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  1. You got it right. I just work on weekends when I am not racing. Laid under the car for the first time since surgery on the rotator cuff good therapy. I had saw that some where, when we drop the engine in I will look for it. thanks
  2. Bolted in the parts today not sure about the rack mounts may change that a little. Sort of looks high. Going to make some gussets to strengthen the back of the lower A arms.
  3. I want $40 plus shipping Lower USA $16 will cover it.
  4. I have one I took out of my 70tie.
  5. Well the cross member and spring cap is welded in finally a little progress.
  6. I really like the way you hid the sub frame nice build I am a few years behind you. But I am using a 2007 4.6 3v modular motor. I am a home build too
  7. That is saw dust to clean up oil and fluids
  8. Made a lot more progress this weekend. You can see how the shop dog feels about it. :-)
  9. well did not get the surgery they for got a ekg of my heart first. oh well. did work on m this weekend on the stang got yte motor out.
  10. I am hoping so. I am a wimp about surgery normally. But this semi paralyzed condition is not tolerable and I have to do it. I am scheduled for Tuesday morning for the surgery. Thanks for the encouragement. Any one on this site put a 4.6 3v in a early stang? Or know of build threads.
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