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  1. I have 2 of 3 bows and am looking to complete the set. I probably also need whatever clips hold them to the roof. TIA
  2. Thanks for the feedback. That helped get the aluminum pieces back in place. Are you suggesting that I need to put spare aluminum spaces here?
  3. Messing with this same question and thought I would add a comparrison. The paint cans are all duplicolor. I have been using the center one called "old ford blue". The trans tube and smog tubes came with the car and are much darker; like the left can.
  4. I got it connected. It just doesn't look right hanging on the edge of adjustment.
  5. Installed my steering column and there is a gap between the end of the column and the rag joint. If I connect the 2 together, it looks like the rag joint is not on the steering box well enough. Any thoughts for fitting? Move the C clips on the opposite end of the column? Anyone have a photo of theirs?
  6. Just got my '69 harnesses back a few weeks ago! I'm very happy with the results; sounds like I was close to the 500th...nice job Midlife.
  7. I have a pair that need sanding and paint. I will part with them for short cash. PM for photos
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