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  1. Sounds great. Do you have any resonance in any of the RPM ranges? My Flowmasters sounded the same but the drone at 35-45 mph was so annoying that it was hard to talk. I ended up having resonators installed but now the sound is muted and I miss the my old rumble.
  2. If I had a shop that big it would bankrupt me trying fill it with new toys. Thank goodness for city living! BTW, that is a killer shop. I really like to have the space to have one one day.
  3. Oh lord! Y'all have real shops. I do a lot of work in my garage but it's more gentrified and pristine. When the going gets tougher, like pulling an engine or transmission, I head to my friends shop that has 3 of everything.
  4. Interested in hearing peoples opinion on this as well
  5. I also bought the Mustang Project LED Light Kit but in the new Aqua color. https://www.mustangproject.com/ProductDisplay.aspx?ID=7aba057b-3612-4e2a-a00f-41403e1f5d86 I installed them a couple of months ago but I left all the original diffusers in place. I also did the high beam and turn signal lights. They made a huge improvement. I can now read my gauges without my glasses. They're not so bright that the are obviously aftermarket but they're just bright enough that they probably look like they did they day the car was purchased. They are also dimmable. For some reason I forgot to take pictures and unfortunately the car is out of pocket at the moment. Once I get back to it I'll take a couple and post them up. Overall, I highly recommend spending the $50.00
  6. No but I've been looking for the whole unit including the base because they're both wrong. Thank you though.
  7. I've watched several Australian Supercar races at Bathurst on TV before and loved the series. Then I got to watch them run live at Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, TX. Great door-to-door racing. Originally they were supposed to come back every year but they pulled the plug after one event unfortunately. Would have definitely been a race I'd attend year after year.
  8. THAT'S racing! Also, what a great track. Coming down the mountain doesn't leave much room for mistakes. Thanks for the post.
  9. That's more of what I was thinking of. I think that should work just fine.
  10. If they're forming it and installing the inserts then I don't see how the source material lead to it being out of square.
  11. It's quite obviously out of square and it's going to bother you for as long as you have it. Return it for a correct one now while all the seats are out. It will slow you down but you'll never be bothered again.
  12. Looking for a original 1970 Mach Passenger Sport mirror in good condition. Any color is fine. My passenger mirror appears to be from a Torino or something similar as it is slightly different than my friend's original 70 Mach 1 and a little longer than my driver's mirror. Never noticed it until recently but now I want to get it replaced. Would like one where the entire unit is in good condition including the glass and mount.
  13. Looking for a straight, original 1970 Mach 1 Shaker hood. My hood was converted from a non-shaker hood and the PO had the stripes made of tape. One corner was creased where it looks like someone pushed the car on the very edge of the hood. I had it 'fixed' but one day I plan on having the entire hood and stripe repainted and would prefer to do it to an original hood. I'm not in a hurry but if one is around and the logistics of getting it are reasonable I'd like to get it sourced sooner than later so I'm ready.
  14. Is that the ACC Carpet with the Mass backing? Can I assume that the Mass backing is worth the extra cost due to its sound deadening quality? Is it more difficult to install?
  15. That's a good idea. I'll look into it
  16. Great collection and I LOVE the color of the GT350. Wheel choice is excellent as well.
  17. Resurrection Alert!! Doing some research on possible future upgrades to my 351c and came across this thread. Would love to know what the OP ended up doing.
  18. I thought I could find something simple and reasonable but all I found was task specific solutions for over $600! He's a good guy but not THAT good.
  19. Do any of you use any type of exhaust extraction for vehicles you're working on and running in the garage? It seems a simple fan and long durable hose would do the trick. Maybe with a dual exhaust slit as well. I'm thinking if I can find something reasonable it would be a nice gift for my friends shop where I work on my car constantly.
  20. Thanks for the research guys. I thought it was too good to be true. Very deceptive in my opinion. I have a friend with a mint restored Pantera and a 69 Shelby GT500 and thought it was going to be a perfect gift. I guess it's back to the drawing board.
  21. Have any of you installed a GPS tracking device so that you can locate your car if stolen? I was thinking about getting one but wanted a unit that is hardwired and doesn't require a monthly/annual service. I found this unit but was hoping to get more feedback before pulling the trigger GPS Tracker
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