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  1. Original center console good shape no cracks or damage. Been sitting around for 15yrs. Includes extra insert. Located Hamilton Ohio. No shipping. $500 obo
  2. I have all the other parts, I just got mixed up on which bracket was correct. I had a 69 parts car that I took the stuff from. I just noticed the 2 brackets I had were different.
  3. Okay that makes sense thanks. It’s been a while since I’ve messed with any of this stuff. Trying to get my 69 back together with PDB.
  4. Can someone help ID these two pedal supports? I think one is a 1969 and one is a 1970. Based on the nutsert mounts present on the silver one, I think is a 1970?
  5. I’m thinking about doing this upgrade on my 69 with 351W. I seen a lot of good reviews but my question is has anyone tried using this kit with long tube headers? CJ Pony has the kit for $724 but I’m running Hooker Longtubes. I know it says to try the Tri Y headers but I’d like to hear from someone with actual experience. Thanks https://www.cjponyparts.com/borgeson-power-steering-upgrade-kit-289-302-351w-1968-1970/p/PSK16/
  6. These are in very nice shape! Frames are clean. No brackets. $600 pickup in Hamilton Ohio. https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/pts/d/1969-mustang-mach-1-seats/6692945969.html
  7. I'll try flipping the wedge but I don't think that will make it any better.
  8. Lowering everything at least 1". I have 1" front lowering coil springs, then was going to use the negative wedge kit and lower the upper control arm at least 1".
  9. Notice the slight gap between the steel wedge and the control arm? Should the steel wedge be closer to, or touching the control arm? Seems like this small gap gives room for flex?
  10. This is exactly what I have decided to go with except the roller lower arms I've never seen those. I did install a negative wedge kit on my upper control arms the other day. I'll try to post pics here soon. I have to get the template to lower them on the shock tower still. Slow, but progress is underway.
  11. Why do you run manual steering? Was it factory manual steering?
  12. Thanks for the replies! all great stuff. I guess I'm just trying to see what my options are to choose from. I don't mind spending up to the $1500 range but I guess it comes down to listening to what others have done and if your happy with your setup. I'm more use to driving modified fox bodies.
  13. I'm looking to get started working on my 69 Sportsroof and get it on the road this summer and get it on the road this summer after sitting for 10 years. Before I spend a bunch of money putting the front suspension back in stock form, what do you guys recommend for upgrading the front end? I've seen coil over set up's, McPherson strut set up's etc. I would like to upgrade the ride and handling quality as best I can without spending a fortune. Pics would be great too thanks!
  14. Holy Shit you do some seriously nice work!! You dont do body work for a living do you? Can you build me one of those hoods too? LOL
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