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  1. Thanks for your help. Could there be a leak around the tranny line where it meets the radiator. Can’t see leaks from anywhere else. I’ve bought some Holts Radweld, not sure if it’s detrimental to the engine. Need it to plug the hole till I can get it to the Mechanic 20 miles away.
  2. Hi All, was hoping someone could please help, there's a leak from the front radiator as shown below. I'm no mechanic but should I just tighten up the bolt closest to the radiator or is it time for a new radiator? Thanks for any help you can give. Mark.
  3. Thanks for your comments. No power steering and drum brakes takes some getting used to. It looks good but the Mustang drives much better. Just fits in the garage.
  4. Hi All, Well I was going to paint my 69 Mustang another color, but after the vote on here, I decided to keep it original paint, thanks for your comments. And was going to buy another 69 fastback and paint that instead but decided not to have 2 Mustangs. So bought another classic car instead, a mint and original 1970 Dodge Challenger 340 4 Barrel Performance Pack A66. Hope you think it's ok:
  5. Very sorry to hear. Hope you get through good.
  6. Thanks for the info. I'll check the coil. I've found if I press the accelerator down to the floor a few times before starting it, it seems to start better. Like after the 7th or 8th attempt.
  7. Thanks for your comments and suggestions. This only happens when the engine is cold. It starts fine when warm. The car has an electric choke. The car used to start fine, until around 2 months ago, around the same time I change the air filter to an aluminum oval. Yes the engine turns over slower after it is at operating temp, usually 1 minute. Usually let it turn over for 5-6 seconds. I've checked the gas flow in the carb and it's working ok.
  8. Hi All, Hoping you can help me please. Every time I go to start my 69 it takes 2-3 minutes to start and usually have to turn the key about 20-25 times. The engine turns over but doesn't start. I put my foot on the pedal to get some gas into the carb, but still doesn't work until a minute or two later. Not sure what's going on. It's a 351w 4 barrel. The battery is fully charged, it has a Pertronix Ignitor and Flame Thrower fitted and it has a relatively new edelbrock carb fitted. The car seems to run fine when I get it going, though a little down on power. Do you think the plugs need replacing? Or it is something else? Any help would be gladly appreciated. Thanks, Mark. http://www.fordmustangmach1.com
  9. Doing a great job on that 69! You're parking next to a nice Riviera too, my mate has a 65 just like that:
  10. Hi All, Would be grateful for your help please. I've been looking around for 69 Mach 1 stripes and most companies seem to be the same 3 that left the factory. As below. Has anyone seen any other color options at all? I'd love an Argent Silver / Black decal if that's possible. Was hoping to get something like this: Thanks for any help you can give.
  11. Great shot, that black jade 69 looks great. Prices in the States seem strong. Prices here in the UK are on the down. Uncertainty over Brexit has hit the market. I’ve seen a few bargains recently.
  12. It's a difficult decision. I do like originality and don't want to muck the car up. The reason for the other 2 colors are: Cherry Red: I saw this in a magazine back in 1986 and that was the car I wanted. Another shot of that Cherry 69: Blue: My previous Mustang was a 72 vert in Ford True Blue Metallic: Maybe I should buy a cheap 69 Mustang fb and respray that instead.
  13. Thanks again for your comments, appreciated, so the general consensus is keep original or respray the same color.
  14. Thanks for your comments. All my mates are saying Cherry red too. I do like originality, but black Jade is a dull color and isn't very popular these day.
  15. Hi All, Would be grateful for your opinion, got my 69 booked in at the paintshop soon and can't decide on a colour. The original 50 year old black Jade paint on my car is looking very tired. The doors and top of the wings have faded and crazed badly and there are lots of very smalls blisters that have recently appeared over the panel sides, that may have surface corrosion under them. So I was thinking time for a respray. Here are the options. Cherry Red Metallic Black Jade True Blue Metallic Or keep it as is. What do you think?
  16. Installed a 2m radiator and insulated garage doors recently. Need to get the concrete floor sealed.
  17. Thanks for your help. I’ll get a replacement.
  18. Hi All, Hope you can help me please. I've noticed red oil drips on the garage floor, had a look under the car and it's coming from here. Do you think the cable's given up the ghost or does or the nut needs tightening. Any help gladly appreciated. Best regards, Mark.
  19. Nice ride! Much prefer these to the 2018 MY.
  20. Always like play this in my 69
  21. We couldn't get the Archies here in the UK in 1969 so we improvised.
  22. Here's the underside of mine. Original hood and hole, so functioning.
  23. Thanks for the advice. I'll get him to order the standard hood. He's found an original scoop that's been restored, so want need to get that plastic thing from CJs.
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