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    capedVem reacted to rm69 in Mach 1 bucket seats   
    The driver side seat in my 69 Mach 1 is for a 70. The seat back release lever is down low next the the hinge. Is it possible to convert the 70 seat to a 69 by relocating the release lever up to the middle area of the seat back? I won't be home for another couple of months otherwise I'd take it apart and see for myself. I know I haven't seen parts for that release mechanism available....only the frames and tracks for the most part.
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    capedVem reacted to copb8 in Good Guys Classic Car Show - Fort Worth   
    Took my car to it's first car show this Saturday inside Texas Motor Speedway for the Good Guys Classic Car Show. The weather was absolutely beautiful. Went with a friend of mine who took his '69 Shelby GT500. He has 4 mustangs and whom I hold personally libel for the purchase and any pain my car's cause me. :-)
    There were well over a 1000 cars there and some very nice Mustangs as well. If fact, the same beautiful red '70 Mach 1 that was there last year was there again. Funny thing was, this car and one other custom Buick Electra, were the only cars I took pictures of last year. I just always lusted after the 69-70 Mach 1's. I'd be curious if the owner of that car was on this forum.
    Here's a pic of when we first arrived. After some time it filled completely in and was PACKED. I have to say I was shocked at how many cars were already in place by the time we pulled in at 8:15. I thought we'd beat the crowd. NOT!

    Owner of Shelby to the right

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    capedVem reacted to Tomgar in Door Speakers   
    Does anyone know the color coding on the passenger door speaker wiring from the dash harness.
    1969 Mach 1 AM/FM. Thanks
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    capedVem reacted to LoneWolf2U in Another craigslist rant   
    Ok Its MY rant about people who do not follow thru or do not read your ad completely.
    When you post something for sale and are as honest with your description as you can be because if your not what do you say when they show up and look at it?
    You get responses that they have cash in hand then they want to do check or wire transfer, WTF!
    Then you get someone who says they want it and will be in touch, please do not sell t to someone else.
    So you pull your ad waiting for them to come or call for a week and no reply.
    So you re post your ad only to have them email you saying I thought you were selling it to me?
    Am I losing it or was my ad not clear enough?
    Not sure how to post it here, Am not that electronic 10 year old smart.
    My ad is on craigslist in Portland. Id # 6047003399
    If you have a moment please read it and let me know what I should add to it.
    Thanks for your time. 
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    capedVem reacted to machm1970 in Lecarra 14" steering wheel   
    Is anyone using a 14" lecarra wheel? If so, does it block your view of the gauges?
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    capedVem reacted to bthotrod in Grabber Blue "Boss 428"'   
    Hello everyone! I can't believe I didn't find this forum until now, I notice a few of the members here from my instagram account (@grabherblue69) !
    Anyways, it's a little late to post too many picture from the past build - but I'll give you a quick rundown of the history of this car and where it's at now before I start giving incremental updates.
    This was my father's first car when he was in high school in the late 70's - just a normal fastback with a 351W in it. It was wrecked in the front end and he paid $200 cash for it... Him and his two brothers as well as their father all had fastback mustangs! Later, their father (my grandpa) built a local family shop and the father and the 3 sons have ran it since, however my grandpa is getting pretty old and doesn't do any of the work there anymore. (It's called Ray's Garage.)
    Back to the car - we care nothing about originality in our family. Dad went through about 6 motors in this car in high school, either blowing them up or wanting more. After the 351, all of them were big block FE motors. Additionally, they bought and sold mustangs all the time and Dad always swapped the parts he liked off of them before they were sold (sorry all of you original car owners out there who are confused as to why the rear sway bar is missing or the wood grain interior!). This thing has all the "'cool stuff" - fold down rear seat, Mach 1 Woodgrain Deluxe Interior, a nice console, a rear sway bar off of a Boss 302, front discs, and so much more. It sat outside for about 10 years before he handed it over to me to start working on, completely rusted out with a 390 that barely ran and tons of problems.
