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  1. Thank you for your help on this. Any other stuff to buy like new springs? Bolts? Thanks!
  2. Originality is not so important for me. I just want something very clean and how it should be to be. I attach a picture of the current setup. Nightmare :D
  3. Hello everybody. I'm posting here because it's the mess with my throttle spring and brackets on my carburetor & intake manifold. Everything as been linked no matter how and I'd like to put this in order. Here is my current configuration: Stock 351C Intake manifold: Edelbrock Performer 2750 Carburetor: Edelbrock Thunder 1806 If somebody can give the parts I have to use to have a (very) clean installation and especially safe. My throttle cable is not in a very good shape neither. I can post pictures if needed. In advance, many thank for you help on this. Excuse my bad english, i'm from Belgium. Rem
  4. Thanks for the link! I've asked the seller if he can send to Belgium before I bid, no answer for the moment.
  5. If you decide to sell some interior parts, I'm interested! Good luck with your project.
  6. If you one for selling, please send me a PM! Thank you!
  7. Thank you all for the advices. I see that some models are not "Borg" with a B at the rear of the clock. Are you aware about that ? Is it an important thing to check before buying? ...
  8. Sorry, but what does that mean ? Is it still possible after nearly 50yrs to find an original which still runs well ?
  9. Yep, I'll do that. I'm going to find a looking-good original clock on eBay and upgrade it with a quartz movement. For the panel, I got one from Dynacorn and the walnut covering by Scott Drake. There is passenger light for the moment, I'll take the 12V for the clock from it.
  10. Thank you! That means that it's not possible to find a new one ?
  11. Hello! I'm going to replace my standard interior into the deluxe one. (69 Fastback). I've found everything I need (Dashboard LH RH, door panels, console, radio bezel, etc.) but I cannot find the clock. I live in Belgium and it's not easy and very expensive to find all parts. Is it possible to find it as new ? Only things I find are replacement lenses, quartz conversion, knob, etc. but not the clock itself. Any idea for me ? Thank you for your help on that! Rem
  12. Can you post links of CaseyRhe & Thatblue69-Mach1 ? Thanks and great job !
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