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  1. I read on another forum that a guy shortened them but it could have reduced the stiffness the add. Maybe its something a cutoff wheel and my welder can fix. I'll find out. Glad your still around! I bolted that crossmember and it fit perfect Bob. I even lifted my front end and it worked as I hoped it will. I'm a long ways away from installing that 408w but ill find out if it clears the pan I got for it.
  2. Finally pulled out the original I6 250 a day ago and I just ordered some convertible inner rockers with the convertible seat pan. I have a lot of support and motivation from my family to get this project done so Its all im focused on right now
  3. Great info guys. I'll purchase one on my next spending spree
  4. Nah lol I enjoy reading ALMOST everything here ha ha ha
  5. The breather I have has a 1" male fitting The grommet has a .72" and the opening on my valve covers is 1.20" Man.....
  6. Great info! Thanks so much guys I'll measure the valve covers later.
  7. The valve covers came with the grommet and i have the same problem as you did. I have to stretch the grommet on to the breather a tad but forget about it fitting in to the hole on the valve covers. I might just go with pcv valves but if I decide to keep one of the breathers like someone recommended, ill use my step drill bit to enlarge the hole little by little until I can fit the breather.
  8. Thank you for the advice on the shock tower reinforcements. I was considering selling my 140 to move up to the 210 you have. That or the budget model (hobart) I'm just worried that my welder won't penitrate enough. Its supposed to be ok on 3/16 but I know its pushing it. Your 210 is great on thin stuff too isn't it? Its just pricey as hell for me since I don't use it much
  9. thanks for the pics! So are these the main areas to reinforce? The gusset, the big block style reinforcements and the UCA attachment area? $10-15 in metal and a little cutting and bending..... Damn, Now I want to upgrade my welder.
  10. Now to find a Pcv that will work with my valve covers....
  11. I'm starting to gather suff to install when I hopefully yank out my engine next week. My shock towers aren't cracked but should i get the open tracker plates anyway to handle my 408w? I need to reinforce the torque boxes too right? I'd love to just make my own reinforcement plates instead of spending 200 on some cut out metal plates if possible but I have no idea on the sizes. I have a hobart 140 mig welder, 175cf 75/25 gas bottle and a couple 10lbs spools of small and med. wire What would you guys recommend I do to have my mustang strong enough to handle the power?
  12. I really need to start checking this thread more often :D
  13. I tried that. The grommet goes on easy but its super hard to push in the breather. I also tried to install the grommet on the breather then putting them in together but that looks impossible. I just want to know if these breathers would be my best choice for my engine because if I get them in, they aren't going to come out without damaging something......
  14. I bought some valve covers with push in breather caps but they are super hard to push in. Yes I spit on it...... ha ha ha j/k I tried looking for tips online then I started to see discussions on using breather caps or pcv valves. I don't want a oily film on my engine from the breather caps but if they work better than pcv valves then ill just clean the engine bay once in a while. What do you guys recommend for a high 500hp street car? My engine is a carbed 408w.
  15. whats up guys, I kept these things because I thought I might use them but I'm not. I like having them but I know someone could actually use them The distributor is from a running engine $100 So is the fan $80 I have the pulleys from that engine $100 I was going to use the intake but I bought a air gap intake instead $150 351w valve covers $40 I don't know what to price the distributor, fan and pulleys at so I just put a price. Shipping extra Send me your best offer guys and please be fair
  16. Oh crap sorry, I haven't checked this until today. Yeah I was around ha ha ha
  17. Yup. Not as easy as the bolts by themselves but they go down
  18. A couple guys on the corral site told me it will be fine. :)
  19. hey guys What would a normal gap be? No gap? I put my edelbrock airgap intake on and I have a 1/4" gap on the middle of the intake and oil galley with the manifold gasket on but the intake isn't torqued down. I thought I remembered seeing that sometimes the intake won't fit and has to be milled down. I just can't find that info I have a 69 351w block, afr #1458 205 heads and a 7581 air gap intake
  20. With similar specs as the griffin? I ask because I'm also in need of a radiator for my 408w.
  21. wow thats a lot of stuff! The cobra brakes not working good enough? I think thats the front set up i have waiting to be installed..... i still want to find a set of disc brakes for the rear.
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