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  1. WTB 69/70 Hood Scoop Grille

    Purchased one on ebay.
  2. Sounds good, I'll feel around or get a flashlight in there to see if I can locate the holder. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Great pics Aslanefe. That puts it about an inch further to the rear than what I was thinking, but with that extra inch is still shouldn't interfere with the regulator. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it. Looks like I'll be cutting the door panel this weekend! Thanks, Tom
  4. That would be great if it's not too much trouble. Thanks for the offer!
  5. Thanks Super Stanger, I think you are right. My mirror has the 90deg knob, on a standard interior door panel. I have the correct mirror, control and bezel for a 70, just need to determine which hole in the inner door skin to use. Some pics I've seen of a 70 appear to show the mirror bezel slightly to the rear of the window crank, much like Mach1 Driver's pic. So I'm leaning towards using the bottom right corner of that oblong cutout. I'll do a dry fit with a helper to see if the window operates properly without interference. Thanks for the input. Tom
  6. Grant steering wheel

    Hi Bob, I had a similar issue last summer with my recently purchased 70FB. There are lots of vehicle specific installation kits for the Grant wheels. The PO of my car used the wrong kit and made it fit with a grinder and hacksaw. I ordered the correct kit from Amazon, I think a #3249 and eventually got everything working properly. You can lookup the kit number at www.grantproducts.com. Also, the installation depends on which horn button you use, the deep dish mustang button or the shallow grant button that comes with the wheel. Lastly, check the horn fuse and horn itself. As for the turn signal cancellation, could be the switch or missing parts. I think my setup had the "one wire" wiring. I'd pull the steering wheel and hub off to get a better look at things - remove the horn fuse before removing the wheel. If I remember correctly the Grant hub needed a three bolt puller, not a standard two bolt. Also, depending on the horn button, the Grant instructions have you grinding or cutting a portion of the steering column for proper fit. I did not need to do that. Hopefully once you get wheel and hub off you won't find a hack job under there. Good luck, Tom
  7. I'm looking for the little grille for the non functional hood scoop for my 70FB. I can buy repop but would prefer used oem. Feel free to email me at tminihan1@gmail.com Thanks, Tom
  8. Somewhat Mach1 Driver. That confirms my thought that it should go in the oblong hole on the left. Just eyeballing it, I could probably put it in the lower right corner and be fine. My bezel will be circular with the adjustment knob coming out of the page. Thanks for the pic! Tom
  9. I recently installed sport mirrors on my 1970 FB with standard door panels - previously did not have a remote mirror. The new TMI door panels did not have perforations for the bezel. My inner door skin shows three possible locations, two circular holes and one oblong hole. One circular hole does not interfere with the window crank but could be a knuckle buster. The other circular hole is slightly forward of the window crank - from internet photos it appears the remote should be slightly behind the crank. Is the oblong hole the correct location, and if so, where in that hole is the correct location. Thanks, Tom
  10. WTB: 1970 Clutch Linkage

    Thanks Bob, feel free to email me at tminihan1@gmail.com, let me know how much you want for the setup. Thanks, Tom
  11. WTB: 1970 Clutch Linkage

    Hi Bob - sorry i left out the details, it's for a 302. Thanks, Tom
  12. I'm looking for all of the linkage from the pedal (not including the pedal) to the engine.
  13. Ok, so old accessories, replace the v belt pulleys with a serpentine setup. I'll start doing a little research. Thanks, Tom
  14. Thanks for the tips and diagrams MN69Grande and Stangn. What is the more common approach - retrofit the 70 accessories to the 5.0 or use the 5.0 accessories?
  15. I'm still looking for a powerplant for my 1970 rolling shell. Currently I'm considering a 1998 Mountaineer 5.0 that's been converted to carb, v-belt and front sump, but I can't witness it run before purchase (already been pulled). I'm also looking at a 1996 Explorer 5.0 HO that I can witness run, still has the EFI. I would prefer to have the carb setup but unsure about converting to v belt or sticking with the serpentine. If I get the Explorer motor, will the 1996 PS pump and AC compressor work in a 1970 Mustang or should I install the 1970 pump and compressor? Thanks, Tom