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  1. Added pics to clarify.
  2. My 408 crate long block came from Tri-Star. Best warranty/price out there. I upgraded everything. So far happy. I have the build sheet specs, all quality parts. Had all the engine pics loaded on my build page but all pics got lost when the admin made recent changes.
  3. has nothing to do with the fitment in the tunnel with the exception that the case is wider, specifically at the support brace of the tunnel. There is no way to use a mount that sandwiches the support structure like all other trans mounts, i.e, typical bracket sandwiches the support structure of the tunnel, a long bolt goes through one side and out the other....for the 4R70W, you will have a front support bracket only, the bolt goes through the bracket, through the support brace structure followed by a washer and nut.
  4. As identified above, Joe has a mount and shifter linkage available that he sells for this exact set up.
  5. I've got a 408 stroker with the 4R70W. You'll need to fabricate a mount as the case is wide and won't allow the saddle mount between the tunnel support. Use to have picks of my install out here on my build project but lost all the pics when the site went down. sadness.
  6. Yea all of mine, guess I'm done
  7. Geez...I asked for advice on an exhaust system for a non-OEM setup, and I received options, isn't this what the forums are all about? Glad MTF took the time to respond, and for that, I thank them.
  8. UPDATE - The baffle supplied with the remote reservoir was on the wrong port, needed to be on the return from the rack, not the out feed to the return of the pump. Swapped it over and it fixed the problem.
  9. So jury is still out? Speaking of gas filler tubes...are they stock replacements? I have a Holley replacement tank w/EFI pump, the tube does not line up very well at all, needs much adjustment to align regardless of the rubber tube....will need to address as the cap angle is approx 1" away from top to be flush with back panel.
  10. Do not believe that is the issue as the entire front runner system was provided by CVF racing, all particular to the 351W with standard pulley direction (clockwise). They provided the AC compressor, alternator, Saginaw pump & reservoir, along with the pulleys and belt. Directions were followed and double checked...accessories and belt can only go on one way.
  11. Nope, 6AN pressure out from pump to 9/16 lower port of rack. 5/8 return from upper port of rack to 6AN of remote reservoir. 10AN from remote reservoir (with baffle) to 10AN return side of pump. Remote reservoir is located above pump, straight line, unobstructed gravity route
  12. Brand new crate engine start up with new TCI Rack & Pinion along with CVF Racing Saginaw pump w/remote reservoir. Within a minute power steering fluid started blowing out the vent cap of the remote reservoir. I double checked the hoses, no leaks and all connected to proper ports (high pressure/returns), bled the system by turning wheels lock to lock on jack stands about 10 times. Every time I start the engine this happens, needless to say I have a serpentine system so breaking in the engine w/o pump is not an option.Thoughts, anyone have a similar issue? Other than that the Holley Sniper EFI is great, crate engine start up within two seconds, nice idle...need to address the steering fluid issue so I can break the engine in.
  13. I did the same set up as RPM and Vic, no issues.
  14. Looking for exhaust options. I have a 69 Mach 1 with a Heidts four link, coil over, & panhard bar set up along with Heidts X-Brace. Interested to know if anyone had luck with a packaged system (Flowmaster, Magna Flow, Pypes, etc.) or am I looking at full custom? Understand a custom pipe will be required from the JBA header flange to the main system within the trans tunnel if a packaged system is available. Unfortunately the vendors say the systems are for stock OEM cars and cannot confirm the fit will work in my application. Don't want to be buying packaged systems only to pay the freight of returning same. Suggestions are welcome.
  15. I went with the sniper on my 408, along with the Holley dual sync distributor, and Holley 69 EFI fuel tank, all plug and play.
  16. Working on the Vintage Air, replacement front runner system, and electrical. New mods as my original thought was no A/C. To change to AC required a new pulley system which CVF racing agreed to take my mocked up system in exchange for the upgraded Wraptor single belt serpentine. Nice folks to work with. Taking electrical cues from Vicfreg, he put the thought into it which allows others to follow, shout out to Vic!
  17. Lambert Airport is approx 40 minutes away, the Arch (downtown St Louis) is in the middle of the two.
  18. Awesome work, thanks for the time to share and post, very much appreciated.
  19. I'm on the Illinois side of STL, visit Gateway Classic Cars in O'Fallon, IL, http://www.gatewayclassiccars.com/ http://www.gatewayclassiccars.com/location/STL
  20. Was interested in the under dash, around the evaporator and penetration point. I have the bulkhead connector kit along with the hose kit, seems like a straight forward process. Since I smoothed over my firewall my location points are gone. Figured I'd hang the front, then level out and mark the inner firewall. Any tips to make it easier?
  21. Not that it helps now, but the crimp on style are much more cost effective at ~$110, even with the purchase of the ~$130 Master Cool crimping tool (from amazon). Do appreciate the pic. Did you use the vintage air bulk head, or grommet and insulation wrap? Can I bug you for an inside pic?
  22. Here ya go...https://www.fordmuscleparts.com.au/shop/products/show/id/4759
  23. Regarding the vintage air, assume you went with the bulkhead, do you have some close up's of what you did...can barely see it in this pic?
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