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  1. I really like the way you hid the sub frame nice build I am a few years behind you. But I am using a 2007 4.6 3v modular motor. I am a home build too
  2. That is saw dust to clean up oil and fluids
  3. Made a lot more progress this weekend. You can see how the shop dog feels about it. :-)
  4. well did not get the surgery they for got a ekg of my heart first. oh well. did work on m this weekend on the stang got yte motor out.
  5. I am hoping so. I am a wimp about surgery normally. But this semi paralyzed condition is not tolerable and I have to do it. I am scheduled for Tuesday morning for the surgery. Thanks for the encouragement. Any one on this site put a 4.6 3v in a early stang? Or know of build threads.
  6. Lol, Ya I did that ten years ago. But you would have been really offended if I put my 454 in my 70tie stang. But I could not do it! It had to be a Ford in a Ford for more power than the 73 2 barrel 351. The 454 cast iron block was just too heavy for the uni-body stang.
  7. getting ready for surgery. I have a ripped rotator cuff...... so car will be on hold for a while.
  8. . Well I am still on my Stang but things have changed a little. First off all the rust repair is done. Decided to go with the MustangSteve.com for brake conversion brackets. While pulling the C4 out and thinking about a little stronger trans than the T5 .... like a T56. I found a 2007 Shelby 4.6 3v 5 speed at a great deal. So now to show horn in the motor and tranny
  9. How did you deal with the shifter on the TR 3650? got any pictures how it fits in the interior.
  10. I have a extra hood it has a hole cut in it though, with a stock scoop on it. I am in the SF Bay area. what is your location.
  11. Hi all I am back working on my 69 again> I was looking at the GT rear disk brake kits and it said that a 14 inch wheel will not fit. I have old 14 inch American Mags I really like and paid for.
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