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  1. Looking for input on clearance for headers on my Mach I. Engine- 351W (408 stroker), Trans - TKO600, Suspension - TCI Mustang II. Been back and forth on the short & long. Suspension has adjustable coil overs w/2" drop spindles, do not want the dreadful "SCRAP". Suggestions?
  2. Kasper, my bad, I didn't realize you are doing the 351W. I just bought the 408 stroker from Tristar, that engine comes with the Dart Pro 1 heads.
  3. The company provides the parts list in the details section of options. Scat Crank, Keith Black pistons, Howards Cam, Melling oil pump, Dart Pro 1 heads, etc......plus a 24 month warranty & A+ BBB rating.
  4. Barnett468 - why the negative remarks for Tristar? You are not getting a new block from anyone for less than $4K. Do you think all the engines listed above come with a new block??
  5. What's the take on permanently attaching the qtr panel extensions? Fiberglass the seam and sand smooth, same with the rocker/qtr seam. Provide feedback.
  6. Myself, going with the 18" Foose, need to drop the car off the rotisserie onto the Currie Crate 9 to figure out the tires. According to the website, states 18.8 rim w/245/40Z rubbers will fit.https://www.carid.com/foose-wheels/legend-black-machined-507571.html
  7. Tristar Engines is another option https://www.tristarengines.com/ Been researching them for awhile, in between them and a local builder, decision will be made within a week (awaiting price form local).
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