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  1. Looks like you sent them out for croming .
  2. Progress is comming along good. Working on AC and stand alone wireing now.
  3. Well the Headers absolutely would not fit on passenger side, the drivers side is great! https://imageshack.com/i/pnE9HWOCj
  4. I am quite excited It is not bling flash or evan a exceptional fancy part. But a custom drive shaft that I just payed $425.00 and my first custom one. hope you guys understand my feeling.
  5. I also installed frame connectors on the car. no sense for pictures.
  6. I thought you had a Ron Francis wiring kit, if so where did you end up mounting it ?
  7. A little up date I found a crossmember at summit for $56.00 that I feel worked well for me I have been dreaming of having the shaker on the car this is the first mach up. I had to cut a little out of the structure of the hood to make the intake fit in it . I am going to form a piece of metal and weld it in hopefully it will look nice when I an done. I am also going to build a metal mount similar to the plastic one in the newer Cobra unbelievably good to make progress, drive shaft is next.
  8. I am rolling the rear fender bead to day before installing the rear wheels and dropping it on the floor to move it.
  9. Thanks a little more progress Got a new clutch mounted and turned the flywheel. I need to move the car to the front of the shop and set up my boat shop in the back. So the mustang is becoming a roller. no steering or brakes working yet.
  10. Wow great job It shows there is many ways to build the 69/70 mustangs. I just dropped a 2007 Mustang GT 4.6L 3V and a 5 speed in my 70tie . I also have the room for the vacuum brake canister and no cutting on the firewall or tunnel.
  11. dropped in the engine ready to mount the motor mounts. test fitted the bell housing it looks good too
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