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  1. You're doing great work. She is turning out really nice. I like the rear panel better blacked out too.
  2. Really impressive work. Especially the right hand conversion and the modifications for the 17's drive train.
  3. The interior turned out real nice. I'm wanting to install vintage air in my 70, but am thinking I may try to find an original A/C dash just for better looks.
  4. What a beautiful job and amazing workmanship. She turned out awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Tnstratofam

    Mach 1

    So long as it is a Mustang sportin the MACH 1 name EV is okay with me. Oh and if it's a Tesla killer that would be icing on the cake. No disrespect to Tesla owners, but I'm all about Mustang being number 1!
  6. So I've been lurking on the forum here for a few months. I've even posted a few replies in a couple of threads, but I haven't had the time to introduce myself. My name is Dave and I am the proud owner of a 1970 MACH 1. This car has been a part of my family since before I was born. I grew up with her as our daily driver, grocery getter, First car I ever drove, and the one car 'I'e always loved. My dad returned from his 2 year tour in the Army in Korea in 1969 with money in his pocket and a need for speed. He went to our local Ford dealer ( Carter County Ford ) to purchase a BOSS 429. However the dealership didn't have one available and couldn't promise they could get him one. On the lot sat a brand new Candy Apple Red MACH 1. Well my dad really wanted a new mustang and seeing as how the Boss 429's and 302's were limited in numbers he decided to take the MACH 1. Now he met my mom in 71 and I came along in 72 and for the next 30 years she was used and abused. She was wrecked by my mom twice around 73. Both front end and rear end damage both times repaired by the local Ford dealership body shop. My dad and I blew a tire on a rainy night when I was 11 and crushed the Drivers side rear quarter panel. The quarter panel was worked back out by a true body man. Looking inside the trunk you would be hard pressed to tell it was caved in. The car was completely repainted with Lacquer. That would have been around 83 or 84. I drove her to high school when my Jeep was in the shop off and on in 88 and 89. Starting in about 90 she was parked in my dad's garage only to be started and moved when My dad would wash her or take her down the road on the odd occasion. I left home in 90 and joined the Air Force. After serving my country and moving to 3 different states, having 2 kids and getting divorced I ended up back in Tennessee in 2003. In the summer of 03 my dad having just retired decided we needed a father son project. So we decided to freshen up the MACH 1. We had noticed that she smoked a little when she started up and the paint was starting to show it's age. The interior was looking a little shabby too. We pulled the engine and the heads off the engine and discovered 2 cylinders with some minor scoring. We figured that we had a couple of broken rings so we sent the engine off to be rebuilt. The engine was bored 30 over and we did our best as shade tree mechanics to fix a few things. We had her repainted and reupholstered the front seats. We Also had the headliner replaced. After all that work she went back in the garage only to be backed out to be washed and driven down the end of my dad's road occasionally. Fast forward to 2017. My dad calls me in April and tells me to come get her and bring her home with me. Now she has a few problems. Reverse is out in the FMX. The paint job wasn't exactly great and there are some rust bubbles showing up in a couple of places. Oh and when the headliner was replaced the rear window wasn't sealed correctly so it has a small leak. She is a 351 2v car with power steering. Manual drum brakes. The original 2brl Motorcraft carb was ditched by my dad years ago for a 2brl Holley. She originally sported 14 inch ford Mag style Hubcaps. She now has 14 inch 1970 Cougar Eliminator mags that my dad bought in 83. He liked them because they looked closest to the original hubcaps, and he wanted something different than the typical magnum 500's. She's not perfect, but neither am I. My plans are to rebuild the transmission, add vintage air and power brakes, and DRIVE HER. She isn't going to be a trailer queen nor a concourse restoration. She is a family member worn and weathered, but loved like no other. Here are a few pics. Sorry for the long winded intro. She deserved it. Looking forward to getting her back in driving shape. Oh and I'm glad to be on such a great forum.
  7. Tnstratofam

    Mach 1

    I'm pretty disappointed that there is no real appreciation for the iconic Mustang names. I feel like Ford must be run by people who don't understand how taking the MACH 1 name and using in any platform other than Mustang is offensive to some of us. Chevy did the same thing with the Nova in the 80's and it killed the line completely. Ford will loose an opportunity to real in more sales with another nostalgic name if they let the EV SUV take the MACH 1 name. Of course I am super biased on this point.
  8. My bet is when your passenger side quarter panel was repaired the quarter panel extension was modified to fit the repair. Instead of repairing the quarter panel to match the original body lines someone simply modified the extension to match their repair. Or the extension was repaired and didn't line up quite right with the quarter panel, but instead of replacing it with a correct one they simply modified the panel enough so the two lined up.
  9. The hood scoop lights on our 70 only come on when the turn signals are on. Either with the left or right turn signals or emergency blinkers active. They are not on otherwise. Our Mach 1 is Original and been in the same family ( Dad bought new and gave it to me ) since 1969.
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