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  1. on my 302 SR 69 with a 4 speed it was a 164 teeth Seems that both were used - depends more on the bellhousing installed. Difficult to choose one w/o checking what is installed and what clutch setup is used : I ordered a new FW (OEM) to install with my new Mc Leod clutch and the bolt pattern circle for the pressure plate was no good, had to tap new bolt holes
  2. if the 2 wheels are off maybe the wrong leafs are fitted
  3. I have about 1/2" clearance with the spark wire socket - the dizzy is an Edelbrock unit : kind a MSD with a big cap. The pro flo 4 throttle body is by itself lower 1/2" than an standard holley.
  4. The scoop height is little bit low but enough to clear the air cleaner setup - the intake air temp is much lower and equal the temperature of ambient air. BTW where did you find your Boss 9 scoop - I was looking for something like yours and could not find it ;(
  5. the scoop itself is a generic SLP 10005 purchased from JEGS : bolted and glued https://www.jegs.com/i/SLP/847/10005/10002/-1 The fresh air setup is homemade from a cake pan https://www.amazon.fr/gp/product/B008ALVP8W?pf_rd_p=b32f5eec-6953-4ab3-9554-11620d7f3806&pf_rd_r=7YV6SYJWBTE6PQZ7ENR3 and a reduced height KN 2.66" fort the bottom plate I used a holley drop base https://www.holley.com/products/fuel_systems/air_cleaners/parts/120-511
  6. Very look a like but not sure 100%
  7. Looks like the brace behind the instrument panel
  8. Done a fresh air using an aluminium cake pan - needed some clearance for the Pro Flo 4 using a victor intake
  9. I use this one https://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/hrs-220051-12 Driving in France - small roads and Highway : nice idle around 850 rpm and power up to 6000 rpm. Very street-able
  10. Hello I am using the same kind a starter on my 351w and had some issues with the solenoid : - it is easily rebuildable ( Denso ) - The solenoid needs a good power On wire : I added a 50 Amp relay to feed the solenoid - I added a thermo shield to prevent heat soaking
  11. Looks like a hole for a super speaker...
  12. Hello Have just installed the new Edelbrock pro flo 4 on my 351w and coulkd not be happier : First cranking = immediate start The auto tune/learn function works very well and cold start and dieseling issues are gone. The engine is much smoother and even quieter. I also installed the Aeromotive Stealth 2 fuel tank which is very well priced. Tuning is done via an Android Tab connected by bluetooth. for 1850 USD you get a real port injection mounted on a Victor intake - the dizzy is also a nice piece. The only issue is the total height of the install, I needed to cut the hood to clear the air cleaner, I will put a hood scoop like a cougar eliminator or cervini B9 to close this hole.
  13. Hello What is the budget ? Cobra has great looking seats but quite pricey , I 've installed cheap Sparco's and very happy with : Not very heavy , easy to install , adjustable backrest and low seating.
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