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    SMieten reacted to stangman68 in 1969 SCJ, R code, 4-spd, 3:91, Black car, white interior   
    What's a car like this worth....in basket case condition, missing most parts, with typical rust. are they worth rebuilding. are folks still looking for projects like this? Not really wanting to build it, since I already have one done., but may purchase to resell here if the market supports....Your honest thoughts welcomed. Thanks.
    also have short marti report. clear title.

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    SMieten reacted to MN69Grande in Power Tour 2017   
    Well I just got the notification on Power Tour 2017.  Unfortunately the dates seem a little later this year and I've already promised the wife a trip to Iceland (where I don't think there is a single Mustang).  But for those interested here is a link to the page with venues and dates.
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    SMieten reacted to Midlife in A Miracle!   
    This morning was the first since I don't know when, when there was not a single spam post.  OMG! 
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    SMieten reacted to Caseyrhe in 1970 Convertible FS   
    70 convert, 302/auto, PS, PDB, orig working A/C. Motor to my knowledge has not been rebuilt, does not smoke, has alum 4 barrel intake and carb, but have orig 2 v intake/ carb. Trans was rebuilt several years ago, have receipt. New exhaust with factory exhaust manifolds. All Numbers matching, all original sheet metal, and rust free. Professionally painted by Triple F Automotive, spent roughly 10,000. Top was replaced 4-5 years ago and has 4 small 1/4" holes due to screw issues. Interior has new carpet, pad, and new seat covers. Factory am radio installed and still works.
    Asking 23,500

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    SMieten reacted to machm1970 in Monte Carlo bar and stock air cleaner?   
    I'm looking at getting an export brace and curved Monte Carlo bar for my '70, will a Monte Carlo bar fit with my stock air cleaner and snorkel?
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    SMieten reacted to 69RavenConv in Columbus, OH, Super Swap   
    I'm heading to Columbus this Saturday for the big semi-annual all-Ford swap meet. It's a big one (used to be bigger before eBay and the internet ruined everything, but it's still big :)
    Post up your want lists and I'll happily keep an eye out for stuff.
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    SMieten reacted to Guillaume69 in Boss 429 for sale by Barret J.   
    There is something weird about this car. Check the running horse QP medallions. Facing rearward. Aren't they supposed to run the other way? Towards the front of the car?
    Or did I miss something?
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    SMieten reacted to v8ford70 in 1970 Coupe headliner fixing question   
    Has anyone any photos of what is used to hold the headliner tight at the bottom of the rear pillars on parcel tray rack.I have the Headliner Tack strips for the rear quarters,but I think that there must be something up on parcel tray where it meets the pillar.Thanks Phil
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    SMieten reacted to craigm in 1969 parts available   
    Cleaning out the garage and looking to sell a few things. All parts from a S code, automatic sports roof car with drum brakes and standard back seat. Additional pics and questions can be answered. All parts make offer and shipping TBD.
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    SMieten reacted to rwcstang in Carb/Trans/head issue after repair.   
    Hey everyone, 
    So got my car back a few days ago and I noticed for some issues with my c4. When cold, it doesn't want to upshift when in Drive. It does go in reverse and 1-2 are fine when shifting manually, but when I go into drive it over revs, or seems like it goes back to 1st.
    When the car is all warmed up the car can shift through all 3 gears, the shift points are much wider now as I assume they adjusted the shift points but they are denying they didn't touch anything. When Cold, I check the fluid level and it shows little to no fluid, when warm the fluid is at level. 
    the thing shifted great before I dropped it off, I spoke with the owner of the shop to look into this.
    I checked vacuum on the modulator, and I am getting pressure. Any suggestions? could it be incorrect fluid? or stuck relief valve? Its push-in modulator and trans was built by Performance automatic a few years back. 
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    SMieten reacted to Mvh0477 in 69 mustang convertible   
    This is not my car but looked like a good angle to submit.
    The new mustang ruby red metallic color is what I'm debating on for paint
    Considering these wheels
    Or these
    With black interior and black top.
    Let me know how I go about getting an image it's just hard to visualize what it will look like once it comes together
    Thank you
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    SMieten reacted to 1969vert in my 1969 project   
    ...when i post some pictures ...i will update
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    SMieten reacted to machm1970 in Borgeson install complete   
    I finally got everything together and was able to go for a short drive, so far so good. It hasn't been lined up yet so it wouldn't be fair to comment on return to center. My factory pump works great, turns easy at idle. I heard alot of bad things about the Borgeson hoses made ($33) I also slid heat protecting sheathing over the hoses ($33 from Summit). I ran the hoses straight down from the box and secured them to the frame rail with Adel clamps, I then ran them forward through the factory bracket and insulator. If the weather holds up I will drive it a little more and hopefully get it lined up next week. I left a big loop in the return line while I look for a cooler

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    SMieten reacted to Print Dad in Thoughts on going back to original   
    Hello All,
    Well the season is about over for us and up to now we have not
    won a trophy of any kind.
    I know that trophies are not really that important but it would have been
    nice to win one once this season
    I think our car looks pretty damn good on the outside and interior.
    I have been talking to a few people at shows and they are suggesting I
    do some work under the hood as far as looks
    currently the car has Chrome Moroso valve covers
    Braided hoses and a blue specter flow air cleaner
    I pretty much like the looks - but now people seem to think
    I should go bak to complete stock looks
    I understand that the car is ours and beauty is in the eye of the beholder
    I was just wondering what you people think would help our car
    look better
    One friend suggested putting on 17's and low profile tires but I sure like
    the 70's look of the keystones
    Gotta admit it is a little discouraging to not win one trophy all season
    I honestly think the car looks pretty cool
    I should and will post a picture of the motor - but for now what
    do you guys think would help.
    Should I go back to stock look including hoses, clamps
    and all that goes with it
    Thanks all
    Print Dad (SAm)

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    SMieten reacted to Bob & Sue in New to forum new to us 69 Coupe   
    Hi All,

    New to this forum we've been on several forums for boats just sold our Sea Ray several months ago the time, money and maintenance just got to be to much, started a search for a muscle car several months ago finally found one several weeks ago we liked 2 owner 61,000 miles with all documentation from delivery to present. I'm going to order a Marti report even though I have the hand written original order from Harrold Ford in Sacramento it's hard to read it states order with Specific GT Package options, Air Conditioning, Handling Package etc. So I'm confused if it's a true GT build but it really doesn't matter to me either way at this point.

    69 Mustang Coupe 351w 290hp automatic front discs engine has a mild cam, Holley Street Avenger & Dominator manifold, new gas tank. Needs some small things done but in overall good condition NO Rust.

    We've owned many muscle & race cars over the years hope to turn this one into a nice weekender.
    Some history of cars owned and raced.
    I've been into cars since I was 12 yrs old first car was a 40 chev with a built 283 in it that I sold to buy a 47 Fiat Topolino with a 288 cu in sb that ran 10.38 141 mph in B/A holding the mph NHRA speed record in 1967 sold that and starting racing funny cars, top fuel dragsters and SS/A & SS/AA Plymouth Cuda's & Challengers. Have also done a couple body off restorations but have no desire to do another one.


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    SMieten reacted to Machspeed in Original Owners Thread   
    Probably a better and more appropriate place to put this here in the forums but I could not find it. Still, I'm just curious as to how many here are the original owners of their 69/70 Mach. If so, tell us your story....purchase history; how old you were at purchase; why a Mach over anything else of that era; how you were able to keep the car all these years and what you've done to the car, etc.   
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