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  1. Any one have a measurement for the 1969 mustang side markers in the valance/front, how far down and how far from wheel well opening ? Thanks in advance
  2. Good news I found the clamp in my spare parts.
  3. Looking for a little clamp that goes on the AC cable Heater Cable Clamp And Screw Mustang 1965-1970 I found one for 13.95 from CJ Poinies plus shipping. I could make one out of stainless steel. any one have a spair to mail for $10. bucks or so?
  4. I bolted down a shaker to my efi. It had been sitting on blocks over the efi for the last 4 years. nice to see a dream compleated.
  5. Too bad no one answered this, I am in the middle of the same job after crossing something and having a melt down durring testing circuts.
  6. Question What is the emergency warning switch? iIs it a 69 only thing? or does the 70tie have it too?
  7. I just read that for the part in the first pictures, now I think/hope I can find the spot where it goes.
  8. I am begining to wonder if it a 69 only and my 70 body does not use it?
  9. Well that is another bracket that I have and figured that was where to place it. I am not sure what it does either.
  10. Hi guys back at the mustang I am working to get ready to start it. I have a part that I have a question about. It is a bracket is off a 1969 Mustang coupe 302 3 speed. I was a part of a groupe of parts I had powered coated five to ten years ago. the batch was from the clutch and brake swing arm pedal and assembly. I do not know where it goes or what it does. does any one have a idea? picture is one side and then fliped over. Thanks in advance
  11. shots of the new parts. I hope the new stance looks right.
  12. I had thought of that "mounting to the hood" and decided I wanted it to shake. I got my new 2 inch dropped spindles , 11 inch rotors, calipers, 15 inch american racing torque thrust D rims and tires. One of my friends sugested thaat I put a Fuse on the positive line at the terminal incase of shorts to stop a fire. The question is how big to make it? 200amp, 300 amp, 500 amp???? I am thinking about this one.
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