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  1. Installed a big spal on my griffin radiator , to get the clearance I switched to a short water pump and specific pulley from CVF
  2. I use a single 16" SPAL heavy duty with a 180 thermostat and an Autocoolguy NB50 PWM controller : very good combo for my 351W - stable temperature 195/200 degrees even with outside air temp of 90-100 degrees
  3. Buy an Aeromotive Stealth 2 Gas tank : very happy with - cost a the end is not really higher
  4. Switched from 3.25 to 3.5 when swapped my 8" to a 9" and the 3.25 was more convenient with my WR Top Loader
  5. I recommend to mount the ECU inside the cabin to protect it from heat - the PF 4 is also bluetooth controlled so the connection with the tablet/phone is much better. High heat and humidity are ones of the major reason for a ECU to fail
  6. Hello I have installed a Pro Flo 4 EFI in my 69 : - The ECU is mounted in place of the glove box - The main engine harness is run through the stock engine harness hole that has been enlarged - The O2 sensor harness is running trough the heater hose hole : heater box still in place but not used
  7. The DCC and AutoCoolGuy modules are acting as PWM regulators : the speed of the fan is variable and the start is soft without big Amp hikes. A relay activated fan is much more simple but I do not want my fan cycling on-off instead of running at the needed speed : less noise and less cooling shock.
  8. Thank you for the link ! Just ordered a NB 50 controller from autocoolguy !
  9. Sent a message to paypal and they returned to me saying that I will be refunded . Do not understand this kind of business : a lot of people give very positive reviews on the product but it is impossible to acquire it Derale module has a lot of negative feedback but I really want a PWM controller - the Flex A Lite is not really PWM.... Do someone has a experience with agood reliable controller that can pull 30-35 Amp at fan stratup ?
  10. Hello I have purchased a DCC FK45 paid via paypal - No news since Dec 12... I have sent an email per week to Brian Baskin but still no answers ? Is his business is over ? Do someone has a contact number as he is not answering emails ? Thank's in advance
  11. on my 302 SR 69 with a 4 speed it was a 164 teeth Seems that both were used - depends more on the bellhousing installed. Difficult to choose one w/o checking what is installed and what clutch setup is used : I ordered a new FW (OEM) to install with my new Mc Leod clutch and the bolt pattern circle for the pressure plate was no good, had to tap new bolt holes
  12. if the 2 wheels are off maybe the wrong leafs are fitted
  13. I have about 1/2" clearance with the spark wire socket - the dizzy is an Edelbrock unit : kind a MSD with a big cap. The pro flo 4 throttle body is by itself lower 1/2" than an standard holley.
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