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  1. studetom

    1969 Mustang Parts for Sale

    Manuals $50 shipping included Hitch $35 shipping not included Cover $125 shipping included Dash panel $250 shipping not included. All prices negotiable
  2. Recently my '69 was sold and these parts are available Original set of 1969 Ford service Manuals. Have been used but are complete. Also included is a reprint wiring diagram. Trailer hitch, Draw Tite brand. Please send e-mail to studetom@hotmail.com for photos and detailed description.
  3. studetom

    Ford Service Manual

    I have a '69 Ford Service Manual. Reprint which includes all Fords that year including Mustang. Originals were 5 volumes, this is bound into 2 books. Free for cost of shipping. USPS Priority mail is $18.90. First request to studetom@hotmail.com gets it. This has been claimed.
  4. Looking for a base clock and locking glove box door latch for '69 Mustang. Clock does not need to work and key not necessary for latch.