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  1. Sorry that I didn't get to reply to everyone! I want to thank you personally for the replies, I really apreciate the help! I have decided to buy the Michelin pilot tires. I hope I'm not making a mistake! :)
  2. Thank you for the suggestion, but I guess I'm gonna go with the Michelin pilot tires. Thanks for the help though!
  3. Thank you, I'll check out those tires! I really appreciate the suggestion. :)
  4. Hey there! Thanks for the reply. I'm from Lower Alabama. Also thanks for the info, I'll check out that website! I'll post some pics later, I don't have any on my phone right now, but next week hopefully I'll take some pics! :) Thank you for the warm welcome! This is definitely a great place. I'll post some pics as soon as I take some, probably next week :) I want both the look and performance to be honest, but I'd probably go with performance in the end, because I don't afford to waste money like that. Thanks for the reply!
  5. I have to say, they really look spectacular. I'll have to check out the price, because I'd definitely consider these. Thank you!
  6. Thank you for the advice, I'll definitely take it into consideration! Yeah, 40k warranty sounds like a lot to be honest. And thanks for telling me to go align my wheels, I hadn't even thought about that!
  7. Hey there, guys! I have managed to finally save enough money (by skipping this summer's vacations and trips, but it's definitely worth it!) to get myself a 1970 Mustang. I can't even begin to describe how happy I am with it. That being said, my new ride is in desperate need of some new tires. I'll be using my Mustang to ride around town now and then, to show off :P I know next to nothing about tires, that's why I came to you guys. A friend of mine redirected me to this website HolmesTire. I can't say that I find it particularly useful, so I thought to myself that it's better to get some more opinions before I make a decision. Money is not really an issue, but I don't want to be spending too much on tires, too. Any replies are welcome! Thank you!
  8. Woah, now that's a real beauty. If you're the owner, then it looks like you took great care of her. You'd probably sell it almost instantly for a good price, but I can see why you wouldn't want to :D
  9. Woah, sorry you ran into so many problems... Hope they're all fixed now. Or, at least, partially. Can't wait for some more updates from you! Keep up the good work, my friend!
  10. The car looks great! Blue's my favorite color, and it blends in so well with the little bit of black that's there. I really like the tires too. You must be proud of this car, haha!
  11. Hey there, are you going to post more updates? I really like these kind of threads and I really want more people to update as often as they can. Of course, no pressure, I'm just really into progress threads. Looks like you've put in a great amount of work on your project!
  12. Everything's looking great! I hope you'll keep us posted, I really want to see some more pictures of your project! I'm really stoked! Keep up doing what you're doing, it's a bold project!
  13. Any more updates on this? I'd love to see more progress! Keep up the good work, I really like your project :) Cheers!
  14. Woah, tell me you're going to post more updates! The work that needs to be done on this car is massive, and it's impressive that you want to do that. You're also really, really young! I'm proud of you, keep up the good work!
  15. Thanks for the update, your project is really coming along! Just a question though, will you paint the car, or do you intend to keep it white? Good work though!
  16. The exhaust pipe looks really cool, keep up the good work! I'm going to be following a lot of threads on this subforum, many of them are great! Keep up the good work!
  17. Nice work, everything looks out like it turned out great! Just wondering, do you have any more projects that you're working on atm? I'd love to see more from you!
  18. No problem, everyone's going to be here, waiting for your updates, hehe. Take as much as you like :)
  19. Holy moly! I know this thread is pretty old, but I couldn't NOT comment on it. Mate, you did God's work right there! It looks absolutely gorgeous, the paint, the wheels, the rims, everything about that car looks great. Do you have any future projects in mind? I'd love to see more from you!
  20. Nice car you got there, mate! I'm actually wondering, if it's not a secret, of course, how much did it cost you up until this point, and how much do you think is everything gonna cost? I mean, from now on. Thanks for the updates and hopefully we'll see more from you! Congratulations, my friend!
  21. Great project and congratulations to you for being so kind to your bro. That paint job looks absolutely beautiful! Keep on keeping on, as they say :D! Cheers, and hopefully you'll keep us posted!
  22. Woah, I know this is pretty far away from finished, but I bet it will look stunning! Good thing is that it's taking shape already. Thanks for keeping up updated so often. Cheers!
  23. Thanks for the update, hope you'll post more in the (near) future. Keep up the good work mate, everyone's proud of you, haha :D!
  24. You'll definitely prove that guy wrong! A month is a little bit ambitious, but it can be done if you have the time. But that guy who said it will take you 2 years... yeah, that's definitely not true. I can't wait for new pictures of your progress! Good luck, mate!
  25. Nice work, thanks for the photos! I love these kind of topics. I know you've posted a lot of photos, but I hope you don't mind posting some more updates, I guess :D It looks great, keep up the good work, my friend!
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