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  1. Hi Dan, I have had my GT since 1982 an have been researching it since then and still finding out new things. 1st The smallest engine that came with the GT option was a 351. 2nd GT Package was and option and the Vin does not show the Gt option in it. If you do not have the original Build sheet Get a Ford 999 report or a Marti report. It will tell you. Most 69 GT's I came across 95% of them that have the no functional hood scoop have a Hole threw the hood that has a flat spot. Similar to the 68 GT with ram Air. The other similar item is the rear quarter extensions are Fiberglass instead of cast Alloy. Most people, even mustang shop owners will have some other excuse for these differences. but over 27 years Ive came across at least 30 in person and over 100 online and every one is similar to mine from what I could find out. Keep searching, Ford gave people what they asked for back then, You may have a speacial one. Vince...........
  2. greetings from susanville

  3. greetings from susanville

  4. greetings from susanville

  5. I have a 69 but I did change to a 70 bolt in. I was getting new glass anyway an came across the brackets on e-bay for $50. But If you reglue your 69 glass in, Make sure you use polurathane glue for windshields and make sure you roll up the window to let it dry set where it needs to be. Reset your brackets at the bottom of the door to the center setting first, for future adjustment. It should last...........
  6. I like it. I do not think it looks bad with the high beam Delete at all. Shaved handles are cool to, Even if the doors were lambo. It gives it a different look alltogether. I resembles the new ShelbyGT500's of today. Restomod is Dare to be Different. The car Going to be A Sweet Ride. Thanks, And good luck, Vince..........
  7. 1st week in august every year. Reno/Sparks http://www.hotaugustnights.net/ 5000 cars registerd and another 5000 not registerd will be in town. And they say over 800,000 people. Pretty big show if you never been to a large show before. Its amazing cruzing around that whole week. I will never forget my first time in 1998 sitting at a light and a Dodge SuperBee pulls up on one side of me and a 68 GT500KR on the other. When that light turned green all Hell broke loose. My Motor was stock back then, I did not stand a chance, so I sat back and watched. Hope to se you there, Vince,,,,,,
  8. Weight then cost. That made up my mind. When my 69 is done I will be building a Cobra kit car. I have already decided on the 427W for those 2 resons. Resale value for a big block Cobra verses a Small block are pretty close compaired to the cost to build. Vince.......
  9. I thought about it a few times, But wanted somthing even more different. I came across this item from Sharp. http://sharp-world.com/corporate/news/070927.html But its not on the market as of yet. I can not even find a name or model # for it. I emailed Sharp, still haven't got a response. LCD Screen for a gauge set. Also a backup camera, Navigation, Whatch movies, Not while driving ofcourse. Know anyone that works for Sharp??????????
  10. There is a Place in Vegas that says they can get you a title for any car missing a title. It will be issued as a NEVADA title. What happens in VEGAS, stays in VEGAS!!!!!!!!!
  11. what I would suggest is simply go with a 427 Windsor street fighter. Stroked 351W from coast performance. http://www.coasthigh.com/Assemblies/Crate_Motors/427_injected_venom.htm You will not have to deal with different Springs for the added weight. You can stay With the C4, But I would go to an AOD. You can add Aftermarket Fuel Injection easily. I wish thats what I went with. I built a 40 over full roller 351W with Victor Jr. heads and $9600 later and 8 months of work I have about 500HP. I could of done better off the shelf at COAST. Vince.....
  12. I have a few of them. Just give me your shipping Info in a PM and I will find a shipping price for you. You can have the part for free........
  13. JL Audio is about the best woofer out. http://mobile.jlaudio.com/index.php The blaupunkt 10" are what I am going with for now till JL comes out with a 10" http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=330101289730&ssPageName=STRK:MEWA:IT&ih=014 The pioneers are very good also I am told. I have priced them in town here, and the lowest price I found was $179. plus tax and as high as $239. plus tax retail. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&Item=350060022459&Category=3291&_trksid=p3907.m29
  14. I originaly was putting jl audio 10w3's in the front section of the rear quarter. but the factory scoops just hold it out 1". The new thing out are the low profile woofer that handle alot of power and require very small cubic ft. Jl doesn't have a 10" available, But I just scored a pair of Blaupunkt THw1000's for a very low price on ebay. Ther rest of the speakers will al be MB Quart. Not sure about the rest of the system as of yet.
  15. I Am finaly moving forward to complete my Custon Interior. I am looking for some ideas on what to do to be differen't or unique for my gauge cluster. I fiber glass molded the dash so I can thin down the Dash pad. I will cover the fiberglass pad with carbon fiber and also paint it in part car color,Rotor Glow. The lower dash is car color, But I an coming up blank for the gauge pods. I painted my rollbar Candy Black, Looks like candy Gun Metal Blue Actualy. I am puting in 06 Mustang Seats recoverd with Katskin Rawlings Leather covers. The original Rear fiberglass panels I have painted Car color, Looks realy nice. Wilton Wool carpets and foldown section. The door panels I made fiberglass arm supports Painted car color with a custom exotic wood "Paduke"top. I will have the wood follow the bottom of the Gauge pod like a ledge similar to the new FORD GT's. Then that will turn down with the carbon fiber console trimed in wood. I will post some pics over the weekend. Vince........
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