    The plan: Do whatever you want to it that you like and make it yours.
    As of now here is a list of what has been done to it:
    -Lots of new metal - hood, doors, tailgate, taillight panel, and some other minor metal work. 
    - Bodywork and paint - Grabber Blue!!! (1970 Color, but like I said, screw originality for this build.) Dad was a bodyman for about 10 years before becoming a full time mechanic - he did the spraying and I did all the bodywork myself. Not perfect at all, simply painted it to be a driver's car. 
    - Stereo somewhat in progress - Small sub in the panel that goes to the trunk and new JBL speakers in the front/ rear. Also a kenwood single din headunit up front that doesn't jump out at all. 
    - All new interior
                          - Recovered the front deluxe seats but instead of a red mach one stripe I got it done in blue.
                          - 80mil sound deadening throughout the whole floor plus new mass-backed carpet. 
                          - New-ish deluxe woodgrain door panels, much nicer than the ones it had before.
                          - Refinished the console and put in a new dash pad
                          - Lots of other minor details
    - Somewhat mild 428 build
                          - Block: Granpda said "You can have whatever that is over there in the corner" - Turns out to be a 428 with a CJ crankshaft and pretty 390GT heads
                          - Bored .40 over, New forged pistons (11ish to 1 compression ratio with the 390gt heads, will be about 10.5:1 or less with Edelbrock heads that I want sometime in the future)
                          - Edelbrock Cam, .572 Intake and Exhaust - Soon to put in new valve springs to go alone with that
                          - Some Edelbrock aluminum intake
                          - Tons of other extras that aren't important enough to note here - plans for small nitrous shot one day.
    - "Boss 428" stripes because me and my father both LOVE the Boss 302 reflective stripes for '69, however I felt like it was a shame to have "Boss 302" on the side and then a 428 in it so I got a custom set made up.
    - Again, tons of other things that aren't worth noting now. Any questions just ask!
    Currently has been running and driving for a while now, just not where it needs to be. Lots of work left and will always be an ongoing build. It has an FMX auto in it as well! 
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    capedVem reacted to 390mach1 in Subframe Connectors   
    What are the best subframe connectors that don't hang down and show for a 69 Mustang Fastback?
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    capedVem reacted to v8ford70 in 1970 Grande Coupe Restoration AUS   
    Slowly getting there.
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    capedVem reacted to Tain in WTB 69 coupe quarter panel Extention   
    I am looking for a passenger 69 coupe extension with holes for the deluxe molding. Must have no cracks in it.
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    capedVem reacted to Hux in WTB 70 Auto Power Brake pedal   
    Hi all
    Doing a conversion using genuine parts.  After the power brake pedal for a 70 auto trans please.
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    capedVem reacted to machm1970 in Monte Carlo bar question   
    I bought and installed an export brace and Monte Carlo bar today. The export brace is Scott Drake, good quality and fits well. The monte Carlo bar isn't Drake and is filmsy garbage, the holes aren't even in the right location. The Monte Carlo bar is listed as fitting 65-70. I see others that are specific to 69-70. Does anyone have one you like that fits well? I don't want to waste money on more junk.
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    capedVem reacted to Drive fast in Rag joint question   
    Installed my steering column and there is a gap between the end of the column and the rag joint. If I connect the 2 together, it looks like the rag joint is not on the steering box well enough. Any thoughts for fitting? Move the C clips on the opposite end of the column?
    Anyone have a photo of theirs?

