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  1. Hey Tom I saw the post u were talking about the serpentine belt system did u do it and do u still have your v belt stuff 

  2. I'm looking to replace my 3 spd manual in my 70 FB with a 302. I need the shifter as well. Feel free to email me at tminihan1@gmail.com. Thanks, Tom
  3. Here's a pic of my inner pass door for my 70 FB. I'm interested in a good used original or a patch from an original (whole door preferred). I live in VA - Washington DC area. I'd rather not wait until Ford Carlisle as I would consider buying a repop if I don't have any luck locating one by end of March. Feel free to email me at tminihan1@gmail.com. Thanks, Tom
  4. I may give them a try on my 70 Skylark.
  5. I found a box in the trunk of my rolling shell last year when I purchased the car, I kept it but never knew what it was - until today: two vacuum ports and two electrical pigtails, four wires. This weekend I was chasing vacuum lines and I found two (one large/one small dia) that go through the driver's side firewall - both end 8" on either side. I think they may have gone to the electronic spark controller. I've only driven the car around the block a few times but seems to be running fine - period correct 302/2V. I don't see a lot on the internet on these things, do I need this device? Thanks, Tom
  6. It looks like Condon Skelly is my only real option. I'm still reviewing the policy. It appears the driving is limited though, not daily drivers. Yes, USAA sent me to Hagerty, but I believe they use multiple sources of collector car insurance, not sure how they decide to dole them out.
  7. I have a 70FB, non-tilt steering column. I am trying to determine the correct routing of the turn signal and ignition switch wiring harnesses. 1) Currently the turn signal wiring is at 6:00 position on the column but this will cover the area where the trim shroud clip attaches to the column. Do I just push the wires aside to install the clip or should the harness be at more like 3:00 to get it above the support-to-column bolts on either the inboard or outboard? 2) The ignition harness connector mounts on a metal tang just behind the dash - does the harness go as shown in the pic or does it get routed between the support bracket and the column? I have the shop manuals, I just don't see a good routing diagram. Thanks, Tom
  8. I'm getting close to getting my 70FB street legal. I would like to teach my teenage kids to drive a manual tranny, preferably insured. USAA defers to Hagerty. Hagerty requires 5-9 years of driving experience. Has anyone had any luck with teenagers and classic car insurance? My kids won't be driving more than 1x/mos and it would be with me in the vehicle. This is supposed to be a father/son project, so I'm not looking forward to telling my son that he has another 5-9 years before he can drive the Mustang. Thanks, Tom
  9. I think I know the answer to this question. I'm in the middle of replacing my heater core. While I'm at it, should I replace the evaporator coil? I haven't had it tested yet but plan to. Even if it passes a pressure test I'm probably better off replacing it, just didn't want to spend the additional $300.
  10. The concealed setup does look nice, I considered that kit from Julianos it but decided against it to keep things simple - for me. Today I received the two fixed length trans tunnel mounted belts. Julianos was able to flip the buckles, so I'm good to go for now. What I have at this point is something similar to the SD setup but with the drop link. Julianos was helpful and prompt every step of the way.
  11. Here's a pic of my belt with the angled bracket which results in the buckle being upside down. I spoke with Julianos this afternoon, they are going to flip the buckle on each side. What they sent were the belts for floor mounted/bench seats not trans tunnel mounts. I think since the SD belts are made by the same company I'm not going to take issue with the retractors.
  12. Ok, good to know. Is the trans tunnel mount bracket flat or bent/angled? Mine is angled but it angles into the tunnel which puts the buckle upside down. I tried to reverse the buckle by flipping the webbing and pulling it through but the tolerances were too tight. Thanks, Tom
  13. I went with Julianos and installed my belts today. Really disappointed at this point. The brackets for the fixed/inside belt are bent in the opposite direction and there is little to no tension in the retractor (similar to copb8's description of the SD). I sent an email to customer service tonight, I will update what I hear back. They were excellent to work with when placing the order so I expect more of the same. The tags on my belts are labelled "Seatbelt Solutions". Does anyone with the SD's know who actually makes them? If it's the same vendor then I'll have to live with the lack of tension - I may have to anyway if the SD's exhibit the same performance. Thanks, Tom
  14. I had a couple of good conversations with the folks at Julianos. They offer a drop link with their mustang kit (although it's not on their website). I'm leaning towards starting with their setup since they will ship with the drop link installed. I'm 6' and my wife is 5' 2" so I'm thinking the drop link could be necessary for my wife. Other than the drop link the standard kit and install seems to be identical to the Scott Drake units. If Julianos doesn't work out I'll try the SD.
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