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    Here is a link to the pdf "how to rebuild your SMALL-BLOCK FORD"
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    I like to think of myself as the unofficial Grandfather of the Fireo conversion in Mustangs and highly recommend it for numerous reasons. The hot rod communtiy has been doing it for decades for the same reasons it makes sense for our cars. I did a lot of research on seat options a few years back prior to making this choice for myself and it has worked out great particulary the ones with speakers built into the headrest since I have a convertible. There are a bunch of pictures on the last few pages of my gallery here, just click on my sig banner. They do recline also which is suprising since there is a wall behind them in the Fiero.
    Mr. Mikes has a website that used to only offer direct leather upgrade replacements for the Fiero patterns but now offers all vinyl and all kinds of custom designs to match more Mustang style patterns or other cars, he is very easy to work with, I am sure if you provided him with your own material like comfortweave he would work with you to do it.

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