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  1. Changing from manifold to headers

    N.D Mach, unless I am misunderstanding your comment,1fvike's photos looks to have had a rack and pinion setup installed in place of the stock Mustang steering system. That would be why it looks different.
  2. Changing from manifold to headers

    I do believe that the JBA 1563's are designed for the 351w http://www.pertronix.com/
  3. FMX Shifting Issue after Shift Kit

    I do not know how much will change the shift but that is what that rod does for 3rd gear. I'd have to go back to my FMX rebuild video by Ken "Bad Shoe" Collins to see what it attaches to inside the trans. Its been a couple of years and I do not remember.
  4. Full repaint steps - Need advice

    Good to hear. I quoted you due to the comment about the possibilities of the paint color being way off. My intent was to let jgkurz know of more options to his original question on having his car repainted.
  5. FMX Shifting Issue after Shift Kit

    Have you tried adjusting the downshift rod from the carb to the trans? Sounds like its too far back making the trans think the car is hard accelerating.
  6. Full repaint steps - Need advice

    As a BC/CC paint, the color part is very thin. That is why we used a pure white sealer before the BC. Using a different color under the BC can change the look of the color in the sun. A darker color will keep the Candy Apple Red darker even in the sunlight. Mine will lighten up just a tad in the sunlight due to the white sealer underneath.
  7. Full repaint steps - Need advice

    As I was not the one holding the spray gun, yes I would if that was what the painter wanted to use.
  8. Full repaint steps - Need advice

    All body work done, sprayed in 2k primer. Hood, fenders, doors, qtr extensions, trunk installed & aligned and final block sanded. Totally blown apart and Sprayed with a white base coat and then Dupont Candy Apple Red (ford code T) BC/CC. Painter was instructed where to leave overspray to mimic factory application. After 1 week re-assembled, sanded & buffed. Hood and fenders removed to do black out painting and install engine. Trunk lid removed to install trunk seal. Qtr extensions removed to apply (Shelby) blackout. Its a lot of work, but it has turned out real nice.
  9. Changing from manifold to headers

    1969 351w FMX A/C PS PB JBA 1653 series with 1653SH H-Pipe. From the H-Pipe back I am running the Big Block 2 1/4" stock type exhaust.
  10. Mustang Music

    By the original, Sir Mac Rice
  11. Mustang Music

    Edit: oops, you said Mustang. Well, these are from the 1969 Mustang Era. Does that count? I did grow up with Bubble Gum music. Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles of 1969 #1 "Sugar, Sugar" The Archies
  12. The panels are textured. For small areas, I use wrinkle paint. Heat it for big wrinkles and then sand the peaks off to get the texture. Never did it for an area as large as a speaker opening.
  13. Tail Light Wiring Harness Resoration

    I'm not familiar with the "white sleeve". Wrappings and coverings were usually black. I think I still have a standard 69 rear harness but most of the woven covering has disintegrated. https://www.google.com/search?q=1969+mustang+Tail+Light+Wiring+Harness&safe=active&rlz=1C1ASUM_enUS744US744&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj05I_2pLvZAhWBq1kKHcHRDfEQ_AUICygC&biw=1423&bih=969
  14. 69 vertical window trim

    You'll need two parts. https://www.npdlink.com/store/products/mustang_weatherstrip_door_glass_lh-103768-2940.html https://www.npdlink.com/store/products/channel_door_window_rear_lh-198649-1.html Have you checked inside the bottom of the door? Sometimes they fall off and end up in there.
  15. 69 Mach 1 Stripe Application

    I've not seen the article, but have applied a 69 Mach 1 stripe kit in the past. Lots of measuring, taping and hoping I got it on right back in the day. For my 69 Shelby stripes, I saw this and though it sounds like an easier way to make sure you get them on right. Mustang Application Gel, Decal / Stripe, Slide On, Allows Movement Of Decals Or Stripes On Body W/O Sticking Until Ready To Set, 16 Fl. Oz. Squeeze Bottle I'll give it a try in a couple of months and let everyone know how it worked.