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  1. Hi guys, I have an annoying vibration I've been trying to track down and suspect it's the flex plate. I have a 351 Cleveland with an FMX. It has new universals and tail shaft. I tried measuring the angles of the front and rear universals on the weekend but with the tail shaft in place I couldn't get an accurate measurement. Also has new tyres and new rear wheels with a good balance. The vibration occurs most significantly around 58 kmph. It's not severe but brings out the rattles that seem to be everywhere. Placing in neutral the vibration drops off but as the speed decreases quickly it very difficult to be positive that it's RPM related and not speed related, but I'm pretty sure. Interestingly it is silky smooth and quiet at 110 kmph. When I had the engine out last year I recall the Flex plate was marked in felt pen as '351 Windsor'. I have read that there are different counter weights for different engines. Would I be correct in thinking the 351 Windsor flex plate would have a different counter weights to a Cleveland? And would it cause the sort of vibration I have described. If this is likely to be the cause what counter weight flex plate should I get? Thanks.
  2. bigmal

    1969 Mach 1 Air Conditioning Stopped

    Also try a multi meter on the fan switch. I just replaced mine and it fixed the aircond clutch problem I've been chasing.
  3. bigmal

    Ever want to punch one of these guys ?

    I always thought it was 'dick wad'. You learn something new every day on this forum.
  4. bigmal

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    Thanks for that. No, I didn't attempt to start it. I was turning the engine over by hand as I bolted the bellhousing up. I have an FMX.
  5. bigmal

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    Also, thoughts on the starter pinion?? Need replacing or can I get away with just dressing it? I bought a high torque starter a few months ago but it won't fit with the RRS steering rack so I need to keep the old style..
  6. bigmal

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    That has been concerning me as well. I don't know how easy they are to damage. As I don't know anything about autos I don't how to check or what to look for. And being the Christmas New Year period nothing is open in Australia for a few days/weeks. Maybe I'll go fishing. Thanks.
  7. bigmal

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    I did a runout (rudimentary with a Vernier) and not good. In metric it's 11.5mm to 13.5mm or 14/32 to 17/32 and nothing like 3/4". I think it's a forgone conclusion that I have damaged the flex plate so I will replace it. Thanks for trhat.
  8. bigmal

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    I nearly forgot the plate and remembered at the last minute as it was on a different shelf in the garage. I also thought that the small 3 1/2" plate with the 6 holes may be meant to go between the flex plate and the crankshaft but have confirmed that it is in the correct position between the flex plate and the bolts. I will try doing a runout on the flex plate later today. Thanks.
  9. bigmal

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    Another question as I am pulling the last little bit of my hair out. I started the engine today and it starts fine but the starter was not disengaging so I removed the inspection plate and could see that the pinion was retracted but just touching the flex plate gear. I removed the starter and it shows that the flex plate gear has been contacting the starter housing as well as the pinion. This is the original starter and flex plate so nothing should have changed. I did make a fundamental error when bolting the transmission to the engine before installing. I bolted the torque converter to the flex plate first and after tightening the bell housing bolts the engine was locked as the torque converter was not lined up correctly with the transmission shaft. I removed the transmission and aligned the torque convertor correctly, installed the transmission and then bolted the torque convertor to the flex plate as I should have done in the first place. Is it possible I have bent the flex plate enough to fowl with the starter or is there another possible reason? Feeling like an idiot and swearing a lot.
  10. bigmal

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    Hi Bob, to be honest it's now a few months since I have run the car so I am not sure if it was cyclic or constant at 1600 rpm.
  11. bigmal

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I have stock rear springs although probably sagged. Front has 1" lowered springs. As the vibration is/was at 1600 rpm +/- 100 and also vibrates in neutral I am not thinking it will be related to lowering. I have finished the rebuild and will have it running in the morning as soon as I get a new oil pressure sender as I damaged it tuning it in. Fingers crossed I will be posting a very excited 'vibration is gone' post. But I'm not confident. And Barnett, yes I did have it balanced a second time after the rebore. Thanks.
  12. bigmal

    Chasing a Vibration - Flex Plate?

    Thought I’d give an update on the progress. Been a little slow due work and family but back into it during my 6 weeks of Christmas holidays.....and yes I’m bragging. the balancer said while there was some minor balancing needed he didn’t think it would cause noticeable vibration so hoping the rebuild will happen to jag a fix. I spoke to my transmission guy and the torque converter overhaul shop and they were confident that it wouldn’t be the TC. They showed me how to flush it and there was no metal so looks like it’s not that. Have retained the Crane cam, fitted overhauled 2V 58cc heads and Edelbrock Performer manifold. Decided do go rebore to .020. New pistons, rings, bearing, lifters, valve springs and some other bibs and bobs. Compression is 10.1:1. Hoping to see some improvement off the mark With the changes . Started assembly but now sitting on a plane to Cairns for a week hunting snakes with my young bloke so a weeks delay on finishing. If I still have a vibration it looks like the transmission which is on its way out but fingers crossed I have jagged it withe the engine build.
  13. Great video. Had to share it on my Facebook page as well.
  14. bigmal

    Paul's 69 Mach1

    Great job and RHD. Where are you located?
  15. Hi guys, Just stripping my engine and I've found it has a Crane Cam HMV-272-2A-NC I currently have a 351 Cleveland 4V, Edelbrock Performer and 600 Holley. I have overhauled 2V heads going on. Could I have some advice on the characteristics of this cam and if suitable for a 2V engine. I always thought it had a lumpy idle but wasn't sure if it was a cam or something else
  16. bigmal

    Help with idenfifying my Cam

    Thanks for that. Don't need any parts at the moment but just like to know what I have.
  17. bigmal

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    I bought a bottle of Wild Turkey yesterday if that counts.
  18. bigmal

    Help with idenfifying my Cam

    And the next question... As I was given no history with the car it makes it difficult to work out what it has. Could I get some help with the dizzy such as: Is it an original dizzy modified? What type of unit is it and where would I get parts? Are they any good? Does it take a standard dizzy cap and rotor? Thank.
  19. bigmal

    Help with idenfifying my Cam

    Thanks guys. Another question. how does this oil slinger fit? I should have paid more attention when pulling it apart. I will give an update of the rebuild on another blog shortly. Ended doing more than I originally wanted.
  20. bigmal

    Help with idenfifying my Cam

    Another question. Getting ready to assemble the engine and noticed the crankshaft sprocket can go on three ways. I'm pretty sure it was with the '0' over the keyway but not positive. Any advice? Also what are the other options for? Thanks.
  21. bigmal

    Happy 50th

    Happy birthday 1DMN-412. Carful of that wax.
  22. bigmal

    Show off your home brew tools!

    When I first read the title I though you guys were posting pictures of home brew kits. I got real excited......but this is good too!
  23. Hi Guys, Thought I'd share my project with you. I am converting my 69 Mach 1 to RHD and some rust repairs. I have set myself a 30 day challenge officially starting this weekend. My goal is to have the main structure completed and engine in and running by 28 June as I have a month of long Service Leave. Although I did start a little early doing the wipers and taking out the windscreen on the weekend. I have been told by someone it will be off the road for at least 2 years. I need to prove him wrong.........I hope I don't eat my words. Following are some pics of the wipers. I am not sure this is how others tackled them but it works OK. Took a lot longer then I planned. Makes me nervous about the 30 day goal!