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  1. Thanks. I left it neutral - no idea what it should be as its the big bearing version. Not doing concours - make it look nice so you are happy when you look under the car I say!
  2. Just splash out on the part…I fabricated mine and it was painful. Glad its not visible as its functional not pretty.
  3. Not the best photo but full rebuild of the diff. Sandblasted the housing then repainted in 2 pack satin black. Same with the drum backing plates. Everything new in the brakes. Then a nice new centre, Strange modular centre and big bearing pinion with 1350. cryo polished Motive 3.25 gear set, Eaton Tru Trac. Any suggestions on renewing the rubber shielding around the handbrake cable? MIne is cracking badly but the cable moves freely.
  4. Damn repop parts - I guess it may be the case of having to cut and spread the extension section to bring the lines out….more bloody work - blahhhh. Never again…..find a perfect body and strip it and do it, having to fix all of the rust with repop has been a test of my limited patience.
  5. Thanks I will put an edge on and check…tail light panel is new and appeared UN damaged but will check and make sure its all square and flat.
  6. Thanks. I might tighten it onto the panel and use a propane torch to gently get some heat into it and see if it will move a little in. First every resto on this scale and its been a learning experience
  7. So any thoughts on what I can do….I will spend some time contemplating it but would appreciate anyones thoughts as whether its the cast extension or the pressed metal extension. I will measure up the two extensions and see how different they are, and also put on the bumper and see whether there is any alignment issues.
  8. I think this is pretty much self explanatory. I dont really want to but another uarter extension without having a clue about which is right and which is wrong…all I can see from pics of 70’s is that the left hand side looks correct.
  9. Besides the obvious about the tail lights before we go any further. Reason for query, when I disassembled by 70 FB I found I definitely had a 69 left hand rear quarter extension, as it was the fibreglass version, the opposite side was cast metal and I made the assumption it was a 70. I bought an ACP left hand quarter extension which really is rubbish as the top left hand corner did not even remotely fit the line of the quarter panel and ended up doing an extensive fibreglass filler shaping to get it up to match the body line. Moving forward and I fit both extensions and the damn right hand one fits perfectly against the quarter panel but sits about 1/2” out from the tail light panel side and when I put the old tail light bezels in, the left hand side has a nice tight fit whilst the right hand has a largish gap between the bezel and extension. Full disclosure - I have replaced the tail light panel and the right hand quarter extension panel section. I will try and add a photo shortly. Ohh and the right hand one is a D0ZB part number. To the eye I cannot see any difference and when I measure the rear panel I cannot see any difference nor any bowing in it to counter for the mismatch.
  10. I have been stripping the old underbody coating….crappy job but after scraping off heavy parts a rag soaked in kerosene works well.
  11. Okay measured with a set of calipers width - open side 1.66, closed side 1.5. Length 43”. Height of the U - .566 and .918”. Photos give an idea of the fact one leg is longer than the other but at 90*, the other is shorter and at a slight angle. I cannot find an angle finder in my shed so you will need to play around with it. Metal is that stamped wrinkle finish like a trap door or the lower dash.
  12. Realise the value in the T-Bird and put a Windsor into the Mustang. You can keep the T5 in it, its a DIY engine swap and changing the plugs will be a whole less pain.
  13. I was going for Canberra - they are more palatable than Penrith :-)
  14. I will duck up the shed now and take the pics. Penrith have the game all done and dusted.
  15. Send me a txt and I will just sms them to you. 0439 737 four three two Craig
  16. I have mine all apart at the moment. If you need pics just let me know. I am in Brisbane….I have converted from manual to power brakes with a genuine 70 booster.
  17. Still not shipping date on mine and I ordered Black Friday sale.
  18. How long have you waited for your ac kit. I ordered mine from CPP rack friday sales.
  19. My 70 is a Metuchen build and it has a 0T14xxxx which matches the VIN on the dash. No idea how it could have a 2 unless it was off a 72 - maybe someone here has enough knowledge to know whether they look the same, you would need to measure them up side by side to be sure. Personal view is that with the quality of the Dynacorn replacements which have thicker metal and reinforcements - and that you dont have to unpick spot welds etc I would just go with new. PS Mine has a star and then 0T——- PPS No idea whether there is some weird variations but if it was stamped wrong it could have 2T10023 being fastback with 200ci 6 cylinder, as a full vin could be 9R02T10023- plenty of stories about of stuffed up VIN stamps on towers. However only way you will know is if you measure carefully side by side. I would still either buy new of get some Cougar towers from West Coast Cougar
  20. Do you want rack and pinion or just a more modern version? I bought Borgeson - yet to fit it but it looks quality
  21. You dont seriously think that do you? There have been a lot of mass shootings in the USA in the past years and none I can recall have been resolved by an armed citizen but by the police. PS I am a gun owner and hunter - not an anti..
  22. Don’t take this wrong - I don’t have any skin in the game who wins, as I am not an American. Unless you think one political supporting type is more dishonest than the other, the end result should be fairly balanced. I gather you didnt put in 5 votes for your preferred candidate, so you would expect the small percentage of dishonest people will be balanced across both parties.
  23. His you know what has AFR heads and extractors? No leaking main seal is a good thing.
  24. Great resto - everything about it is lovely - except the crack in the steering wheel
  25. I could have helped but am in Australia.....way too expensive and hard to ship anything long. I am doing the conversion and have all the bits from my conversion. I have a full uncut metal package tray (or whatever you want to call it) as well.
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