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  1. shots of the new parts. I hope the new stance looks right.
  2. I had thought of that "mounting to the hood" and decided I wanted it to shake. I got my new 2 inch dropped spindles , 11 inch rotors, calipers, 15 inch american racing torque thrust D rims and tires. One of my friends sugested thaat I put a Fuse on the positive line at the terminal incase of shorts to stop a fire. The question is how big to make it? 200amp, 300 amp, 500 amp???? I am thinking about this one.
  3. wow a lot of work. I did roll overs in the late 60ties, decided to become a Jeweler. But never quit working on my own bodys. Glad I live in Califorina and bought my 70tie in 88 and has never been out of the garage since. I would use four come-alongs with body flange clamps to pull the roof down. you may need to cut small reliefs where it needs spreading and not distort other panels.
  4. Finaly I got the rear spoiler (the correct one) and installed it. I know it is just gingerbread. Just taking a breather from the wireing.
  5. Some real nice work. Mine is going slow too. I only work on it when I feel good. I am all most done with the wireing about 2 weeks of work left on the wire job.
  6. It was a long racing season but finaly got it done hope I can get it running before next season starts, I keep finding things to re do.
  7. I have not been here in a while . Last two years flew by. I will catch up with some pictures.
  8. Looks like you sent them out for croming .
  9. Progress is comming along good. Working on AC and stand alone wireing now.
  10. Well the Headers absolutely would not fit on passenger side, the drivers side is great! https://imageshack.com/i/pnE9HWOCj
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