to put the bolts on the fan, any spacers on the bolts and slip it carefully between the pump and the radiator. Then using an open end or ratchet wrench, tighten the bolts.
  5. Factory under dash lights for sale.

    I can verify that at least, the one on the right is correct for a 69. This would be the driver's side. I do not seem to have a picture of the passenger side. The picture below is looking from firewall side of the driver's side of the metal (lower) dash.
  6. OK, who's bringing the beer?

    I was thinking the same thing till he lined them all up at the end. Not sure Sears is going to warranty that screwdriver though.
  7. I think the new hose I bought from NPD is shorter. Just can't find it right now to compare. Vaseline should work fine. Just use a little so that it does not make it too easy to pull off. In the event of being hit in the rear, you don't want to make it too easy for the filler to come off and spill gas all over the back of the car.
  8. New fastback

    I had a 69 GT with a 351w 4bbl 4 speed. That package came with the hood pins, hood scoop, sport mirrors, GT gas cap, GT hubcaps, white triple strips above the rockers, and the chrome strips at the rocker. I might have known at one time the engine options, but things like that slip my mind these days. So if the 302 rules out the GT option, I wonder what package gave this one the pins, scoop, sport mirrors and rocker trim? Marti might be the way to go if you really want to know.
  9. New fastback

    With that chrome rocker trim and the hood pins and scoop is could have been a GT? What gas cap does it have and is there a badge on the passenger dash area?
  10. If you put in the larger (higher capacity) tank you may have moved the filler neck on the tank up, closer to the filler tube. On my 69 Mach/Shelby, the rubber filler tube is 6 1/2". Your filler neck would be grounded by the screws into the rear panel and the tank by the screws into the trunk floor making them connected together.
  11. Removing the shock tower braces

    Does anyone else have issues when you insert an image all your typed text disappears? Yes, an export brace is more rigid. It is a heavy steel single part that replaces the two thin stamped parts. This helps stiffen up the front end and helps with upper shock tower flexing. To stiffen the towers even more in cases where the towers have bent apart or closer together, a Montecarlo bar is used to keep the upper towers in place. This is usually needed when the car is used in motorsports.
  12. Removing the shock tower braces

    As it seems, I am often wrong as well. Over at http://www.concoursmustang.com/forum/index.php , they say the tower to cowl braces from factory should be painted "slop" grey. I do not recall any of my braces being, or having grey under the semi-flat/satin black.
  13. Removing the shock tower braces

    Ah, the shock tower to cowl braces. You need to remove the 2 nuts on the upper shock support and the 2 bolts on the cowl to remove each of them. The should come right off. As RPM stated, the export brace is a better option than the stock braces.
  14. Removing the shock tower braces

    Which brace and 4 bolts are you referring to? Possibly 2 on each side that hold the top of the shock absorbers? If so, no issues as long as you do not have gas charged shocks and you do not drive the car with them off.