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  1. I have this mirror disassembled and it is all 69 Mustang parts the mirror base is a C9ZB part number as well as the bullit housing is also is a C9ZB part number I have been rebuilding and restoring Ford bullitt style sport mirrors of all makes and models for years I am very familiar with all years of Torino mirrors as well and this is not a Torino mirror at all.
  2. Looking for some insight OR help !!! I recently acquired a 69 Mustang right hand ( passenger side ) remote control mirror I know that they are supposed to be ONLY ??? manual adjust since that is all I have ever seen in my years around the 69 70 Stangs. I was told it is RARE !!!! it has the correct base a C9ZB on it the cable is long to reach over to the drivers area and it is old and dirty it does NOT look like it has been hampered with . IS IT POSSIBLE that this is an ORIGINAL part from Ford ??? Does anybody know ??? any insight would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance!!!!!
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