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  1. 69 Cruzin

    GT Stripe photo help.

    Awesome, I will try and take a better pic over the weekend. Thankyou very much.
  2. 69 Cruzin

    Mustang Music

  3. 69 Cruzin

    GT Stripe photo help.

    Very Nice! Love that color combination. Thanks
  4. 69 Cruzin

    GT Stripe photo help.

    Just curious, if anyone out there can add a White GT Stripe to my 69? Thinking of going with one. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  5. 69 Cruzin

    If you could ONLY CHOOSE ONE?

    Just received these today. Found on eBay... 5 volume shop manuals, electrical drawings in the original shipping package dated 1974. Also with an order form to purchase other manuals. Got it all for $60. I think it was a pretty good find.
  6. 69 Cruzin

    Long Tube Headers?

    Sure, pics would be great. Thanks
  7. 69 Cruzin

    Long Tube Headers?

    Awesome! Thanks for the lead RPM....Much appreciated
  8. 69 Cruzin

    Long Tube Headers?

    Thanks All for the very useful info on header options. Learned alot.....I think my best bet will be the ceramic Tri-Y's. Very thankful for this forum
  9. 69 Cruzin

    Wheel Arch Moulds

    Very Nice! Where did you purchase the vinyl stripes?
  10. 69 Cruzin

    Long Tube Headers?

    Thanks for your input. Helpful.
  11. 69 Cruzin

    Long Tube Headers?

    Are these simular with what you have? https://www.cjponyparts.com/patriot-exhaust-tri-y-headers-ceramic-coated-260-289-302-1965-1970/p/EXHD10/
  12. 69 Cruzin

    Long Tube Headers?

    Running a complete stock 302 2V. Looking to add some sound and maybe pick-up a lil Horsepower by adding Long Tube Headers. I'm running flowmaster exhaust now and it sounds descent but looking for a lil more. Did some research on shorty vs long tube and what I take from it is only real benefits of going with shorty is the ease of installation and more clearance. Is this correct ? Also can anyone recommend a brand , type ( chrome, stainless, ceramic, etc) or a good place to purchase? Any other advice or pics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all.
  13. 69 Cruzin

    Turn Signal Switch Recommendation

    https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/sm35f.html Recently bought one from here. Had no problems with it
  14. 69 Cruzin

    Behind the rear seat

    Here is mine... installation was easy