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  1. MTF - Are those the same seats you sell on your website?
  2. My pics all went bye-bye awhile ago, unsure if I'll keep dropping pics, but this the latest. Final stages prior to paint. Shaved the rear bumper and tightened up the body gaps. Hopefully paint in a month or so, waiting on Mustang To Fear seats. Removed the seat pans, moved back 4" (I'm 6'7"), need the seats prior to burning in the risers in new location.
  3. B&M. Moved AC to pass side to clean up AC lines which run between the fender and engine bay
  4. Regarding your hood hinges, how much travel remains compared to stock hinges? I purchased and am returning Ring Brothers as my hood lifted half way with their set up.

  5. CG in Texas, do you have pics of the reinforcement plates you used? I am 6'8" and needing lower seats. Was on the impression the seat platforms are vital to the structural integrity of the car.
  6. Not a big fan of the bulky, protruding tail lights on the 69. Does anyone know if the curvature of the panel matches between 67/8 and 9? My thought was to get a 67/8 tail panel, cut out the light area and weld it place of the 69 tail light area. Then I purchase the items necessary for a 67/8 and I have flush mounted tail lights....thoughts?
  7. Mach1 Driver - The AC compressor (peanut style) located on the passenger side top, alternator (Power Master) drivers side top, power steering pump (GM Type II) drivers side lower. To each his own on the "Bling", I'm building my dream car, for show and go. Couldn't beat the price from CVF Racing.
  8. I have the Wraptor from CVF Racing. 408 Stroker, 4R70W Trans, Dakota Digital, Holley Sniper & Holley Tank, Holley Dual Sync Dist, Vintage Air, Optima Red top
  9. Want to relocate the filler neck to the drivers side sail panel, I saw a picture of this mod a while back but can't find it anymore. Anyone see this before??
  10. Anyone have info on relocating the fuel fill neck from the rear to the drivers side sail panel (upper qtr) with a cobra style flip cap? I saw pics a few months ago on the web where a mod was done to a '69, it looked pretty cool. I can't for the life of me find the pics anymore :(
  11. I went with a Currie crate 9", you can choose spline, gears, and add brakes. I had them weld my four-link brackets prior to powder coat, they did at no charge, just had to mail them. https://www.currieenterprises.com/67-70-mustang-crate-rearends
  12. Way to go Vic....I pulled mine back and out, going to the original color scheme of Ford Chrome Yellow, lots of sanding in the engine bay to remove the new/old paint.
  13. I have the Total Cost Involved Mustang II front suspension & Heidts 4 link in the rear w/Currie 9" crate rearend w/3.89 gears.
  14. Not yet, in the build phase, I have 48" of flex pipe coming off the headers for my O2 sensor. The exhaust will run just like any other.
  15. Added pics to clarify.
  16. My 408 crate long block came from Tri-Star. Best warranty/price out there. I upgraded everything. So far happy. I have the build sheet specs, all quality parts. Had all the engine pics loaded on my build page but all pics got lost when the admin made recent changes.
  17. has nothing to do with the fitment in the tunnel with the exception that the case is wider, specifically at the support brace of the tunnel. There is no way to use a mount that sandwiches the support structure like all other trans mounts, i.e, typical bracket sandwiches the support structure of the tunnel, a long bolt goes through one side and out the other....for the 4R70W, you will have a front support bracket only, the bolt goes through the bracket, through the support brace structure followed by a washer and nut.
  18. As identified above, Joe has a mount and shifter linkage available that he sells for this exact set up.
  19. I've got a 408 stroker with the 4R70W. You'll need to fabricate a mount as the case is wide and won't allow the saddle mount between the tunnel support. Use to have picks of my install out here on my build project but lost all the pics when the site went down. sadness.
  20. Yea all of mine, guess I'm done
  21. Geez...I asked for advice on an exhaust system for a non-OEM setup, and I received options, isn't this what the forums are all about? Glad MTF took the time to respond, and for that, I thank them.
  22. UPDATE - The baffle supplied with the remote reservoir was on the wrong port, needed to be on the return from the rack, not the out feed to the return of the pump. Swapped it over and it fixed the problem.
  23. So jury is still out? Speaking of gas filler tubes...are they stock replacements? I have a Holley replacement tank w/EFI pump, the tube does not line up very well at all, needs much adjustment to align regardless of the rubber tube....will need to address as the cap angle is approx 1" away from top to be flush with back panel.
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