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    capedVem reacted to RobotMan in Power Steering Control Valve Leak   
    During the resto of my son's mustang I rebuilt a control valve for the power steering unit.  I have noticed a small annoying leak.  After putting up on lift and actuating several times I determined the fluid is leaking out of the boot area where the joystick goes in top of the control valve and the pitman arm connects.  Was I fooling myself in thinking I would be able to rebuild the old valve with a new rebuild kit and have it not leak?  Also, appears to be weeping from the endcaps as well. Comments, thoughts, or experience welcomed on how to proceed.
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    capedVem reacted to newstang in coyote shorty headers wont fit   
    Anyone have a clue what is done to make the coyote fit inside the frame rails? my 4.6 had no issues at all, this simply is too wide at the headers. 
    Also will 4.6 shorties bolt up to the coyote? I have a set of those here.

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    capedVem reacted to Vicfreg in Carlisle Ford Nationals June 2-4, 2017   
    Its a few months out, but if you are not far from Pennsylvania, the Carlisle show is a good one to go to.  Lots of Mustangs there, and a large amount of stuff for sale.
    For you Shelby Fans, it is the 50th anniversary of the GT-500, so there will be some of those there.   For Cougar fans, this is the 50th anniversary of the Cougar, so there will be XR7-Gs and GT-Es. 
    And if you are a "Y" block fan, it is the 60th anniversary of the 1957 T-Bird.
    Here is the link.  I'm taking my 1968 and meeting my cousin who is bringing his '56 Y Block 5 speed car.  Should be a blast.
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    capedVem reacted to Vicfreg in '70 Mustang Kick Panel Speakers   
    Thought I would post one of my side-projects for my 1970 Convertible.  I want to put speakers in the front kick panels.  The pictures below show my steps.  My rationale was that I have a Convertible and it is an A/C car, and the 1970s have the flow through ventilation grills in the door sill.  So.....I will have plenty of fresh air, but need some tunes.    I will be running a Boss power amp, rear speakers and subwoofers off of my Boss DIN 1 flatscreen head unit.  I installed Kicker 5-1/4", 40CS54 Speakers.   The "CS" series are low profile, and fit nicely.
    First step was to get an extra set of kick panels.....just in case I want to return to original. Next, was to get some MDF from Lowes, and make a template the same shape as the vent box, and also, the hole for the speakers. Cut the MDF shape and speaker hole, and painted it black Cut the cable going to the vent door, and secured the door with a sheet metal screw Sprayed undercoating on the outside of the vent door, and the area where it seals to the air box Added dynamat on the inside and outside of the vent box Put the BoomMat speaker baffles inside the vent box.  Routed the speaker wires through the BoomMat and through a hole in the airbox, sealed with RTV Mounted the speakers to the MDF, and the MDF to the airbox Took new kickpanels and used an X-Acto knife to carefully trim the vent louvers out of the kickpanel Looked forever on EBay and Amazon to find speaker grills that I liked and were the right diameter, and could be mounted.  They have an inside "ring" that gets screwed to the MDF, and the grill is press fit on that ring Pictures below.  Not sure how it will sound, but will be fun to find out!
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    capedVem reacted to MN69Grande in Power Tour 2017   
    Well I just got the notification on Power Tour 2017.  Unfortunately the dates seem a little later this year and I've already promised the wife a trip to Iceland (where I don't think there is a single Mustang).  But for those interested here is a link to the page with venues and dates.
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    capedVem reacted to Fantastic in GIF Avatar   
    So, I wanted a cool GIF Avatar so I could be cool like all you cool guys (you guys are so cool, lol)
    I made something up, but could not shrink it down. Regardless...it looks pretty cool...

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    capedVem reacted to Sermo27 in 1970 Mustang   
    Would it be hard to black out the moldings and bumper on this image? Thanks for taking the time to look guys, new on here!
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    capedVem reacted to 69_vert in weird oil leak   
    OK everyone, this is a weird one.
    I am getting an oil drip inside the car. There are only two things I can think of and wonder whether anyone has had a similar leak.. Is it possible that the oil can leak from the speedometer cable... that is that gear oil from the transmission could travel up an be forced out?
    Has anyone had oil come through the brake booster from a leak there and had it drip into the cockpit?
    Kinda weird, I know.. just wondering before I tear my dash up
    thanks all
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    capedVem reacted to BillC in Folding seat lock   
    My 70 Mach 1's folding rear seat backrest will not lock into place on one side. It appears too tight. Is there an adjustment on the locking device that I can adjust?
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    capedVem reacted to copb8 in Rattle Reduction Questions   
    I have HUGE rattles in the front end of my '70 Mach 1. They are killing the fun for me so I have to get them fixed before the love is lost.
    Today I found what might be accounting for 50% of the noise and I'm hoping you guys can tell me the right way to fix it. I'm getting serious rattles between the outer skin and inner skin/structure of the hood, especially around the shaker hood opening. I started taking weather stripping and stuffing it between the gaps. This really quietened it down but isn't exactly pretty or period correct.
    First question is whether there's something wrong with the hood that this happens? Second question is what's a good way to fix the problem that will look decent and last?
    I think the other 50% of my rattles has something to do with the suspension, springs, and maybe perches as it quiets way down when I'm on the brakes and hitting bumps.
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    capedVem reacted to RPM in The Bitch is Back!   
    From the body shop that is. My best recollection is that it's been there since about 1999. Been in this stage for many of those years. Got side tracked with a divorce, built a shop, got married, had a shop at the new house but never brought it home, another divorce, sheesh!
    Anywho, gonna start on fabbing up some round chromo control arms and coil overs, steering, 4 wheel disc, fit the engine/C5 trans and make a driveshaft, electrical, yada yada...
    YEE HAW!!! I'm excited she's home.

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    capedVem reacted to Caseyrhe in Shelby Transformation   
    Shelby 500 transformation
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    capedVem reacted to Ridge Runner in 69 jun...um ,parts   
    I have a set of 69 headlight buckets ,they fit very well .They both have a slight crack on the front valance tab but are in good condition other than that . $175 for the pair . plus shipping 

    I also have two sets of 69 side scoops ,the red set is in perfect condition ,the other set is only missing two of the tin nuts that hold the backing in the scoop .$50 a pair 

    I have a driver side 70 headlight bucket ,very good condition but with a very light ding in the top  $100.

    I have a set of 69 FB end caps .They fit very well ,the driver side is in great condition ,the pass side has a couple of light dents in the face but will fix easily $100 for the pair .

    I have one pass side end cap for a 69 coupe ,needs the paint removed but looks to be in good shape 

    And a set of 69 tail lights ,the trim rings are there and the lenses look to be good ,the cans are still silver $25 for the pair .

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