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  1. now that would be interesting to see a 4.6 2v with a carb and some valve covers that looked old school like a SOHC.. I tried to fit a 98 DOHC in my 69 around 1999, but didnt want to cut my shock towers after welding in all the shock tower support pieces ... i currently have a Coyote motor sitting in the garage but still cant bring my self to cut the shock towers.... but the more i drive my car... the more i want to drive it every day!! a good link to 2v-4v mod motor measurements from sullivan performance. cant wait to see where you go with the build!! wow just read the Hot Rod article on the TFS heads.... looks like they made some canted valve heads for the 4.6... nice!
  2. awesome! yeah its a love hate relationship with my scoop... i may go with the stock boss 9 scoop...
  3. congrats!! should be a great article on an awesome build!
  4. LOL.. no worries... a good time was had by all!!
  5. Ok maybe your in my video.... :biggrin: one of
  6. Grabber70Mach -- according to your pic on page 31 of photobucket, the pic taken of the white 50th anniversary car under the cover... they needed to move it, so they lifted the cover a bit ... we stood side by side... i have the same pic.... small world..
  7. i also went with aluminum, it does seem to do a great job of dissipating heat, as the underhood temperatures around the radiator seem high.. not a bad thing. also, do not accidentally touch it.. lol
  8. AWESOME!! its a great build! i guess you didn't tell tazjonez that you gave everybody free rides.... just kidding... the craftsmanship was top notch!
  9. yes i agree roller all the way .. i went with comp cams retro hyd roller cam, roller linked lifters, roller rockers.. rollin rollin rollin ...:punk:
  10. Wilwoods 6R superlite narrow 14" brake kit is on sale at Jegs with free shipping ... just stumbled upon it this morning 4/25/14 ... a link to more info on the kit at willwood
  11. your picture angle, sequence and selection are so similar to mine its scary....!!! i thought i was looking at my pics.. sorry i missed you guys..!!
  12. funny i have the same pic.... and intended to stop by sat but we headed out also..
  13. fwiw - went with a canton 680S baffled pan which required a different pickup which came with the kit.
  14. yup... smiles all day! battle starts today 4/23/14, chemo treatments begin! :thumbup: i still need to finish up some items as i noted in an earlier post... we never finish these cars... we get to tinker with them and learn new things all the time...lol:punk:
  15. thanks... yup our log house in the middle of the woods... just cleared some land for a garage.. hope to have a few mustangs in it by mid august.. until then they will be stored in a friends garage... edit 8/17/14 - no garage/addition for now... comp sales are 76 sq ft and building is 91 sq ft ... time for a shop / garage barn raising to work on projects... starting my search for garage / shop plans.
  16. and.... a few pics back at home...!!! been a long time!! 64 1/2 and the 69 cant wait to get the garage built!!
  17. a quick video of my 69 ... nope im not driving... but was still a fun drive!
  18. i have been out of pocket for a while... recuperating from shoulder surgery and life stuff.... my dad has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, so i wanted to take him for a ride in the 69 before he started chemo.... it wasn't easy with one arm (still healing, not allowed to use it yet) and 275/35x18 up front with a T56 6 speed... but i managed and he loved it... i "got on it" after turning around up the road a bit... after he warned me several times on the way up the street to.. not push it.. be careful.. dont screw up your shoulder.... after the quick burn out... he said... "this car is way to lite weight for this motor!!!" .. lol... good times... another positive note... he just got back from MD Anderson in Houston Easter Sunday and they think they can shrink it and kill the cancer.... it will always come back... but.. progress starts tomorrow with chemo...!!! those that have followed my build know what great friends i have!! bud Andy loaded up the 69 on a trailer, drove an hour to my house, dropped off the 69, we ate dinner and he took the trailer and headed out... no way i could have done this build, or take a ride with my dad without my friends and inspiration from this site!!! GOOD Times!!
  19. yep it was absolutely amazing... i have been going since the 30th celebration and this one was awesome!!! 1969 Shelby deMexico was on site (lots of pics) EVERY BOSS 429 color was represented the RARE tent was just that... Amazing Shelby's, Boss 429's and Boss 302's MTF car was on site Met Shaun from Street or Track after talking with him and email for the last 4 years... hate i missed some of you guys at the show... should of had T-shirts due to various reasons we didnt go to Vegas and ended up in Charlotte and made reservations late GREAT TIME!! I have over 500 pics! the 2015 looks GREAT in person.. pics just dont do it justice.. havent figured out why.. The shelby is at the end of the video!!
  20. i have 275x35x18 all 4 corners 18x9 wheels ... only problem i have is when full locked either way i will rub the front valance ... but i also have the vintage venom GT500 brake kit installed up front which comes with spacers... he told me it would rub and mods would be needed.. just have not done it yet...
  21. would love to see more pics of the header fab and turbo setup... pic looks great!
  22. i picked out kona blue from the paint chips and the touch up bottle is a ford kona blue... some days it is a deep blue and some days its brighter... depends on lighting... but im happy with the color!
  23. yep! the car looks amazing in person, i took several pics also! the car looked fantastic! im sold on the console also... just need to decide my next mods....
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