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  1. Thanks for all the pictures and links guys
  2. Hey Bob, I'm considering a roll bar as well. I removed my front suspension to be able to clean everything up and reinforce the shock towers. I'll call you later if your not busy man....
  3. Is this the rear torque box? I read somewhere that the convertible rockers will go from the front torque box to the rear and that's the correct way to install them. The inner rockers are my next step on my 69 coupe build and wanted to know if I should try to connect the torque boxes with the convertible inner rockers or just install them as per the article on streetortrack and cut them to length
  4. A guy on another mustang forum told me he had a company come out and dry blast the interior and wet blast the exterior. That will be hard for me because my driveway is at a angle and I have it on skates. I'm worried of it getting away from me and rolling into the street. Then ill be SOL to bring it back in my garage. Something to look into though. He said it wasn't expensive.
  5. Still waiting for my convertible rockers and pan but for now I'm cleaning up the sound deadening/glue stuff. Since the original color of my mustang is gold nugget, that's the interior and door jamb color. I want to paint the exterior dark grey or dark blue at a later time but I feel like I should do this properly and paint the interior as well but I need to prep it first obviously. For now I can at least primer the interior. To clean the interior and engine bay I was planning on using my gas powered pressure washer with chemicals and brushing then thoroughly drying the remaining water but what about the paint? Sanding by hand, forget it..... too much time I have a 90 degree die grinder but also too much time. What methods are normally used to prep the interior for painting? Thanks guys
  6. Because of the height of the seats ill be installing i won't need the seat pans. Even with my stock pans of my 69 coupe it was too high. With no pans its a perfect height. So the problem i have is i can't install the convertible 1 piece seat pans. I was planning on welding a nice 1/8 sheet of metal (or thicker) where the pan was and maybe some 1/8 sheet pounded/shaped over the tunnel and welded in. I think RPM told me to even consider cutting off the pans and welding in the tunnel part only but this was before I even attempted to remove my pans. Either him or I read that here somewhere. I wanted to do the rockers and pans and leave it like that on the body and work on the front and rear with other methods but since I can't use the pans I'm a little lost. You guys think I'll be good with my idea of welding in some thick sheets of metal and forming some over the the tunnel? I can still cancel the seat pans if I choose. Its not expensive but I don't want that laying around and not be able to use them
  7. Oh crap, sorry Bob. I forgot to check back. I have been working a lot at my job and I was messing with the seats I bought. I'll contact you tomorrow I removed the seat pan and I just need to trim a little to make space for the rockers. I'll have to reinforce the floor......
  8. The wiring for the power seats was surprisingly easy. Snipped the wires i believed that were positive and negative from the seat harness plug and connected them to a battery and success! Now my mustang will have both front power seats :) Since the seats can rise and lower i probably can get rid of the seat pans. I'll find out when I install my convertible inner rockers.
  9. I see what you mean. I like how you put up the descriptions to compare.
  10. The original one on my mustang looks slightly different like this picture
  11. I have a new moog k8161 and it looks identical (to me at least) as the opentracker roller idler arm. Anyone know if these two the same thing? I'd hate to buy the same thing twice especially if its goto run $85 the second time. I already have the other parts for my manual steering figured out and I'm going to have chockostang rebuild my steering box (power steering version) once he emails me the information.
  12. Thats what I wanted to know. If it made a big difference on a street car with manual steering. I searched around and found someone asking the same thing and people told him it will be better to upgrade other things than that. I already have roller spring perches and the Shelby drop.
  13. Yes I saw how you did it but I liked the design and how the bottom hugs your bottom and how deep it is :D If it was a basic flat bench I definitely would have done it your way
  14. The shortened one is on the right.... It fits much better! Now I'll sort out the mounting and aligning and ill have my rear seats :) at least for now. I sat in the shortened side and the headrest was perfect height. The bench part of the rear seat isn't as wide as the original so it has a gap on both sides. About 2 inches roughly. I'll figure something out
  15. So for the set $123,456 - $200 (front seats) = $123,256..... I think you pid a tad too much man lol But seriously I really like your idea of MAKING it fit. I can't remove from the bottom part but I can definitely remove some from the bottom of the back parts to lower the height! Plus I'm sure I'll still be able to keep the fold down option by just moving the hinges up. I need to go to bed but I think I'm going to dissect the seats instead by cutting them open on the bottom. Nice part about leather is I can just stitch it back up. Thanks man!
  16. I can probably just get a upholstery place to redo the rear seats to match the front
  17. The rear seat backs are too tall for my coupe and block nearly the whole back window. Oh well
  18. Had to sleep. Hey guys, they are from a 2011 mustang GT California special Those Recaro's look fantastic but at 6x what I paid! I'm happy with ones I bought but now I need to make them work. The two fronts are power seats so ill either have to figure out how to wire up the motors or just make them manual seats with my original rails. I saw a guy with a 70 fastback install the front and rear seats just like the ones I bought so fingers crossed for the rears fitting. I know I'll need to install rings for the backs to latch too
  19. I read a guy installed similar seats on a 70 so damn I hope I can :)
  20. Whats a popular choice for replacement seats? I wanted to re-uphoslter my original but they lack any support so I'd rather buy a new set. I like having a adjustable headrest but I'm open to ideas. I'd also like to install some type of harness in the future. I'm only about 5-7 180lbs.... I saw some 2019 mustang seats for 1200 but I have now idea if they will fit. What do you guys recommend?
  21. I read on another forum that a guy shortened them but it could have reduced the stiffness the add. Maybe its something a cutoff wheel and my welder can fix. I'll find out. Glad your still around! I bolted that crossmember and it fit perfect Bob. I even lifted my front end and it worked as I hoped it will. I'm a long ways away from installing that 408w but ill find out if it clears the pan I got for it.
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