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  1. I have my old harness in a box. I'm hoping this will be in it. Thanks for the collective knowledge
  2. Thanks everyone for your help. I'll post some pics of the work. Hopefully this weekend
  3. Thanks. I know there is a "shelf" that the radio can sit on, but do I need something to replace the metal bracket from the original radio?
  4. The wires I have (American Autowire) are grey that say on the side "dash lights" with the shielded female end of the bullet connector. Do anyone have a part number or link to the wire/socket?
  5. The progress is looking great. I totally understand the "rain" issue. I live in the Greenville (SC) area and the amount of rain that has fallen is out of control
  6. Not sure if this helps with your applications. I currently have the on the back 255/40/18 with no rub issues. The fronts I did have the roll the front fenders
  7. Also this weekend I started working on finishing up the stereo. I worked on the kick panel speakers and wiring. I would have worked on the package tray and rear speakers, but one of the speakers is defective and has to be replaced. I'm hoping to get some answers to questions I have on some installation challenges and get the radio in this coming weekend. FYI this design makes for a VERY tight fit with the parking brake.
  8. So you can see its been a while since I have been able to get back to this. Christmas and other projects have eaten away my time and money, PLUS the rain that keeps coming back. I got the final pieces that hopefully will allow me to start driving this without fear of potholes or sudden stops. First was the brakes. The jokers that the previous owner used did such a poor job on the brake upgrade that I have spent many hours and dollars correcting. I had to replace the master cylinder, brake lines (they split the heads), proportioning valve, and finally the brake arm because NONE of them were correct for this car. Technically its still not the way I would have done it since the front and back calipers are the same size. Its currently a lot better but I still need to work with the brake bias. Next was the front suspension. They cut the springs at least 2 inches, plus the 1.75 Shelby drop made for a butt-clenching ride with any road construction/pot holes/etc. So now I have all new factory suspension with Eibach Performance springs. I have new tires coming on Wednesday to replace the destroyed tires.
  9. In my efforts to complete the dash I have run into a problem that I can't get a solution to... I had the car rewired and have 3 dash light wires that need a home. Mainly, I am trying to "light" the air controls. There appears to be a round hole in the center of the back that I am presuming is for a bulb. But I don't have a bulb socket, or wire for it. I am also presuming that one of the dash wires on the harness is for that, but need to know what I need to get to make it all work and what exactly are the 3 dash wires for. Thanks
  10. I am hoping this weekend to install my CD player in my car. Looking for tips/tricks for how to secure it properly. I have the correct bezel for it, and have removed the metal original housing. Any pics (without the bezel) would be great to show your work. Thanks for everyone's help
  11. I am 100% behind this brand - https://www.morrisclassic.com. I met the owner personally and can say his products are top quality. I have them in my 69. I have the Retrobelt (bought them before I found Morris) in my 1964 Mustang and was NOT impressed. Basically the same price, but no comparison in quality
  12. Its great to see this project continue to progress!
  13. So as I begin to actually put some miles on the car, the front has developed a bad squeak coming from the lower control arm. The previous owner had the front end rebuilt. All parts appear to be new. Since the pivot on the lower control arm cannot be lubricated, could it be something like the spring perch? Any thoughts, ideas or solutions? If the general thought is the spring perch, should I make the upgrade with the needle-bearing version?
  14. looks like they might have them https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/store/p/15794-Moulding-/-Trim-Vertical-Door-Glass-To-Quarter-Glass-Driver-Side-Grade-A-Used-1970-Mercury-Cougar-/-1970-Ford-Mustang.html?attribs=79 https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/70qglasstrimps.html?attribs=79
  15. Thanks I have been driving it a few days a week to work out all the bugs. New projects have cropped up.
  16. My eventual goal is to upgrade to bolt in glass. How/where did you find all the parts?
  17. so if you want to use this bezel https://www.cjponyparts.com/interior-remote-mirror-bezel-1969/p/ME2B/ You need this mirror https://www.cjponyparts.com/mirror-racing-driver-side-pre-2-24-1969/p/ME32L/ NOT THIS ONE - FYI they have since added in the text not to use the bezel above https://www.cjponyparts.com/mirror-racing-driver-side-after-2-25-1969-1970/p/ME4L/
  18. I completed one of the doors. The other side will have to wait until the glass is aligned properly. This had its own challenges: missing hardware on the door, having fun with water shield and door putty, which way the door panel clips go, and the remote mirror install. FYI if you plan on upgrading to the racing mirrors, you have 2 choices. The one pictured below and the other style with the chrome inset bezel. I didn't realized I purchased the "wrong" mirrors so I had to modify the door panel. The door panel has a punch out for the inset bezel style. The racing mirrors will have the controls WITHOUT an L shaped bend.
  19. SUCCESS! I did the hot soapy water trick and was able to rip it out. So I then put the new one in hot soapy water, coated it with the AGS BK4 Brake Lubricant (and the channel)and was able to muscle it on. I believe my success this time is that I installed the channel unto the window first, then put on the weatherstripping.
  20. The seats are Corbeau Sport seats with seat tracks. I am really pleased with them. I had a budget for the interior and these fit the bill. I highly recommend if you need new seat belts to get a set from https://www.morrisclassic.com and stay away from RetroBelt. FYI on installing them. The frame bolts to the floor and the seat tracks bolt to the seat. You will need to buy bolts for the tracks. I got grade 8 - 5/16 x 1.5 (18 thread) bolts with washers and nuts to hold the bolts to the frame. Then used the original seat nuts to secure it to the floor. https://www.cjponyparts.com/corbeau-seat-reclining-sport-seat-pair/p/SEAT9-V/ https://www.cjponyparts.com/corbeau-seat-track-1965-1970/p/CSB2/
  21. WD40 was/is a no-go. That's how I got into this situation. I had success with the other side using AGS BK4 Brake Lubricant. The weatherstripping that this point is trash so I am more concerned about getting it off without damaging it
  22. My first time installing carpet in a vehicle. Look me all day to install carpet, kick panels, seats and seat belts. I have to work on the dimmer switch hole to move the carpet dow a little bit to join with the other piece. I'll take better pics when the weather clears up.
  23. Looking for the collective wisdom on how to fix the problem. This weekend I made a lot of progress on finishing the car. One of those things that I tried to install was a complete failure and now I am stuck. I got a new door glass weatherstrip channel for the passenger side and tried to install the weatherstrip and got about 3/4 of the way and it got stuck. Now I need to get it out of the channel without damaging/crushing it. It is stuck, really stuck... Recommendations? Should I try to put it in the freezer to "shrink" the rubber, then clamp (with soft inserts) and drive it out with a screwdriver? One other thing. The cable for the driver mirror adjustment. How do I keep it from getting caught by the window channel?
  24. Thanks I forgot about this gem. Should be standard "reading" for 1969-70 mustang owners
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